Freeman's Journal
25 March 1794

Monday se'nnight, the Hon. Justice Chamberlaine too his seat in the Crown Court, where the following persons were tried: -
William Smith and Patrick Grimes were tried and found guilty of robbing Messrs. Bamber and M'Cartney, on the high road near this town, in the June last.
Arthur Martin and John Maginnes were convicted of forcibly entering the dwelling-house of the Rev. Moore Smith, of Killincoole, and robbing the same of fire-arms.
The prosecution in this case was supported by the evidence of Mr. Smith and James Cravan, an approver, who gave a very clear and accurate account of his being at the robbery, and identified the prisoners.
Mathew Kirwan, Patrick Teernan, Patrick Kenny, James Morgan, Dennis M'Kenna, Thos Kirwan, Patrick M'Kenna alias Thomas M'Kenna, and Richard Kelly, were tried upon four indictments, for attacking the house of Alexander M'Clintock, of Newtown, on the 25th of December, 1792.
The evidence in this case, produced on the part of the Crown, were Mr. M'Clintock, who proved the attack, and of there having been several shots fired which broke the windows in his house, but could not identify the prisoners.
The next witness was Thomas Murphy, an approver, who swore he was with the prisoners at the bar and others, at the attack on the above night - that they were armed with guns and blunderbusses, and were all sworn Defenders, and determined to plunder the house of arms and ammunition; his testimony was in some respects not consistent and several gentlemen were produced, who gave evidence that he was not a person to be credited on his oath - and that they knew him to be guilty of several robberies. - The Jury after retiring for a few minutes, found the prisoners - not guilty.
The following persons were capitally convicted:
Christopher Kennedy and Mat M'Cunnin for a felony and burglary in the dwelling house of Ann Rogan
Philip Carrafher, Thomas Carry, James Martin, Silvester Carry, Patrick Hamill, for a burglary and felony in the dwelling-house of the Rev. Robert Levins. The former was recommended by the Grand Jury, it having appeared that he saved the life of Mr. Levins.
Edward Hughes, for a burglary and a felony in the dwelling-house of Peter Kirck.
James Walsh, for robbing the highway near Dundalk, James Dogherty, and John Thompson.
Henry Deary, John Morgan, and Michael M'Ilroy, found guilty of being Defenders and taking unlawful oaths, were sentenced to be transported for seven years.
Pat Clarke, James Shee, Thomas Burne, and Michael Fraghan, convicted of appearing armed as Defenders, were sentenced to be twice publicly whipped, and imprisoned three months - and James Boyce and John Cravan, to be punished in a similar manner for such like offences.
Dominick Davitt, for conspiring against the life of David Atkinson, Esq; a magistrate, very active in his duty, found guilty, and sentenced to be imprisoned three months, and fined 20L.
Patrick Murphy, for sheep-stealing, sentenced to transportation.
Tully Hart, for being a Defender, and appearing armed, to be twice whipped, and imprisoned six months.
James Fitzsimons, guilty of a riot and breaking windows at Ardee, to be imprisoned three years and give security.
James Fitzsimons, James Fee, and George Shevelan, were tried and acquitted for robbing the Ardee mail.
Hugh O'Berne, charged with publishing a libel signed Common Sense acquitted.
Eighteen persons charged with being Defenders, were acquitted.
James Dornin, acquitted of drinking seditious and treasonable toasts, the prosecutor having died a few days before the trial.
Counsel for the Crown in the above trials: The Attorney General, Mr. W.P. Ruxton, Mr. Saurin, and Mr. M'Cartney - Agent, Mr. Kemins.

Counsel for the Defenders
Mr. Blackbourne, Mr. Mayne, Mr. Dobbs, Mr. Ewing, Mr. Ball, Mr. Saurin, and Mr. Pellew - Agent, Mr. Hartford.'

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