The Irish Times, 8 March 1875
(From Our Reporter.)
Clonmel, Saturday,       
   Mr. Baron Dowse entered the Crown Court this morning at 10 o'clock, and resumed the disposal of the criminal business for this riding of the county.
   Messrs. Harris, Q.C., and O'Hara, Q.C., instructed by Mr. Bolton, Crown Solicitor, prosecuted in the several cases on behalf of the Crown.
Counterfeit Coin
   James, Patrick, Michael, and Alice Ahearne were indicted for having in their custody counterfeit coin on the 20th October last, and with uttering a counterfeit shilling to a woman named Lonergan on the day in question.
   They pleaded not guilty, and were defended by Messrs. Gibson and Lover, instructed by Mr. Sargint, Cahir.
   Constable M'Conyne deposed that on the night of the 19th of October last he arrested James and Patrick on a charge of assault. He found on James the base shilling and the piece of metal (solder) produced. He also found on Pat two base shillings. [These coins were also produced.] Also found, in the dayroom in the barracks where Pat and James were searched, two other bad shillings. They reside in Killdonohoe. Went to their house on the 20th of October, and saw Michael and Alice Ahearne there. On instituting a search he found the two bars of metal produced in one of the crevices in the room. Constable Conroy got seven shillings which were bad. Prisoners till a portion of the mountain, and keep sheep and goats.
   Constable Conroy deposed that he found in a crevice in the wall seven base shillings.
   Constable Gallagher said that on the day in question he found the following articles at the prisoners' house :— A small bottle labelled “nitrate of argent,” clippings of metal, a portion of plaster, apparently part of a mould, with the impression of a coin thereon, and outside, within a radius of fifteen yards from the house, other bits of plaster on which there was the impression of coin.
   Catherine Lonergan, the wife of a publican residing at Lisheenmoore, swore that Patrick Lonergan [sic] went to her house a few days after the fair of Clonmel, and gave her a shilling, which she considered bad, for a few pintes of porter ; she returned him the coin, and “took his word” for the debt.
   Sub-constable Little swore to having arrested Pat Ahearne on the 20th of October last l he took him before Mr. Taylor, Clogheen, who gave him the usual caution to say nothing that might criminate him ; he then stated that he had been to the fair in Clonmel ; that he sold a horse to an Englishman ; that he went to change some of the notes in a shop in town, and that it was there he got the bad coin found on him.
   The jury, after about an hour's absence from court, returned a verdict of guilty against James and Pat Ahearne on the first count, and a verdict of guilty against Pat on the secnd count. Alice and Michael they found to be not guilty.
   The Judge said the verdict was a most proper and discriminating one. The sentence of the court was that Pat should undergo five, and James two years' penal servitude. The other prisoners might be discharged.
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