The Irish Times, 3 October 1871
Queenstown, Monday.—At the Petty Sessions held here to-day, John Ahern was put forward, charged with the robbery from James Hoffman, his employer, of one bolster, five pillows, eight and a half pairs of blankets, four white quilts, two pairs coloured trousers, all of which were pawned at different houses in Queenstown. Mr. Allen, solicitor, prosecuted, and Mr. O'Sullivan defended. The pawnbrokers with whom the goods had been pledged did not in several instances make any entry of the goods. The magistrates commented in strong terms on the loose way in which the pawnbrokers do their business, especially one firm, which had violated every section of the Act of Parliament. After a two hours' trial, Ahern pleaded guilty to the several charges, and was sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment with hard labour.
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