The Irish Times, 27 August 1887
   The evictions on the property of Mr. J. C. Delmege, J.P., at Glensharrold, which were commenced yesterday, were resumed and completed to-day. Operations commenced at the house of John Connors, of Knocknagun, which was barricaded and filled with sand. The bailiffs, having failed to break in the door, ascended a ladder, and smashed in the gable window. The sheriff and police then entered. Connors and his wife were called upon to leave, but they refused to go through a window. It is alleged that Mr. Hobson caught hold of Mrs. Connors, and threatened to pitch her out, and the people outside, apprehending that this was so, groaned and hissed. Eventually the woman consented to leave, and she was helped down the ladder by her husband.
   Daniel Kennedy was next evicted. His house was filled with turf, but the bailiffs experienced no difficulty in removing the obstruction. John Huston was then evicted. Father Walsh said the agent, Mr. Hosford, promised to provide a home for the poor old woman who lived with the family, and who had to be helped out of the house. Patrick Casey was evicted, but put back as caretaker. Father Walsh said Mr. Hosford assured him yesterday that he would not completely dispossess them, and he has kept his word. A settlement was arrived at in the cases of Maurice Moore and Thomas Haney. On the way to the house of John Ahearn the bailiff was struck on the head with a stone. Ahearn was readmitted as caretaker. A warm dispute took place between District Inspector Purcell and Father Ambrose, the former alleging that the latter wanted to trample on him with his horse. This Father Ambrose indignantly denied. The evicitons being over, Father Walsh praised Mr. Hosford and Mr. Delmege for their kind and humane treatment of the tenantry, Father Ambrose dissenting.
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