Dublin Journal, 3 September 1871
BEARLEIGH RACES near BANDON, 1871. On Wednesday the 11th of September, a Purse of Forty Guineas, for any five Years old Horses, Mares, or Geldings, Horses carrying 8ft. Mares and Geldings 7ft. 11lb. Saddle and Bridle included, the best of Three-mile Heats. . . . 

All Horses, &c. to run according to the King's Plate Articles, and to be shewed and entered with Mr. George Murphy, Clerk of the Course, or in his Absence, with Mr. Garret Ahern near said Course, eight clear Days before the respective Days of running, paying One Shilling to the Pound Entrance to either of them the same Day, or at the Post before running. The winning Horse, &c. each Day, to pay a Guinea for Scales and Straw. Double Entrance at the Post. Horse, &c. must start each Day precisely at One o'Clock, and Grooms are desired to be punctual to the Hour, as the Clerk of the Course has positive Directions to start those that appear at the Time above mentioned and fixed.

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The Irish Times, 21 September 1871
These sessions were continued yesterday before Daniel Ryan Kane, Q. C., at half-past ten o'clock. . . . Michael John Ahern was objected to by Mr. Wynne, on the ground that the premises out of which he claimed to vote had been sold by him, and that Mr. Norreys had been summoned to prove that other premises of Ahern's had been objected for non-payment of rent, and that he had leased other premises to Mr. William Moore Johnson, and out of which the latter is now entitled to vote, and that Mr. Anthony O'Connor was aware that the last remnant of the Ahern property in Mallow, and out of which he now claimed, was parted with.

Mr. Edward O'Connor said that it was really too bad that when witnesses were summoned they did not attend, and that the chairman should force them to do so. John Ahern proved service of a summons on Mr. Norreys. Mr. Norreys did not attend, and Mr. Ahern was retained.

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