Faulkner's Dublin Journal
Dublin, co. Dublin, Ireland
Sat., 2 Feb 1765 -Tues., 5 March 1765

Saturday at his House in Aungier-street, Mr. George WALSH, Organist at
Christchurch Cathedral.

In Vicar-street, Mr. Robert CARBERY, a Roman Catholic clergyman.

Tues.,5 Mar 1765-Sat., 9 Mar 1765

Tuesday, the Right Hon. the Countess of Moira, of a Daughter.

The same Day, the Right Hon. Lady Catherine HENRY, of a Daughter.

Also the same Day, the Lady of Richard ST. GEORGE, of Kilrush, in the County
of Kilkenny, Esq. of a son.

Wednesday last, Mr. Joseph CUTHBERT, an eminent Taylor of the Parish of
Delgenny, County of Wicklow, to Miss MEDCALF, of Windgate, in said Parish.

Mr. RYAN,an eminent merchant of Corke, to Miss EDWARDS, of Usher's Quay, a
young Lady of considerable Fortune.

Mr. John McCANN of Desart, County of Armagh, to Miss KING, of Mossfield, in
the County of Tyrone.

At Cootehill, Mr. John SMITH.

In George's-street, Miss Margaret McCARTHY.

Sat., 9 March 1765-Tues., 12 Mar 1765

Mr. John CONROY, of Usher-street, to Miss GANNON, of said Place.

Mr. John SMITH, of Dirty-lane, to Miss WALL, of Henry-street.

Mr. Timothy DONOVAN, of Kilmachla, to Miss Helena M'CARTHY.

A few Days ago at Corke, John SPITAL, Esq; Lieutenant-Colonel of the 47th
Regiment of Foot, commanded by Lieutenant-General Peregrine LASCELLES.

At Bath, James MOLESWORTH, Esq.; Lieutenant-Colonel of the 2d Regiment of
Foot, commanded by Major-General MONTAGUE, and Lieutenant-Governor of Corke.

In Fowne's-street, Capt. Thomas TICKEL.

In Anglesey-street, Mr. Terence McLAUGHLIN.

In Corke, Mrs. Barbara HEANY, Wife of Mr. John HEANY, Gent.

In Limerick, the Widow Letitia HAMILTON.

On Saturday last, in College Green, Mr. HARRIS.

The same Day in William-street, Mrs. SMITH, Wife of Mr. SMITH, cardmaker.

In Poolbeg-street, Mr. William REVELL, junior.

Last Week in James's-street, Mr. ENNIS, an eminent Brewer.

Last Monday in Hanover-street, Corke, suddenly, Mrs. WHEELER, supposed to be
occasioned by being in liquor. The Coroner's Inquest sat on the Body, and
brought in a Verdict, as above.

After a short Illness, Newman WHITE, Esq.

Yesterday evening after a short Illness, Mrs. SHIELDS, wife of Mr. John
SHIELDS, an eminent Mercer in Dame-street.

Tues., 12 Mar 1765-Sat., 16 Mar 1765

A few Days ago, Francis HUTCHINSON, Esq.; eldest Son of the Lord Bishop of
Killaloe, to Miss Elizabeth FRENCH, sister to Frederick FRENCH, Esq.; of
Woodtown, in the County of Galway.

A few Days ago, at Booterstown, near this City, Philip DOYNE, Esq.

In Stephen-street, Daniel SHARMAN, Gent., Sub-Sheriff of the County of

At his Seat at Springhill, in the Co. of Derry, George CONYNGHAM, Esq.

In an advanced Age, Mrs. GUNNE, Relict of Richard GUNNE formerly an eminent

Wednesday last, at her House in Dorset-street, Mrs. HAMILTON, Widow of the
late ---HAMILTON, Esq; of Strabane.

At his Lodgings on Temple-bar, Lieut. Duke BUTLER; he served his late and
present Majesty upwards of 30 Years.

At his Seat at Castlemary, Robert LONGFIELD, Esq.

Mrs. BRERTON, Relict of the Rev. Mr. BRERTON, and sister to the Lord Bishop
of Elphin.

Sat., 16 Mar 1765-Tues., 19 Mar 1765
A few Days ago on Temple-bar, Capt. William TURNER to Miss BRETT, of said

In Limerick, James BARRY of Rathcormack, Esq. to Miss GREEN.

