The Irish Times, 13 May 1924
Penal Servitude Sentence At Cork
   At the Cork Borough Sessions yesterday, John Aherne, an employe of the Clyde Shipping Company at Cork, pleaded guilty to a charge of falsification of the company's accounts for the purpose of defrauding the company. Walter Rosendale, manager of the Continental department of the company, was found guilty on Saturday of the larceny of the company's money to the extent of £20, the total defalcations to date being £1,718. Inquiries, however, had not been completed.
   It was stated yesterday that Aherne did not receive anything that had been taken, and that he had been paying money back out of his own salary.
   The Recorder, in passing a sentence of three years' penal servitude on Rosendale and of six months' imprisonment on Aherne, said that no commercial concern could carry on business unless those in whom their employers placed confidence, not merely in their competency, but in their honesty and fidelity, discharged their duties honestly.
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