The Irish Times, 3 November 1896
Cork, Monday.   
   At the Police Office to-day, before Major Hutchinson, R.M., and Mr. C. E. B. Mayne, R.M., the adjourned cases at the suit of District Inspector Jones against several persons in connection with the recent betting raid in the city were heard. The defendants were George Perrot, commission agent, Robert street ; Thomas Greenwich, commission agent, Maylor street; Michael Ahern (trading as Walter Osborne and Company), George's street, commission agent, principals ; and Frank Riapin, John Barry, and John Murphy, clerks, and John Helpery, Queenstown, who were found in Ahern's office by the police on the occasion of the raid.
   Mr. H. T. Wright, Crown Solicitor, prosecuted, and Mr. Arthur Julian, Solicitor, appeared for the defendants.
   The Bench imposed a fine of £25 and costs in the cases of Perrott, Ahern, and Greenwich, and £1 and costs in the cases of Riapin, Barry, and Murphy.
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