The Irish Times, 14 April 1890
[Before Mr. Woodlock.]
   THEFT OF A CASH-BOX.—John Ahearne, Hill street, saddler, was charged with stealing a cash-box, containing four £1 notes, eight sovereigns, a bank book, a cheque book of the Provincial Bank, a cheque for £25, and three policies of insurance, the property of his employer, Mr. John James Toomey, 3 Charlotte street, saddle and harness maker. It appeared that Mr. Toomey went out on the previous day and left the prisoner in the shop, along with another assistant, who is a deaf mute. In consequence of what was conveyed to him by the latter, witness, on his return, went to a box at the end of the shop and found that it had been burst open, and the cash-box taken away. The prisoner had left the shop, and did not return. Witness went in search of him, and spent the whole of the night looking for him ; and at five o'clock that morning he saw him in College street. He ran away, and witness called on a man to stop him. Ahearne knocked the man down, and turned on witness and butted him. A police constable came up and on the way to the station the prisoner attempted to tear up four £1 notes, and at the station six sovereigns were found on his person. The defendant pleaded guilty ; and, in reply to Mr. Woodlock, he stated that the cash-box and the rest of the property was concealed in the closet of a house in Kevin street. The prisoner was put back, and subsequently the case was again called. In the meantime the prisoner had taken a constable to the house in Kevin street, and pointed out the closet in which the cash-box was concealed. All the money was recovered except £4 18s, which had been spent by the prisoner. Mr. Woodlock remanded the accused till Thursday next. Mr. J. J. Adams appeared for Mr. Toomey.
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