The Irish Times, 13 December 1920
The following courts-martial results are announced :— Matthew Flood, of Barrack Hill; John Casey, of Clancy street; John Murray, of King street; David Fitzgibbon and Daniel Fitzgibbon, of Cork road; John Cullinan, of Grattan terrace; and Timothy Ahearn, of Kilmurry, Kilworth, all of Fermoy, Co. Cork, were charged before as district court-martial held at Cork on the 12th November, 1920. The evidence showed that on the 20th October, 1920, police on duty in King street saw seven men marching down the footpath in military formation, six in file two deep, and one as left guide. Flood, when questioned, stated that he was in charge. He was told to disperse his men, but said he would not do so without an order from his officer. They were found guilty of doing an act likely to cause disaffection among the civilian population. Flood was sentenced to imprisonment with hard labour for 112 days, and the rest to imprisonment with hard labour for 84 days.
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