The Irish Times, 8 December 1932
Gale Off Irish Coast
Liner Eight Hours Late.
   Arriving off Cork Harbour yesterday afternoon eight hours behind schedule owing to gales encountered during the past two days, the east bound United States liner Manhattan was boarded two miles off Roche's Point by Christopher Aherne, who brought her safely into port. This feat was a extremely difficult one owing to the strong east-south-east gale and heavy seas running off the port, and the pilot and crew of the whaleboat were warmly commended by the liner's commander, Captain George Fried, of Atlantic rescue fame, for venturing so far out to board his vessel.
   Eighty-six passengers and 554 sacks of American mails were landed in Queenstown, but on the vessel's departure it was found impossible for Pilot Aherne to leave the liner, and he was carried on to Plymouth, where he will join the United States liner President Harding, which is expected in Cork Harbour from the Continent to-morrow (Friday).
   For the past two days a strong southeasterly gale and heavy seas have been experienced on the County Cork coast, and a number of outgoing coasters from Cork have been sheltering in Cork Harbour awaiting better weather.
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