The Irish Times, 26 June 1940
   The jury found in favour of the will of December 17, 1938, of Mrs. Nora Mullins, aged 70, late of The Cottage, Windmill road, Cork, widow, who died on October 10 last, leaving assets valued at about £21,000, and it was admitted to probate in solemn form.
   Dr. Edmond Donovan, Camden place, Cork, and Richard Murphy, retired draper, Lauriston, Mardyke, executors, brought the suit to establish the will, which had been opposed on the three usual grounds by Mrs. Mary Aherne, Ardmore, Passage West, Cork, a sister of Mrs. Mullins. She had propounded a will of April 26, 1923, but opposition to the 1938 will was withdrawn, and evidence was taken in support of it.
   It was stated that Mrs. Mullins had inherited £11,000 from her husband, a coachbuilder, who died in 1917, and that she had almost doubled that amount. Under the will of 1938 she left 39 legacies to relatives of her own, including the defendant, and to relatives of her late husband, and the residue, amounting to about £12,900 odd, to the Bishop of Cork to be applied by him for the benefit of the Maynooth Mission to China, for Masses.
   She left no children, her next-of-kin being three sisters, including the defendant, and a daughter of a deceased sister.
   It was further stated that by the will of 1923 she also left a very large number of legacies to relatives and the residue to the Ladies' Society of St. Vincent de Paul and the poor of the South Parish, Cork, equal shares.
   Plaintiffs were allowed their costs as executors, and defendant her costs out of the residue.
   Mr. Phelps, K.C.; Mr. J. A. Costello, K.C., and Mr. Ashley Powell (instructed by Mr. Julian O'Brien) appeared for the executors; and Mr. Michael Binchy, K.C.; Mr. J. A. McCarthy, K.C., and Mr. M. O'Driscoll (instructed by Mr. P. J. O'Driscoll) for Mrs. Aherne. Mr. J. Geraghty (instructed by Mr. B. Collins) attended on behalf of the Revenue Commissioners.
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