The Irish Times, 25 June 1900
Betting Prosecutions in Cork
At the Police Court, Cork, on Saturday, before Mr. C. E. B. Mayne, R.M., R. M. Keatinge, G. Georgeson, and J. B. Roche, a number of betting prosecutions were heard. The defendants were George R. Perrott, carrying on business at 9 Robert street, John Sugrue, 21 Old George's street, Thomas Greenish, 19 Maylor street, Michael Ahern, 20 Old George's street, Thomas Greenish, 19 Naylor street, and Edward M'Fadden, 29 Mary street. These defendants were charged with keeping offices and receiving bets. There was a sixth defendant, named William Dorgan, a porter in the establishment of Michael Ahern, and he was charged with aiding and abetting. The defendant M'Fadden did not appear, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Mr. H. T. Wright (Crown Solicitor) prosecuted, and having stated the nature of the summonses was about to call evidence, when a plea of guilty was put in by the solicitors acting for the different defendants. In the cases of Perrot, Ahern, and Greenish the bench imposed a fine of £33 and £2 costs, as this was the second offence. Sugrue, who was now charged for the first time, they fined £23 and £2 costs. The alternative was two months' imprisonment in each instance. Dorgan was fined £5 or one month's imprisonment.
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