Freeman's Journal (Dublin) Nov 16 to Nov 19 1765

At Meelick, in the County Clare, aged upward of 100, Mrs. Burton, mother of Thomas Burton, Esq; Member for the Borough of Ennis; and grand-mother to Francis Pierpoint Burton, Knight of the Shire for the County of Clare. Her whole life was a series of doing good.

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Faulkner's Dublin Journal
Dublin, co. Dublin, Ireland
Sat., 2 Nov 1765-Tues., 5 Nov 1765

Mr. John ROONEY, Head Porter of Trinity College.

In Cook-street, Mr. HODSON, Tallow Chandler.

On Arbour-hill, Richard SWEETENHAM, Esq., formerly Providore to the Army.

Tues., 5 Nov 1765-Sat., 9 Nov 1765

Last Week in Cork, John HALY, Esq., M.D. to Miss MULLAN.

In Limerick, Henry WHITE, of Greenhall, in the County of Tipperary, Esq. to
Miss Elizabeth MAUNSELL, Daughter of Thomas MAUNSELL, Esq., Counsellor at

Captain Noble RUDDOCK to Miss Katherine M'LANE, Daughter of Charles M'LANE.

Last Tuesday, on Crampton-quay, Robert PERRY, Letter-Founder. He brought
Letter Founding to an equal Degree of Perfection here as in England, tho'
attended with almost innumerable Difficulties, by which very considerable
Sums of Money have been saved to this Kingdom. The Business is carried on by
his Nephew, Mr. Stephen PARKER.

In Meath-street, Mr. Wm. ENNIS.

Saturday last, Mr. Alexander GRAYDON, an eminent Attorney.

In Waterford, Mrs. SMITH, Wife of Mr. Patrick SMITH, of the Factory.

Sat., 9 Nov. 1765 - Tues., 12 Nov 1765

Last Week, Mr. Whitfield HARVEY, Printer to Miss Mary KELLY, a young Lady of
great Beauty and Fortune.

Last Week in Cork, Mr. Robert DEANE, Attorney

In Galway, Mr. Mark LYNCH, eldest son of Mr. Arthur LYNCH, formerly of
Cadiz, but late of aforesaid Town, Merchant, Deceased.

On Thursday, on College Green, Mr. WATSON, an eminent Painter.

Sunday, in Castle-street, Mr. Thomas LYSTER, Farrier to his Majesty.

In Little Butter-lane, Mr. Robert SISSON.

In Aungier street, the Widow of Mr. George WALSH, late Organist of

In Cuckhold-row, Doctor FLOOD.

In Cork-street, Mrs. DICKSON, an eminent Tanner.

In Ormond Market, Mr. Robert FARRELL, an eminent Butcher.

At Bristol, Mr. Thomas ALLINGTON, an experienced Mariner belonging to

On Tuesday last as a Son of Mr. DAVIS, Pump-Borer in Poolbeg-street, was
sinking a Pump in Golden-lane, he unfortunately fell into the Well of it, 35
feet, and was drowned.

Tues., 12 Nov 1765-Sat., 16 Nov 1765
A few Days ago, in London, Captain Bellingham CHRISTIAN, of the 16th
Regiment of Foot to Mrs. KEARNEY of Brook-green, Middlesex, a Widow Lady
possessed of upwards of 12 thousand Pounds.

Saturday last, Mr Anthony ALLEN, of Essex-street, to Miss Elizabeth TYRRELL,
of Grange in the County of Kildare, with a considerable Fortune.

In Belfast, Mr. Waddell CUNNINGHAM to Miss Peggy HYDE.

Tuesday last, at his House in Henrietta-street, Mr. Tho. HALL, an eminent

Saturday last, in Galway, Captain Roger WOLLOCOMBE, of the 58th Regiment, on
Monday his Corpse was very decently interred, with military Honours.

At Headford, in the County of Galway, Mr. Peter NEILEN, a reputable Merchant
and Farmer.

Lately at the Island of Dominica, Captain DEADY, of Cork several Years on
the West India Trade.

In Cove-lane, Cork, Mr. William FAHY, Keeper of the Swan Inn.

At Lackenroe, Lowere Glanmire, Mrs. DALY, Wife of Mr. Hardin DALY.

Tuesday last in Fleet-lane, aged 74, Captain Patrick WALSH, one of the
oldest Captains belonging to Dublin in the Sea Service.

Sat., 16 Nov 1765 - Tues., 19 Nov 1765
At Cavan, Mr. Josias PARR, Merchant to the agreeable Widow WEAVER, with a
large Fortune.

Mr. Daniel M'LAUGHLIN, of Mohill, Merchant, to the agreeable Miss O'BRIEN,
of said Place.

Tues., 19 Nov 1765 - Sat., 23 Nov 1765
A few Days ago, Walter KENNEDY, Esq. to Miss DELANY, of Francis-street,
Daughter of the late Mr. Charles DELANY.

A few Days ago, at Enniscorthy, Mr. Marcus BROWNE, Surgeon and Apothecary to
the Widow BRYAN.

Mr. William RICE, of Ennis to Miss M'GEE.

Last Saturday, At Fintono, aged 16, Mr Henry WEST, Son of Mr. Henry WEST, of
said Place, Merchant.

At Lucan, Mr. Benjamin WHEALY, late of Palmerstown.

Wednesday, at Carrickmines, aged 91, Mr. Robert BROWN.

Sat., 23 Nov 1765-Tues., 26 Nov 1765
Saturday last, at Belfast, Mr.Thomas HOUSTON, an eminent Woolen Draper of
the city of Dublin to the amiable Miss HOLMES, only Daughter of Mr. John
HOLMES, an eminent Merchant of that Town, with a Fortune of 5,000.

Thursday last, Mr. Owen DUFFY, of Plunket-street, Shoemaker, to the Widow
MURPHY, of Lazer's Hill.

Richard WARBURTON, Esq., high Sheriff of the County of Kildare.

In Luke-street, Samuel ONGE, Esq.

Tues., 26 Nov 1765 - Sat., 30 Nov 1765
At Edenderry, Master Best PAKENHAM.

At Castlemine, in the County of Roscommon, Thomas M'DERMOT- ROE, Esq. a
Gentleman of great Worth and Honesty, and a good Sportsman having kept a
Pack of Hounds for 50 Years past, which he hunted shortly before his Death.

Mr. Joseph PATTEN, Chandler.

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