The Irish Times, 7 October 1921
Refused to Hand Over His Money.
   A milkman, Maurice Christopher Ahern, was shot dead near Cork City on Wednesday night by an armed robber.
   The tragedy occurred at a place named Monard, a short distance outside Cork City. Ahern had been delivering milk in the city and was sitting in his trap with a friend named Daniel Healy, of Coolwer, when an armed man stopped them, ordered them out of the van, and demanded Ahern's money. He refused to give it, and the man threatened to shoot unless the money was handed over.
   Ahern still refused, and the armed man then counted “One, two, three,” and fired. The bullet entered the eye and passed through the head, causing instant death. Healy succeeded in getting away uninjured.
   Some time later the body of Ahern was found on the road by other milkmen, who conveyed it home.
   Ahern was a member of the I.R.A.
   Another report states that Ahern was believed to have had money in his possession. His assailant stepped in front of the car, and, raising a revolver, called on Ahern to halt.
   Ahern and his companion were then ordered to stand on the road with their hands up, and the stranger demanded Ahern's money.
   Ahern repeatedly refused to hand it over, and the murderer, after threatening him, counted slowly “One, two, three.” At the word “three” he fired, and Ahern fell, with a bullet through his head.
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