The Irish Times, 23 November 1883
Youghal, Thursday   
   A number of evictions were carried out yesterday on the estate of Mr. H. Talbot Ponsonby, a few miles from here. Altogether five tenants were evicted, and two were afterwards allowed in as caretakers. The following parties were those evicted :— Patrick Fitzgerald, rent, £18, amount due, £90; Michael Ahern, rent, £45 10s, amount due, £164 10s; Margaret Ahern, rent, £14 15s, amount due, £56; Edmond Buckley, rent, £35, amount due, £105; and Cornelius Collins, rent, £33 10s, amount due, £117 5s. The latter party is at present undergoing a term of imprisonment for compelling the bailiff who attempted to serve the writ to put it in the fire, where it was consumed.
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