Freeman's Journal (Dublin) May 7 to May 11 1765

A few days ago Mr. Thomas Vokes, Attorney, to Miss Parker, daughter of George Parker of Lodge in the County of Clare, Esq.

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Faulkner's Dublin Journal
Dublin, co. Dublin, Ireland

Tues., 30 Apr 1765 - Sat. 4 May 1765

Mr. Simeon YOUNG, of Bride-street, an eminent linen-draper, to Miss
MIDDLETON, of Harold's Cross.

In Cork, in the 94th Year of her Age, Mrs. MAINADUCK.

Saturday last, at his House in Francis-street, Mr. Thomas FLEMING, Cooper.

In Limerick, John UPTON, of Ashgrove, Esq.

Sat., 4 May 1765-Tues. 7 May 1765

Mr. Thomas VOKES, Attorney, to Miss PARKER.

At Limerick, Capt. John CUDMORE, to the agreeable widow CAMPBELL.

A few Days ago, Mr. John BUTTS, Painter.

At Limerick, Doctor Thomas CLANCHY.

Mr. Thomas BOURKE, of Madebury.

A few Days ago, in a most advanced Age, the Rev. James M'MOLLEN.

Tues., 7 May 1765 - Sat., 11 May 1765

Yesterday, in Dominick-street, the Lady of John CREIGHTON, Esq. of a son.

Thursday last, at Mountrath, in the Queen's County, the facetious Mr.
WALPOLE, of said Town, to the most agreeable and amiable Widow PIM, of

At Rathcoony Church, Mr. John MAINDUC, to Miss TAYLOR.

At Bath, the Wife of Savage FRENCH, of Corke, Esq.

Near South Gate, Corke, Mr. SEAGRAVE, Teacher of the French Language.

At Waterford, Mr. Chalmers SMITH, an eminent Manufacturer of Threads and

At the Royal Hospital, Mrs. FOLLIOT, Relict of the last John FOLLIOT, Esq,
Governor of Kinsale.

In Channel-Row, Mr. John HUTTON, an eminent and wealthy Butcher.

Wednesday last, suddenly, Mrs. COOKE, Wife of Alderman Thomas COOKE.

In Corn-market, Mr. James LACEY, Jun. Hosier.

In Great Britain-street, Mr. William BOLTON, Coach-maker.

Sat., 11 May 1765 - Tues.,14 May 1765

Last Week, Mr. Edward STACEY, one of the proprietors of the Delft
Manufactory at World's-end lane, to the agreeable Widow ROSCOE of

Tuesday last, at the House of Thomas ADDERLY, Esq., Capt. GODARD, of the
19th Regiment of Dragoons to Miss RICH, Niece to Henry PYE, Esq., Member for
the County of Berks in England and a great Niece to the Right Hon. Lord

A few Days since, Mr. DROPE, merchant, of the Batchelor's quay, to Miss
MARLANDE, of Boot-lane.

Last Week, Miss Mary JONES, in the 90th Year of her Age, Widow of Richard
JONES, late of Dollandstown, in the County of Meath, and Sister of Mrs.
Katherine CONNOLLY, deceased.

At his House at Potters-bar, the Rev. Dr. FLETCHER, Dean of Kildare.

In Limerick, Mrs. GREEN.

At Corke, the Widow CLARKE, aged 85.

Wednesday last, at Temple-bar, Mrs. DELANY, Wife of Mr. DELANY, Wine Cooper.

A few Days ago, Tho. HARMON, Esq; Nephew to Colonel Robert HARMAN, Knight of
the Shire for the County of Longford.

The Widow of Mr. SEGUIN, formerly an eminent Sugar-baker in Chequer-lane.

At Johnstown, the Lady of Colonel Henry BUNBURY.

Friday last, at Creekstown, near Dunboyne, Mr. Samuel GOODBODY, last of
Essex-gate, Tobacconist.

Tues., 14 May 1765 - Sat., 18 May 1765

Mr. Walter HICKMAN, of the general Post-Office to the amiable Miss TUTHILL,
of Ringsend.

At Shandon Church, Cork, Mr. George GUIN, to Mrs. Barbara BUCK.

Mr. Joshua Sheppey GREEN, of the Custom-house to Miss Elizabeth CONRON, of

A few Days ago, at Portmarnock, Mr. PLUNKET, an extensive Farmer.

In Mary-street, the Widow JONES.

In Donnybrook, Mr. Joseph FITZGERALD.

In Golden-lane, the Wife of Mr. LELAND, Publican.

The Rev. Mr. Henry MATHEW, for 25 Years Vicar of the Town of Athy, in the
County of Kildare, and Rector of Tankardstown, in the Queen's County, both
in the Patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin, but at present in the Gift of
his Majesty, by Reason of the Vacancy of the See of Dublin.

Sat., 18 May 1765 - Tues., 21 May 1765
Last Week, Thomas WILLES, of Willesgrove to Miss TAUBOT, only Daughter of
William TAUBOT, Esq, with a Fortune of 5,000.

In Galway, Mr. Stephen MARTIN, Gent., to Miss Barbara BODKIN.

On the 5th, Mrs. ROLLISTON, Wife of James ROLLISTON, of Snugborough, in the
King's County, Esq.

In the County of Tipperary, Mrs. Pierce NAGLE.

Tues., 21 May 1765-Sat., 25 May 1765

Tuesday last, Mr. John SPEAR, of Capel-street, Merchant, to Miss REYNOLDS,
Daughter of Alderman REYNOLDS, of Erle-street.

Wednesday Night, William Nassau STEPHENS, Esq. to Miss HERN.

William TIGHE, the younger to Miss FOWNES, Daughter of the Right Hon. Sir
William FOWNES, Bart.

Thomas WHITE, Esq. of Kilcock to Miss SKELLERN.

In Belfast, Mrs. Thomas WHITESIDE.

Mr. John HOLDEN, Damask Weaver.

Wednesday last, in Waterford, the Wife of Capt. Henry ALCOCK, and Daughter
to the Bishop of said Place.

Sat., 25 May 1765-Tues., 28 May 1765
Mr. REED of Bull-alley, to the agreeable Miss SIPTHROAP, of Bride-street.

Saturday last, Mr. Thomas KELLY to Miss Fanny HICKEY.

In Galway, Miss Elizabeth TANKERVILLE.

In Aungier-street, Mrs. BRISCOE.

Tues., 28 May 1765 - Sat., 1 June 1765

Thursday last, Robert HARTPOLE, Esq; to the Hon. Miss Harriet STRATFORD,
Daughter to the Right Hon. Lord Baltinglass.

A few Days ago, in a very advanced Age, the Rev. William HAMILTON, Rector of
Strabane, in the Diocese of Derry.

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