Freeman's Journal (Dublin) Dec 3 to Dec 7 1765

Last week at his seat in the County of Clare Sir Edward O'Brien Bart. Knight of the shire for the County of Clare. He is succeeded in title and estate by his son now Sir Lucius O'Brien Bart.

Freeman's Journal (Dublin) Dec 10 to Dec 14 1765
Mr. William Eams of the County of Clare to Miss Hickey of the County of Kerry.

Freeman's Journal (Dublin) Dec 24 to Dec 28 1765

Mrs. Brown, wife of Edward Brown of Newgrove in the county of Clare, Esq.

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Faulkner's Dublin Journal
Dublin, co. Dublin, Ireland
Sat., 30 Nov. 1765 - Tues., 3 Dec 1765

The Lady of Thomas WALLER, of Castletown, in the County of Limerick, of a

Thomas THORNTON, of Snugborough, in the County of Cavan, Esq. to Miss
Dorothea FORSTER, daughter of Nicholas FORSTER, of Tullaghan, in the County
of Monaghan, Esq.

Mr. Patrick WHELAN, of James's-street, Cooper, aged 97, to the agreeable
Widow DERMOT, of the Lime-Kiln-Yard, Thomas-street, aged 83.

Mr. Benjamin LEWIS, an eminent Grocer in Nicholas-street, to the agreeable
Miss Elizabeth MORAN, of Rathfarnham.

Friday, Sir Edward O'BRIEN, Bart., at his Seat at Dromoland, who is
succeeded in Title and Estate by his elder Son, now Sir Lucius.

Saturday, Master ST. GEORGE, only Son of Lord ST. GEORGE.

At the Black-Rock, Mrs. SHANLEY, Wife of Mr. SHANLEY, Apothecary.

Lately in the County of Sligoe, and Diocese of Killala, the Rev. Thomas
VALENTINE, Vicar of Francford, in the 97th Year of his Age and 53d of his

Mrs. Agnes BLAKE, upwards of 80.

In Belfast, Mr. John PETTYCREW, Merchant and Mr. William GREG, sen.

Tues., 3 Dec 1765-Sat., 7 Dec 1765
Mr. Francis BURKE, of Drumgriffin to Miss Bridget BROWNE.

At Corke, Mr. James FRANKLAND, Master Cooper to Miss OLIVER.

In Corke, Mrs. TOWNSHEND, Wife of Richard TOWNSHEND, Esq. one of the Knights
of the Shire for the County of Cork.

Mrs. WRIGHT, Relict of Alderman George WRIGHT, of Limerick; and Mr. John
BULF, one of the Burgesses of that City.

In Abbey-street in the 69th Year of her Age, Mrs. Ann BOMFORD, Widow and
Relict of Stephen BOMFORD, Esq., late of Gallow, in the County of Meath.

In Drogheda, Mr. Francis KELL, Merchant.

At Philipstown, Mr. HOLIDAY, Son of the Rev. Mr. HOLIDAY.

In Fleet-street, Mr. CUNINGHAM, Taylor.

Sat., 7 Dec 1765 - Tues., 10 Dec 1765
Mr. William EAMS of Cowrin in the County of Clare to Miss HICKEY, Daughter
of Mr. William HICKEY, of the County of Kerry.

Last Week in Cork, Mr. HARMAN, Wife of Joshua HARMAN, an eminent Clothier.

Sunday, on Temple-Bar, Mrs. SINNOTT, Wife of Mr. SINNOTT, grocer.

Same Day on Temple-Bar, Mrs. WATSON.

At Mellmount in the County of Tyrone, Mrs. Mary ROUSSE, Wife of Mr. Simeon

Tues., 10 Dec 1765 - Sat., 14 Dec 1765
At her Father's, the Rev. Mr. GIFFORD's House in Galway, Mrs. EYRE, Wife of
Robert EYRE, of the 17th Regt. of Dragoons, of a Daughter.

Tuesday, Mr. Philip M'ARDALL, of Dorset-street, an eminent Herald-painter,
to Miss Charles, of Dolphin's-Barn-lane, with a Fortune of 800.

In Frederick-street, Miss Joyce KYAN.

At Delgenny, Mr. Andrew FARRELL, aged 107.

Sat., 14 Dec 1765- Tues., 17 Dec 1765
Wednesday Night, at their House in Hill-street, Berkeley-Square, London, the
Countess of SHELBURNE was safely delivered of a Son.

Charles O'CONOR, the younger, of Belangar, in the County of Roscommon, Esq.
to Mary DILLON, of Francis-street, Daughter of Mr. John DILLON, Merchant.

The Rev. Mr. Christopher HARVEY, of the County of Wexford to Miss Rachel
NIXON, daughter of Abraham NIXON, of County Wicklow, Esq.; deceased.

Mr. JONES, belonging to the Custom-house to Miss STONE.

Advice is received from Bordeaux, of the Death of Alderman WINTHROP,
formerly an eminent Merchant.

Tues., 17 Dec 1765-Sat. 21 Dec 1765

At Gowran, George BURDETT, Esq to Miss Jane FRIEND.

William ADAMS of Hoathstown, in the County of Meath, Esq to Miss REILY,
Daughter of Thomas REILY of Roebuck, in the County of Cavan, Esq.

Last Week, Mr. Christopher SWAN, of Garradice in the County of Meath, to
Miss Ann DARCY, of same Place.

In Galway, Robert FRENCH, of Ballinduff, in the County of Galway, Esq. one
of the oldest Justices of the Peace for said County, and an Alderman of this

At Newport in the County of Mayo, James MOORE, Esq. ; formerly Collector of
that Port.

At Ballingare, in the County of Westmeath, Mr. Samuel ROBINSON, an eminent
Linen and Diaper Weaver.

The Wife of the Rev. Alexander NOWLAND.

Mr. Thomas STOREY, only Son of the Rev. Joseph STOREY, of Gorey.

At Stephen's Green, Mr. Daniel RANALOW, Carver.

On Summer-hill, Mr. Marks FLOOD, Master of the Orange-Tree Tavern.

Sat., 21 Dec 1765-Tues., 24 Dec 1765
Near Raphoe, Mr. Thomas WALSH to Miss Anne BOSQUITT.

A few Days ago, Mr. Edward FLETCHER, Merchant to Miss WYNNE, Daughter of Mr
WYNNE, and eminent Bookseller


Mrs. BROWNE, late Wife of Edward BROWNE, of Newgrove, in the County of
Clare, Esq.

Tues., 24 Dec 1765 - Sat., 28 Dec 1765
Francis CRUMP, of Killarney, Esq to Miss Dorothy BLAND.

Mr. TRAVERS, to Miss TUCKEY, with a handsome Fortune.

On the Coomb, Mr. LEDWICH, Merchant.

In Dame-street, Mr. Thomas HOLMES, an eminent Glazier.

Sat., 28 Dec 1765 - Tues., 31 Dec. 1765
On the 19th inst. at Bath, the Lady of Captain Coote PURDON of a Son.

Mrs. BLAKE, Widow and Relict of Anthony BLAKE, late of Drum, in the County
of Galway, Esq., deceased.

Mrs. Elizabeth GASON, Wife of Richard GASON of Killoshallow, Esq.

At Bath, the 15th inst. Doctor William CARMICHAEL, Archbishop of Dublin and
Brother to the Earl of Hynford.

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