The Irish Times, 21 June 1919
A Proclaimed Gaelic Festival.—At the weekly meeting of the Killarney Urban Council, Mr. William Ahern proposed a resolution protesting against the action of the authorities for the past fortnight in arresting a number of respectable young girls for merely a technical offence, and sending them to jail on a charge that had been dismissed by the magistrates, most of whom had been appointed by the government ; and also against the batoning of the people in the streets on Sunday week without any reason. The Chairman (Mr. Eugene O'Sullivan, J.P.), seconded the resolution. The young girls were arrested and imprisoned for the apparently dread and awful crime of selling flags on the street in connection with the Labour Day demonstration. The function which was being held, and which was suppressed, was a Gaelic League festival, intended to assist the revival of the national language. The resolution, which was supported by Mr. T. O'Connor and Mr. P. Hagward was passed spontaneously.
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