Faulkner's Dublin Journal
Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Sat., 1 June, 1765-Tues., 4 June 1765

In London, the Right Hon., the Countess of Corke and Orrery of a Son and

Last Week, Frederick FLOOD, Esq; Counsellor at Law, to Lady Juliana
ANNESLEY, Sister to the present Earl of Anglesey, at his Lordship's Seat,
Camolin Park, in the county of Wexford.

The Rev. Nicholas SPENCE to Miss KNOX.

Friday, Henry CLEMENTS, Esq; to Lady Betty SKEFFINGTON, Sister to the Right
Hon. the Earl of Massereene.

Tues., 4 June 1765 - Sat., 8 June 1765

Last Wednesday, Mrs. ST GEORGE, Lady of Richard ST GEORGE, of Athlone, Esq
and Member of Parliament for said Borough, was safely delivered of a Son and

At Tuam, George DARCY, Esq to Miss CHALLONER, at Mount Overen in the County
of Armagh.

Mr. Daniel M'DONALD, Gardiner, aged 18 to Miss Eleanor M'CASTEES, aged 84.
She behaved remarkably cheerful on that agreeable Occasion, being the third
Time of her assuming the Appellation of Wife.

Thursday, Mr. James WEYBOURNE, to the amiable Miss Kitty DOYLE a handsome

Sunday last, suddenly in his Chariot on his Way to the Country, Francis
BINDON, Esq, one of the best Painters and Architects this Nation has ever
produced. He was a most polite and well-bred Gentleman and Scholar, which he
improved by his Travels abroad.

At his Lodgings in Hoey's Court, Richard PALLISER, Esq., Counsellor at Law.

In Galway, the Rev. Dominick BROWNE, a worthy Roman Catholic Clergyman,
Parish Priest of Minlough and Clare Galway.

Sat., 8 June 1765-Tues., 11 June 1765
The Lady of John Jervis WHITE, Esq; Counsellor at Law, of a Son.

In London, Lord Percival, eldest Son of the Earl of Egmont, to Miss POWLET,
Niece to his Grace the Duke of Bolton.

Wednesday, last, Mr. Dermot BRENAN, of the Queen's County of Dublin, Esq.,
to Miss HOARE, of Cavendish-street.

At his Lodgings at Hampstead, England, Mr. James MacARDELL, Mezzotint
Engraver, a Native of Ireland, whose Abilities as an Artist are well known.

Mr. John HULEATT, Attorney and Clerk to the Hon. Mr. Justice ROBINSON.

At her House in Queen-street, the Relict of the last James DALY, of
Kilelagh, in the County of Westmeath, Esq.

In Bull-lane, the Relict of Mr. GREEN, Wine Cooper.

In Galway, Mrs. GILBRAITH, Wife of Mr. James GILBRAITH, one of the Sheriffs
of that Town.

Tues., 11 June 1765-Sat., 15 June 1765
Last Week, John FREKE, Esq. to the Right Hon. Lady Elizabeth GORE, Daughter
of the Earl of Arran.

A few Days ago, Mr. Thomas MURPHY, of Usher's Island, to Miss REILY of

Mr. John LeFEBURE, Attorney to Miss Jane FOX.

Mr. Rob SHAW, jun. of Clonmel, Apothecary, to Miss Anne PATTISON of Cashel.

A few Days ago, Nicholas BETTSON, Esq of Carlow to the amiable Miss Frances
BOWERS, eldest daughter of Molesworth BOWERS, Esq of Killscanlon, in the
County of Wexford.

Wednesday, Mrs. DEXTER, widow and Relict of Mr. John DEXTER.

In Corke, Mr. KEATING, an eminent Skinner and Glover.

Sat., 15 June 1765-Tues., 18 June 1765
At his Seat at Bunowen, County of Galway, aged 73, Edward GEOGHEGAN, Esq.

In Belfast, Mrs. BETTY, Wife of Mr. Thomas BETTY.

At Lisburne, Mr. Laughlin BYRNE, one of the officers in the Lagan

A few Days ago, at his House in Phrapper-lane, after a tedious
indisposition, Mr. Henry MAGILL, one of the Attornies of the Common Pleas,

Faulkner's Dublin Journal
Dublin, co. Dublin, Ireland
Tues., 18 June 1765 - Sat., 22 June 1765

Lately in London, Sir Brook BRIDGES, Bart. to Miss FOWLER, an Heiress of a
large Fortune.

Saturday last, at Ballycastle, in the County of Antrim in the 75th Year of
his Age, Hugh BOYD, Esq.

On Wednesday, suddenly, at Lurgan, Mr. Samuel HENDERSON, an eminent

A few Days ago, Miss HENSELL, Daughter of the Rev. Mr. HENSELL, Minister of

Sat., 22 June 1765 - Tues., 25 June 1765

Mr. Robert CARTER of Poorstown, in the County of Carlow, to Miss Susannah
HOARE, Daughter of Wm. HOARE, Tanner, of Tullow, in said County, with a
handsome Fortune.

In Limerick, Mr. Richard GOING, of Birdhill, to Miss WHITE.

A few Days ago, in Great Britain-street, the Right Hon. George FORBES, Earl
and Viscount of Granard, Baron of Clanehugh, one of his Majesty's Most
Honourable Privy Council and senior Admiral of the Navy. His Lordship
succeeded his Father, Arthur, 2 April 1737, and married the eldest Daughter
of Wm., the first Viscount of Mountjoy, and Relict of Phineas PRESTON, of
Ardsallagh, in the County of Meath, Esq; by which Lady, who died October 4
1758, he hath issue two Sons.

On Ormond-quay, Mr. EVANS.

On the 17th past, at Paris, Martin Trueshot DARCY, of the Co. of Galway,
Esq. He hath left the bulk of his Fortune to his Widow, a French Lady, and
considerable legacies to his Relations in France and Ireland.

Tues., 25 June 1765 - Sat., 29 June 1765

Mr. Edward WEBB, of Kilgobbin, to the Widow JOHNSTON, of Stillorgan both in
the County of Dublin.

Mr. Richard JONES, Goldsmith, to Miss MURRAY, of Hoey's Court.

On Tuesday last in London, Lord Viscount TORRINGTON to Lady Lucy BOYLE,
Sister of the Earl of Cork and Orrery.

On Wednesday, Thomas KINGSBURY, Esq; Counsellor at Law, to Miss BURSTON.

Mr. Wm. FENNEL of the County of Tipperary, at the Quaker's Meeting House, to
Miss Mary LUCAS.

Dominick TRANT, Esq; to the agreeable Mrs. BLENNERHASSET, Widow of Colonel
DEGG, and Judge BLENNERHASSET, at Dingly, in the County of Kerry.

In Corke, Mrs. Mary ROYNANE.

At Cellbridge, the Widow CARR.

Saturday, at 8 o'clock, James LYNCH, Esq., Son and Heir of Markes LYNCH, lat
of Gorracloone, aged 16.

Sunday night in Merrion-street, the Lady of Gen. DEJEAN.

Thursday Morning, in Dame-street, Mr. Timothy TURNER, Sen.  an eminent

Monday Night, one SAILLY, a Stone-Sawyer, fell into the Liffey and was

Sat., 29 June 1765 - Tues., 2 July 1765

Thursday last, in Bolton-street, Lieut. Wm. CULLIFORD, to Miss Anne
ROBINSON, daughter of the Rev. D. ROBINSON.

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