The Irish Times, 24 January 1920
   Our Cork Correspondent telegraphed on Tuesday night :—Rumours were current in Cork to-night as to the policy which the Sinn Fein Party in the Corporation will adopt when they meet for the election of a Lord Mayor and High Sheriff on Friday week. It is said that they will adopt a policy of obstruction to British rule, and, as they have a working majority on the Council, they will propose to abolish what is called the British institution of Lord Mayor and simply elect a chairman.
   As to the statutory procedure of submitting the names of three persons from which the Viceroy will be pleased to select one to fill the ancient office of High Sheriff, it is said that the nominees will be Alderman Frederick Murray, who is awaiting trial in Cork Jail on a charge of wounding a policeman ; Denis McNeilus, a native of Donegal, who is "wanted" for the alleged attempted murder of a police sergeant, and who was rescued from Cork County Jail under extraordinary circumstances ; and Andrew Ahern, who is "wanted" because he was the occupier of the house known as the Grattan street Arsenal, where a terrible explosion occurred with fatal results, and where later a huge quantity of bombs and gelignite was found under the basement of the wrecked building.
   It is further stated that the Republican majority in the Corporation will ignore the authority of the Local Government Board.
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