The Irish Times, 5 December 1931
On Tuesday night the Boxing Club will meet St. Andrew's B.C. in the Gymnasium, College Park, at 7:30 p.m. A fairly long programme has been arranged, with about fifteen fights in all. The following will represent Dublin University :— Bantam-weight, D. M. Ahern ; Feather-weight, J. H. Mitchell and J. F. Harbinson ; Light-weight, G. V. Malcolmson, H. R. McWilliam and C. B. Wallis ; Welter-weight, R. B. Rainsford, B. Taylor, F. M. Smith, H. S, Mansfield, and H. R. Kirwan ; Middle-weight, J. D. Clarke and G. C. Retz ; Light heavy-weight, J. M. Morrogh ; Heavy-weight, T. S. J. Anderson.
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The Irish Times, 9 December 1931
The reception took place at the Dominican Convent, Villa Rose, Rome, of Miss Kathleen Ahearn (in religion Sister M. Antomnus) and Miss Etha Ahearn (in religion Sister M. Catherine), daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ahearn, Royal Oa[?] road, Bagenals town.
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