The Irish Times, 9 September 1911
Head Constables John O'Toole, Mayo to Roscommon ; Harry Price, Donegal to Limerick ; Robert Forster, Down to Cavan ; Robert Long, Reserve to Fermanagh ; Edward Maguire, Londonderry to Down ; William Farrell, Limerick to Meath ; Jas. E. Gallagher, Londonderry to Mayo, W. J. M'Bride, Down to Donegal ; Thomas J, Oates, Clare to Reserve ; Constables Wm. John Agnew, Galway, W.R., to Leitrim ; Francis Carberry, Leitrim to Galway, W.R. ; Moses Richardson, Limerick to Cavan ; Fras. H. Matthews, Cavan to Limerick ; John Aherne, Limerick to Cork, W.R. ; Patrick Healy, Cork, W.R., to Limerick.
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