The Irish Times, 13 August 1910
   An Irishman, Englishman, and a Scotsman were talking. “One day in Berlin,” said the Englishman, “I was taken for the Kaiser.” “In Ostend,” said the Scotsman, “I was taken for Mr. Gladstone.” “That's nothing,” said Pat, “One day in Grafton street a man ran up to me, and said, 'Holy Moses, is that you.'”
   Vincent Ahearne, Shillelagh, Co., Wicklow
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The Irish Times, 20 August 1910
   An old man, named Murphy, who was very fond of talking to himself, was one day asked why he did so. “Because,” said Murphy, “I like to talk to a sensible man, and I like to hear a sensible man talk.”
   Vincent Ahearne, Shillelagh, Co., Wicklow.

   At 4.30 o'clock on Tuesday morning a fire broke out in the extensive saw mills owned here by Mr. James Ahern. Before the premises could be entered the flames had made rapid progress. Ten minutes after the alarm was given the Urban Council hose was being worked. Despite all efforts huge piles of timber were attacked by the fire and half an hour after the outbreak the yard was a pillar of flames. As the flames reached the stables the neighing of the terrified horses could be heard. A desparate effort, which eventually succeeded, was made to save the animals, and when the doors of the stables were thrown open the horses careered madly through the streets. After four hours' unceasing effort the fire was eventually subdued without any of the adjoining premises being attacked. The entire of the machinery was destroyed, as well as an enormous amount of timber. The damage is estimated at well over £3,000. The industry was one of the few in town, and many workmen will be thrown out of employment.
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