The Irish Times, 28 September 1912
Adventure with a Salmon
The story of how one of the largest salmon captured by rod and line on the County Cork Blackwater and safely landed by Colonel Martelli, who, with his man, Patsey Aherne, was fishing from a boat on the Kilbarry reaches, hooked the fish on a fly, and having played it for a considerable time, brought it to the boat, where Aherne succeeded in getting it into a net. When he attempted to lift the salmon into the boat, however, the net gave way completely from the ring, thus producing a rather unexpected and awkward dilemma. The ring had first to be carefully brought over the rod while the fish was kept in play, and this delicate operation having been accomplished, the next move was to row to the bank to enable Aherne to get a gaff. Colonel Martelli gallantly held on to his fish while this was done, and during Aherne's journey of a quarter mile away and back for the gaff, and at length the salmon was gaffed and landed. It proved to weigh 40lb.
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