Freeman's Journal, 11 April 1863

The screw steamship St. Andrew, one of the Montreal Company's ocean steamers, arrived at Kingston yesterday, from Glasgow for the purpose of carrying emigrants direct to Portland. The St. Andrew is a very fine ship of her class; she is constructed of iron, and commanded by Captain Kerr, an officer of repute in ocean navigation. Her length is about 300 feet, and her tonnage 1,091 tons. She carries eight officers including engineers, and has a complement of fifty men including firemen and coal trimmers. The engines, and very fine ones they appear to be, are very direct acting, and were constructed by Barclay Curle & Co. of Glasgow, who are also builders of her hull. They are patented by Frederick Spencer, of Glasgow, and can work with fresh water instead of salt. The supply of fresh water taken in them at Glasgow, will suffice for the whole passage which will probably occupy from fifteen to sixteen days. Her nominal horsepower is 165, but she can work up to 300, and steam in smooth water about nine knots per hour. The accommodation for passengers is ample, particularly for those purposing to proceed by her in the first class. She is registered to carry 894[?] passengers. The St. Andrew is about two years old, and will probably leave this day for her destination, and a strong impression prevails, from hints thrown out on shore, that she is chartered by the Federal government for conveying recruits to the seat of war. One thing is certain, that a large number of able bodied young men will ship in her previous to her departure, and who may find an unknown and unhonored grave far from the homes of their ancestors.

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