The Irish Times, 20 September 1890
Limerick, Friday   
The evictions on the Glensharrold estate were resumed this morning at an early hour, when four more tenants were put out of their holdings by the Sub-sheriff, Mr. Frederick Hobson, and emergency bailiffs. The tenats evicted to-day were John Ahern, holding twenty acres, and owing five years' rent ; Catherine Connell, widow, and her two sons, John and Patrick Connell, joint-tenants of 153 acres, mainly mountain land, at a yearly rent of £38. The Connells owe 6 years' rent. The sheriff was accompanied by a force of 50 police under the command of District-Inspectors Lawless, Harrison, and Smith, of Cork ; but there were few people present, and no disturbance of any kind occurred. Possession was given over by the sheriff to the receiver over the estate, Mr. E. H. P. Hosford, who attended for the purpose, and who was able to return to Limerick by the mid-day train. All the principal tenants on the estate have now been evicted from their holdings. The twelve tenants still in occupation were served a few days since with ejectment notices. They are the holders of but small plots.
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