The Irish Times, 4 July 1931
Lieutenant F. [Frederick] A. Ahern, one of the Irish Free State officers competing at the International Horse Show at Olympia, London, on Saturday won the Holland Challenge Cup for jumping in a competition open to officers of any nationality. He was riding Blarney Castle, a six-year-old bay. This was the biggest win the Irish team has had at Olympia. Lieutenant Ahern's success was richly deserved, for he gave a wonderful exhibition of jumping. His triumph was a dramatic one, and followed an exciting "duel" with one of the French officers, Lieutenant Bizard on "Pair." Lieutenant Bizard won the trophy last year, and another win for him meant that the cup would become his own property.
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The Irish Times, 24 July 1931
Limerick Sentences
In the Limerick Circuit Court before Judge McElligott, Robert Cregan was sentenced to six months' imprisonment with hard labour for maliciously damaging sixteen insulators the property of the Electricity Supply Board.

Daniel J. Aherne, who pleaded guilty to giving false evidence on oath at the hearing of a case at Newcastle West District Court, was sentenced to four months' imprisonment with hard labour.

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