Freeman's Journal (Dublin) July 19 to July 23 1765

Capt. Thomas Browne, eldest son of Edmond Brown of Newgrove, in the County of Clare Esq., to Miss Westby, daughter of William Westby, Esq., late of High Park in the County of Wicklow.

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Faulkner's Dublin Journal
Dublin, co. Dublin, Ireland

Tues. 2 July 1765 - Sat. 6 July 1765

Thursday Night, the Countess of Egmont, of a Son, at the Earl's House in
Turnham Green, London.

Mr. John LYONS, of Redfoord, in the County of Kildare, to Miss Ann FORD, of
Abbotstown, in the County of Dublin.

Wednesday in Poolbeg-street, Mr. Andrew M'LAUGHLIN, an eminent Grocer.

Monday, Lewis NASH, of Farrilny, in the County of Corke, Esq; aged 85 Years.

Sat., 6 July 1765 - Tues. 9 July 1765

At Moore-Park, the Rev. Mr. MAHAN, to the Hon. Miss Catherine MOORE, second
daughter of Lord MOORE of Kilworth, with a large Fortune.

At Limerick, Mr. James GUTHRIE, to Miss TIERNEY, eldest Daughter of Mr.

Last Saturday, in Cavendish-street, James STEPHENS, of Borris-in-Ossory, in
the Queen's County, Esq. to Miss L'ESTRANGE,daughter of Henry L'ESTRANGE,
Esq with a Fortune of 3,000.

Same Day, Capt. Thomas BROWNE, eldest Son of Edmond BROWNE, of New-Grove, in
the County of Clare, Esq; to Miss WESTBY, Daughter of William WESTBY, late
of High Park, in the County of Wicklow, Esq.

A few Days ago, Mr. Walter WALSH, Master of the Globe Coffee House, to Mrs.
PRENDERGAST, of Ash-street.

Mr. Joseph ANDREWS, of Patrick-street, Currier, to Miss CURTIS, of

At Belfast, Mr. John GALT SMITH to Miss Jane JONES.

In Cork, Mrs. JOHNSON, the Relict of _ JOHNSON, of Flemingtown, Esq.

Lately at Mount-Cormick, County Mayo, Mrs. Anne CORMICK.

A few Days ago, at Dalkey, Mr. James DONNELLY, Farmer.

In Cole Alley, Meath-street, Mr. Garret HASSON.

At Porto-Bello, near Kevin's-port, Mr. William LEMAISTER, sen., an eminent
Cabinet-maker of George's-lane.

By a Fall from his Horse, Ambrose EVANS, Esq., one of the Aldermen of

Tues., 9 July 1765 - Sat., 13 July 1765
Mr. Michael BELLEW, of Usher's-quay, to the amiable Miss WELDON, of
Anderson's-court, whose smallest Accomplishment is a Fortune of 2,000.

A few Days ago, Mr. Richard BENNET, an eminent Merchant, to Miss Hannah
PEARSON, of Collinstown, in the County of Kildare.

Wednesday last, Mr. WITHAL, aged 78, to Mrs. CARGEY, of Chequer-lane, aged

In Corke, Mr. James WHITE, to Miss Sally WORNELL.

Mr. William WEBB, Merchant to Miss HILLIARD.

At Turin, in the County of Mayo, Anthony BLAKE, of Oldtore, in the County of
Limerick, Esq to Miss KIRWAN, of Dalgin.

In Limerick, Mr. James KEATING, Woollen-draper to Miss STRITCH.

At Tuam in the County of Galway, the Rev. RICHMOND, Curate of the Cathedral
in said Town.

At same Place, Mrs. Winifred PETTY.

In Corke, Mr. Dennis DONOVAN, an eminent Sail maker.

Sat., 13 July 1765 - Tues., 16 July 1765

Mr. Daniel GRAISBERY, Printer to Miss KENNEDY, with a handsome Fortune.

Lately, John DARCY, Esq of Corbetstown to Miss FETHERSTON, Daughter of John
FETHERSTON, Esq of Dardistown a considerable Fortune.

In Bow-street, Judge DARCY, of Grangebeg, Esq to Miss NUGENT, only Daughter
of Richard NUGENT, Esq of Robinstown Estate of 800 per annum.

Yesterday, Mr. Sobieski KING to Miss BURGESS, Daughter of the late Dr.
BURGESS, of St. Mark's Parish.

Last Monday, of a tedious Illness, at his Lodgings in Galway, Capt. HORN of
the 38th Regiment, on Duty there.

In Corke, Mrs. SPIRES, Wife of Thomas SPIRES, Esq.

In Limerick, Mrs. ALLY.

Tues., 16 July 1765 - Sat. 20 July 1765

On Wednesday last, at Stephen's Green, the Lady of the Hon. Capt. LEESON, of
a Son.

A few Days ago, Mr. Richard JOHNSON, of Snugborough, in the County of
Dublin, to the agreeable Miss CASSON, of Love's-grove, in said County.

Mr. Patrick ARMSTRONG to Miss Margaret GREEN.

Lieut. WARDLOW to Miss NUGENT, of Latin's-court.

Mr. Plato OULTON, of Cow-lane, Merchant to Miss BIJAR, of Abbey-street.

_BAYLEY, Esq to Miss DEVEREUX, of Bunclody.

In London, Capt. HALLARON, of Limerick.

Wednesday, in the 85th Year of his Age, Mr. Thomas BEAUMONT, of Summer-hill.

Mrs. BURKE, wife of William BURKE, of Ballydugan, in the County of Galway,

Mr. George PATTISON, of Cashel, Hosier.

On the 7th last, in London, Pooley MOLYNEUX SMITH, Esq of Lincoln's Inn,

On Saturday last, Master Fitzmaurice DOGHERTY, Son of the Rev. Mr. DOGHERTY,
of Slane.

In Mary-street, Mr. John MORRISON.

In Little Strand-street, Mr. CONNOR, Publican.

Sat., 20 July 1765-Tues. 23 July 1765
Saturday last, Mr. M'DONNELL, of the Merchants'-quay, Paper-maker, to the
agreeable Miss Frances WADE, of New-haggard, near Swords, with a handsome

The Rev. Mr. Richard FOWKE, of Shanrahan, in the County of Tipperary, one of
his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for said County.

In Corke, the Wife Mr. Charles McCARTHY, Merchant.

Friday last, at Summer-hill, Lady Viscountess Dowager LOFTUSS of Ely.

Tues., 23 July 1765-Sat., 27 July 1765
At Toulose, Francis BELLEGARD, Esq, one of his Most Christian Majesty's
Counsellors in the Parliament of Languedoc, and one of the Magistrates in
that City, to Miss Margaret REILLY, only Daughter of Myles REILLY, of
Dorset-street, Esq.

Thursday last, Benjamin JOHNSON, of Fleet-street to Miss Elizabeth BARTON,
of Suffolk-street.

In Eyrecourt, Mr. Thomas MILBANK, sen.

On Lazer's-hill, Mrs. SIMMS.

Sat., 27 July 1765-Tues., 30 July 1765
Mr. Edward BUTLER, Merchant, to Miss Catherine HICKEY.

Mr. PHELAN, an eminent Seedsman to Miss Elizabeth SUPPLE.

In Limerick, Mr. John KELLY, aged 94, the oldest Merchant of that City.

In Bridge-street, Mrs. COPPINGER, Relict of the late Mr. Thomas COPPINGER,

Mrs. SWINEY, Wife of Mr. SWINEY, Publisher of Cork Journal.

In Mary-street, Edw. BERTLES, of Ardnegrah, in the County of Westmeath, Esq.

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