The Irish Times, 9 May 1866
Midleton, Monday Evening   
   The inquiry into the charges against sub-inspector Wyse was resumed this morning.
   Mr. Wilkinson, J.P., whose cross-examination had occupied the whole of Saturday, was recalled and examined by his counsel, Mr. Heazle, as to the conduct of the police in the execution of a warrant issued for the arrest of Terence Ahearne, the ringleader in the Dangan riot. Ahearne was prosecuted at Petty Sessions for having been implicated in the riot. Informations were taken against him, and he was returned for trial to the [?], but he was in the meantime liberated on bail. Shortly after the Habeas Corpus Act was suspended the person who had become surety for Ahearne gave notice to the police that Ahearne was about to abscond to America, and a warrant for his arrest was issued, but in two days after Ahearne escaped to America. It was alleged that the police had not shown sufficient diligence in executing the warrant, and the magistrates at Petty Sessions, after inquiring into the case, censured the head-constable.
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