The Irish Times, 7 April 1883
Intimidation in County Limerick—At the Castleconnell Petty Sessions on Monday—before Major Evanson, R. M. (presiding), Colonel Howley, D.L., Mr. Gilbert O'Grady, Mr. Richard J. Gabbett, and Captain Vansittart—considerable interest was manifested in the case at the suit of the Queen per Constable Devine and John Punch, against John M'Knight, Michael Ahern, Martin O'Farrell, Patrick Molloy, and William Dwyney, for having on the 18th of March at Clareville Mills, intimidated William Barry and John Kiely to prevent them working for John Punch. Head-Constable Rolleston appeared on behalf of the Crown for the prosecution. Mr. John Ryan, solicitor, appeared on behalf of Mr. Punch, also for the prosecution. Mr. William E. Counihan, solicitor, and Mr. Francis A. O'Keefe, solicitor, appeared for the defence. Mr. Ryan in stating the case for the prosecution, said that Mr. Punch was largely engaged in the coopering business in Limerick, and his factory there not being able to meet the requirements of his trade, he was compelled to take the mills at Clareville, for last year he was obliged to let orders for hundreds of pounds' worth of work go away. He did not want to interfere in any way with the coopers of Limerick, and took the mills only to meet the increased requirements of his trade. It would be proved that the defendants came from Limerick to intimidate those men. Evidence having been given, the magistrates found the prisoners guilty, and sentenced them to five weeks' imprisonment each, without a fine.
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