The Irish Times, 6 September 1881
Limerick, Monday   
The conflict which took place last night is the subject to-day of general conversation. It is, however, a matter for congratulation that no death has yet occurred. The policeman reported to have died last night in the vicinity of the railway station, though dreadfully injured, is still alive, and it is hoped by his medical attendants that he may ultimately recover. The following list of the wounded was obtained to-day:—  . . . John Ahern, aged 19, Playhouse lane, cooper, buckshot wound in the right hand . . . 
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The Irish Times, 22 September 1881
Limerick, Wednesday   
   At Limerick Police Court, before Mr. M'Carthy, R.M.
   Sub-Inspector Wilton said several men were under arrest in William street Barracks, charged with being concerned in the riots and affray at the railway station and its vicinity on Sunday night, the 4th instant, when an immense crowd made an attack on a police force.
   The prisoners were brought into court by Head Constables Chalke and Whelan, six in all, of the tradesmen or laboring class, named Ahern, King, Torney, Madigan (2), and McDonagh.  . . . 
   John Ahern was next charged with being in the attacking mob on the police.
   Ahern—I was only passing at the time, and I was shot in the hand. A constable told me so. (Laughter.) I was doing nothing.
   The Sub-Constable—Ahern told me himself that he saw the riot from the first to last, and now he denies he was there at all.
   The prisoner was remanded. . . . 
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