The Irish Times, 11 June 1928
For the past twenty years almost twenty-five percent of the patients at Cork Sanitorium have been sent from Limerick, Waterford and North Tipperary. Now, however, owing to the large influx of patients from Cork County Borough, consequent on the working of the new tuberculosis scheme, admission is being refused to all from outside County Cork. This fact was revealed by Dr. Richard Ahearn, R.M.S., at the recent meeting of the Committee of Management, when he reported that there were at present 115 persons undergoing treatment at the institution.

On Dr. Ahearn's advice the Committee are consdiering the advisability of utilising the grounds of the institution for the erection of additional building for the accommodation of patients. With this end in view an effort is being made to make some arrangement with outside bodies to send in patients. It is suggested that these bodies should bear a proportionate share of the cost of maintenance, and that at the same time they could be given some voice in the institution's administration.

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