The Irish Times, 3 October 1933
   The enterprise at the St. Andrew's Club in securing the Mansion House for their club tournament, the feature of which was three international contests, met with the success it deserved by drawing a splendid attendance. While a couple of the fights did not go the full distance, the quality of the boxing was all that could be desired.
   P. Connolly, the Irish fly-weight champion, whose first fight it was since returning from the American tour, gave a disappointing display in his bout with Brindley Ahearne, who was at a slight disadvantage in the matter of weight, but who completely outpointed the Irishman in point of speed and skill. Connolly's attempts to carry the fight to his opponent were cleverly warded off, while Ahearne got in frequently with a series of two-handed body punches, delivered at a speed which kept Connolly guessing. Connolly showed up well in the last two rounds without ever looking like making up the leeway. . . . 
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The Irish Times, 23 October 1933
At Chicago Fair Horse Show
CHICAGO, Sunday.   
The Irish Free State team, which is competing in the Chicago Fair Horse Show before going to New York for the National Show, was placed third in the International Military Jumping Competition this afternoon. The competition was won by the United States Army team, from Fort Riley, Arkansas [sic]. Sweden was placed second, and Czechoslovakia was fourth. The Irish team incurred 54¾ faults. Corry rode Slievenamon, Harty rode Limerick Lace, and Ahearn rode Gallowglass. The winning United States team lost only 39½ faults.
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