The Irish Times, 19 July 1910
Claims of Rival Companies
MIDLETON, Saturday.   
   At Midleton Board of Guardians to-day—the Chairman, Mr. T. J. Bourke, J. P., presiding—Mr. Roger Aherne, in pursuance of notice given by him. moved that the resolution recently passed, giving the insurance of the Midleton Workhouse and Dispensaries to the Patriotic Insurance Company, be rescinded, and that the business be transferred to the Hibernian Insurance Company. Mr. Aherne said the Hibernian Company was a purely Irish concern, and was a company that was manned by Irish Catholics and Nationalists. It provided a large amount of employment in the country, where it had a large number of employees.
   Mr. D. O'Brien seconded.
   Mr. Edmund Rohan moved a direct negative. He characterised the taking of their business from the Patriotic Company as being nothing short of downright "grabbing." (Noise.) Reference had been made to the Irish money and the number of Irish hands employed by the Hibernian Company, as against the number of English hands employed by the Patriotic Company ; but he would like to point out that if the English people closed the ports in their country against the imported goods from Ireland this country would be placed in a very sad and sorry position.
   Mr. Wm. Higgins seconded Mr. Rohan's amendment, and said that for the past fifty years the Patriotic Company had been doing the insurance business of that Board, and after that long and faithful service it would not be right or proper to take away the business from it.
   Mr. Charles Engledew, J.P., M.C.C., said it was a bogus idea to think that all the money utilised in the Hibernian Company was Irish money. A lot of their business went to England. He was of the opinion that three times the number of hands were employed by the Patriotic Company in Ireland than the Hibernian Company employed.
   After an animated discussion, Mr. R. Aherne's proposition was carried by 18 votes to 16, thus transferring the business to the Hibernian Company.
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The Irish Times, 30 July 1910
   In the case of Hannah Aherne, a prisoner in Limerick Prison under sentence of death, the Lords Justices have been pleased to commute the sentence to penal servitude for life. The woman was sentenced to death at the recent County Limerick Assizes by Mr. Justice Boyd for the murder of her newly-born child at Newcastle West, on 3rd April.
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