The Irish Times, 3 August 1912
In the Northern Police Court on Wednesday, before Mr. Macinerney, three women and a young boy were prosecuted by the police for being concerned in an attack on a young country girl, who was evidently regarded as a "suffragette," in Summerhill the previous afternoon. The accused were—Ellen Ahern, 4 Lower Rutland street, aged 35, who was charged by Sergeant O'Reilly, 27 C, Constable Sutton, 125 C, and Constable Morrisson, 113 C, with assaulting Miss Ellen Nolan, Newtown, Celbridge, Co. Kildare, who was unable to appear, at Summerhill on the previous evening by striking her in the face with her clenched fist, catching hold of her and knocking her down, whereby her left ankle was injured by coming into contact with the kerbstone, her dustcoat and inner coat being damaged to the amount of 12s. 6d. ; Annie Dowdall, 19 Upper Rutland street, 22 years of age, prosecuted for assault on the same complainant, by striking her on the right side with street mud, and, when remonstrated by the police for doing so, having used obscene and profane language ; Mary Dowdall, 5 Upper Rutland street, aged 44 years, was charged with attempting to rescue Annie Dowdall, who is her daughter-in-law, from the custody of the police, by catching hold of her and saying she would not let her go, and calling on a large and hostile crowd to liberate her ; and Patrick O'Connor, 41 Marlborough street, described as a messenger, and about 16 years of age, who was charged with attempting to assault Miss Nolan while she was being taken by the police to the station for protection, by throwing a stone at her. Mr. Macinerney said this young lady was called a "suffragette," and was set upon by a crowd of two or three hundred people, and might have lost her life, or sustained serious injury, were it not for the protection of the police. It reminded him of the French Revolution, when innocent persons were denounced and set upon as if they were mad dogs, and stoned in the streets. It was intolerable that this class of conduct should prevail in the city. He remanded the prisoners, accepting bail for their re-appearance.
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