A few Days ago, in an advanced Age, at his House in Back-lane, Mr. Samuel

In Limerick, Mrs. Mary TRAYLE, Wife of Mr. John TRAYLE.

Suddenly in Winetavern-street, Mr. John CHAMBERS, Grocer.

In Braithwaite-street, Mrs. STRONG, Wife of the Rev. Mr. STRONG, Minister of
Cook-street Meeting.

In Bray, Mr. Hugh TOOLE, Grocer.

At Kilcool, Mr. George BYRNE, Innkeeper.

Last Saturday at his House near Milltown, greatly lamented, Thomas VOKES,
Esq; Counsellor at Law.

On Friday 4th inst. at Kiltivan, in the County of Roscommon, Mrs. MAPOTHER.

Yesterday, aged 75, Mrs. Deliverance LONG, so called from her being born a
little before Time after the memorable Battle of Boyne, and Event truly
happy for the Protestants of this Kingdom. Her Death was occasioned by a
Fall into a projecting Cellar in Cole's-lane, near Britain-street last
Thursday Night, not three Doors from her Apartments. How carefully should
Churchwardens and other Parish Officers inspect into Nuisances of this kind
and have them immediately remedied to prevent Accidents of this fatal Nature
too frequently happening.

Faulkner's Dublin Journal
Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Tues., 19 Mar 1765-Sat. 23 Mar 1765

Sunday Mrs. SNOW, Wife of Sydenham SNOW, Esq; Council at law, of a daughter,
at his House in Anne-street.

Saturday, the Hon. Mrs. BROWNE, Wife of John BROWNE, Esq; sister to the Earl
of Charlemont, was safely delivered of a Son at his House in

Wednesday, Mr. Henry SHEPPARD, of Werburgh-street, Bookbinder, to Miss
Susannah HOWE, of Chequer-lane.

Thursday, Mr. Samuel POWELL, jun. Printer, to the agreeable Miss WILKINSON,
of Park-street, Niece to the late Mr. Abraham WILKINSON, Merch with a
Fortune of 1000, Saturday, by the Right Rev.the Lord Bishop of Kildare,
Capt. LADEVIZE of the Royal Regiment of Dragoons, to Miss DEJEAN, Niece to
the late Lieut.-Gen. DEJEAN.

Last Week in the Cathedral of Armagh, Mr. William M'CULLOH, to the agreeable
Miss Anne BARNES, of said Place.

Last Thursday, Henry Peasly L'ESTRANGE, Esq; son to Henry L'ESTRANGE, Esq.
of Maystown, King's County, to Miss CARLETON of Market Hill, in the County
of Fermanagh, a most agreeagble young Lady, with a Fortune of 12,000.

Lately in London, the Lady Sarah PONSONBY, Daughter of the Right Hon. the
Earl of Besborough.

On Temple-bar, Lieut. Henry WEMYS, descended of a noble Family, and a near
Relation of the Right Hon.the Countess of Brandon.

The Body of Thomas CONNEL, who with his Brother Patrick CONNEL was drowned
in Lough Corrib last January and whose body was only found a few Days ago,
was also found on Wednesday last, very near the Place where they perished.

Sat. 23 March 1765-Tues., 26 Mar 1765

At Limerick, Lieut. William WALLER, to Miss Arabella VOKES.

At Porto-Bello, Mr. Thomas CRANE, Hosier, to Miss Louisa MADDOCK.

Saturday last, Mr. LAPIER, formerly an eminent Grocer in Dame-street.

In James's-street, the Relict of the late Rev. Mr. JONES.

At his Seat at Shippool, Edward HERRICK, Esq.

In High-street, Mr. ASH, Shoemaker and second Master of that Corporation.

In Poolbeg-street, Mrs. BLANCHFIELD.

In Nassau-street, Miss Ann COOTE.

Tues. 26 Mar 1765-Sat 30 Mar 1765

Monday last in Waterford, the Lady of the Capt. Henry ALCOCK, of a Son, to
the great Joy of that antient Family.

At Kilmacow, the Wife of the Rev. Mr. CUFFE.

In Suffolk-street, the Relict of the late Dr. FORESIDE.

In London, Mrs. CIBBER, an Actress of distinguished Merit.

On Thursday, Mrs. LILL, Relict of that most useful and worthy Officer Mr.
LILL, of the Customhouse.

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