Freeman's Journal
1 August 1793

At Dundalk Assizes, Mr. P. Byrne, a person of respectability, convicted at the last assizes there of circulating seditious papers, and sentenced to be imprisoned and fined 500L - pleaded his Majesty's pardon for the imprisonment, but paid the fine, and was enlarged.
There are no Defenders to be tried in Louth or at Dundalk, but those that remained untried at those places at the last assizes.'

'The following persons were tried before Justice Crookshank, the 19th instant: Martin Fitzgerald, found guilty of robbing Mr. Blacker, of arms, and two other capital felonies, ordered to be executed.
James Trainer, found guilty of conspiring to murder Thomas Rogers, and of attempting to burn his haggard.
Patrick Hanratty, Peter Keenan, Michael Macloughlin, Martin Byrne; Henry, Margaret and Catherine Levins, Henry Magee, Francis Byrne, Catherine Murphy, Thomas Timey(?), and Thomas Andrews, acquitted of various offences.

Freeman's Journal
8 August 1793

At the above assizes which ended on Thursday the fifth of August, the following persons were tried before the Hon. Mr. Justice Crookshank: -
Michael Clarke, found guilty of traitorously and feloniously setting fire to, and burning the house of Christophilous Jenny, Esq., at Park, on the 5th of January last - sentenced to be hanged, quartered, &c. on the 5th of August.
Martin Fitzpatrick, found guilty under the White-boy act, of taking arms from John Blacker, of Aulare - to be hanged on the 12th of August.
Mathew Connor, Manus M'Kevit, and M. Hamill, found guilty of taking arms from different people - to be hanged on the 12th of August.
Thomas Andrews, found guilty of taking arms out of the house of Pat. Reath, of Gluck, on the 25th of May - to be hanged on the 5th of August.
James Trainor, found guilty of conspiring to kill and murder Thomas Rogers, and also to burn his house - to be imprisoned two years and six months and to be pillored in Dundalk.
Thomas Coleman, who was found guilty last assizes of conspiring to kill Torquin Park M'Neill, Esq., found guilty at the present assizes of another conspiracy - to be imprisoned one year, to commence after former imprisonment is out, and to pay additional fine of 100L.
Bryan Larkin, found guilty of taking an unlawful oath - to be transported pursuant to statute.
Owen O'Neill, found guilty of petty larceny, burned in the hand.
James Brennan, James Martin, and Bryan M'Mahon, found guilty of a riot and appearing armed - to be whipped, and imprisoned three months.
John Conly, found guilty of petty larceny - to be imprisoned four days, and burned in the hand.
The persons indicted for the murder of Mr. Morgan, made an affidavit to put off their trial, which the Court could not refuse; but imagining some trick was intended, adjourned to the 26th of August, to try them and other offenders.'
[At the subsequent trial on 26th August 1793 Thomas Carty otherwise Gartlany was found guilty of the murder. He was sentenced to death by hanging and to be 'anatomised'].

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