The Irish Times, 23 March 1916
Excitement Subsiding In the Town
   It was expected that further arrests would have been made yesterday in connection with the shooting affray in Tullamore on Monday night. Apart, however, from the four members of the Sinn Fein organization who are in custody in the local jail further arrests have not been made. It was stated yesterday that the police were awaiting instructions from the authorities in Dublin before arresting any of the ten men who escaped from the hall during the mélee.
   On Tuesday night it was feared that a further demonstration would have been made against the Sinn Fein element. A fairly large crowd marched through the streets waving Union Jacks and shouting "Down with the Sinn Feiners!" but mainly through the influence of a Roman Catholic clergyman it quietly dispersed. Previously, however, the police had to protect an individual who was supposed to be indentified with the Sinn Fein movement.
   Though feeling continued to run high in the town yesterday, the day passed off without incident, but the presence of an increased force of police will appear to be necessary for the present. The hearing of the charges against the four men under arrest will be resumed on Monday morning by Mr. Callan, R.M.
   Sergeant Ahearne, who was, on Tuesday evening, removed from Tullamore to Steevens' Hospital, Dublin, for treatment, is progressing as satisfactorily as can be expected. On inquiry at the hospital early this morning it was stated that his condition gives no cause for alarm.

[See also: King's County Chronicle, 6 April 1916]

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