The Irish Times, 18 October 1919
   At a District Courtmartial at Cork Barracks on Monday, Michael Ahern, Clonakilty, civilian, was charged with having been, on 12th September, in possession of an illegal document, viz., a notebook, in which was written the following form of secret oath :—“In the presence of God I do solemnly swear that I will do my utmost to establish the national independence of Ireland, and I will bear true allegiance to the Supreme Council of the Irish Republic and the Government of the Irish Republic, and I will implicitly obey the Constitution of the Irish Republic, and any superior officers. I will keep inviolable the secrets of the organization.”
   Evidence of the finding of the notebook in the possession of the accused having been given, the Prosecutor said that at the taking of a summary of the evidence the accused denied any knowledge of the oath being written in the book.
   The accused was acquitted.
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