Freeman's Journal (Dublin) Apr 15 to Apr 19, 1766

In Cavendish Street, Master John Stacpoole Hogan.

Freeman's Journal (Dublin) Apr 26 to Apr 29, 1766

Mr. Francis Young of the County of Clare, to Miss Lawerence of the County of Tipperary.

" James Butler and John McGuire, who were found guilty at the last assizes held at Ennis for robbing George Peacock of Barntick, Esq; received sentence to be executed on Saturday the 19th inst. Accordingly on that day Mr. William Harrison, Sub-Sheriff of the County of Clare, assisted by a Sergeant's-guard, conducted them to the place of execution, when Butler was executed first, without the least opposition; but when McGuire hung a few minutes, an unruly mob assembled on the occasion, pelted the Sheriff and Guard, and forceably carried off said McGuire alive; during this transaction the soldiers were obliged to fire, when two of the rioters were killed, and several more dangerously wounded."

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