The Freeman's Journal, 3 April 1800

On Thursday night last, a number of rebels murdered two men of the name of Sheedy, father and son, near Kilfinan, in this county ; they broke open the house, and shot the old man instantly, but the son contrived to get out ; they pursued and overtook him, on which the murderers told him that he ran very well after Staker, (a rebel who the young man apprehended, and was executed two years ago at Castle Oliver) but he must now run a different course, on which they put an end to his existence. The unfortunate victims were remarkable for loyalty ; the son, a very fine lad, and a member of Captain Oliver's corps of yeomanry.
A man of the name of Daw, was this morning found murdered (shot through the head) and naked in a bog near Milteely in this county.
The croppies are now turning up grounds in several parts of the county of Limerick, for the purpose of getting potatoe [sic] ground, and have posted up notices for the above purpose ; these unfortunate wretches do not consider, that they have not potatoes for the tenth part of the ground they have turned up, even by Dr. Maunsell's mode of raising potatoes from the roots ; besides they do not consider that the persons who take ground so noticed, are liable to be taken up and prosecuted, they being the persons supposed to have posted up the notices.

The Assizes of Wexford, at which a number of prisoners are to be tried, commence to-morrow.
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12 April 1800

Trials at Dundalk
The assizes began on Thursday the 2d and ended on Saturday the 5th April last, when the following persons were tried and found guilty, viz: -
Edward Rourke, of the murder of his own child, about four months old, by throwing it into a bog hole, at Donaghmore, on the 5th of January last, by which means it was immediately suffocated.
Francis M'Elboy alias M'Evoy of usury - ordered to pay treble the money lent
William Taaffe, of a riot, and seizing two horses: two cars laden with potatoes, cutting the sacks and letting the potatoes fall about the road.
Thomas Hoey of assaulting Pat. Hillard at Haggardstown, on the 11th Feb last; ordered to be imprisoned for a month.
Peter Durnin, of feloniously taking, on the 15th Oct last, sundry articles of wearing apparel, the property of Arthur Curry, ordered to be transported for seven years.
Felix Dawdly, of stealing hay, the property of John Dransfield, of Dundalk, sentenced also to be transported for seven years.
Patrick Hanratty of pig stealing.

The following persons were acquitted:
John Barlett, of the murder of Michael Cavanagh, a soldier.
Michael Connolly, of stealing fruit.
Thomas M'Cann of receiving a promissory note, which had been taken out of the mail.
Pat Hanratty for stealing a cow.
James Finigan, acquitted of feloniously taking 1 6s 0d in money.
Michael M'Donald of receiving 20 gallons of whiskey which had been stoled.
Anne Casie of stealing potatoes.
John Lamb of carrying away a girl with intent to marry her.

Submitted by Brendan

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