The Irish Times, 12 June 1914
At Kildorrery (Co. Cork) Sessions on Wednesday three farmers were prosecuted by the Department of Agriculture for having failed to notify cases of foot-and-mouth disease among their cattle. Thomas Quinlan, of Derryvillane, was fined £4 in respect of each of seven cows and two calves which were suffering from the disease, making £36 in all, and also ordered to pay £1 costs. John Quinlan, of Derryvillane, was prosecuted for a similar offence in respect of two cows and a calf at Derryvillane, and six cows at Carrigdoonane. The defendant was in the first case fined £10, with £1 costs ; in the second he was fined £5 for each animal, or £18 in all, with £1 costs. Finally, William Ahern, of Ballinamona, Glanworth, was fined 6s. in respect of one bullock. Mr., J. P. Carrigan, K.C., represented the Department of Agriculture.
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