The Irish Times, 11 October 1922
   In the Bankruptcy Court yesterday, before the Master of the Rolls, William Ahern, who traded in the City of Limerick as Ahern and McMahon, was examined by Mr. Tobias (instructed by Messrs. Porter, Morris and Co.), as to his affairs. He said that in April, 1921, he had a stock worth £800. A debtor's summons was served upon him, and he shut up the place. He returned the value of his stock at that time at £200 or £300, but at the sale it realised only £120. He made his creditors an offer of 3s. 6d. in the £. Asked what he had done with the money derived from the sale, the bankrupt said that he had paid it to some of his creditors by cheque.
   Mr. Tobin submitted that the bankrupt's answering with regard to the disposal of a balance of £60 was not satisfactory.
   The bankrupt said that he had to pay servants, and that he had now no money left, and was residing with his parents, who were independant.
   The Master of the Rolls said that he would not make an order for the bankrupt's committal.
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