Freeman's Journal (Dublin) April 2 to April 6 1765

At Limerick, Crofton Vandeleur Esq., to Miss Alice Burton, daughter of Thomas Burton Esq., one of the Representatives in Parliament for the Borough of Ennis.

Freeman's Journal (Dublin) April 16  to April 20 1765
A few days ago at Fountain in the County of Clare, the wife of William Daxon, Esq.

Submitted by Declan

Faulkner's Dublin Journal
Dublin, co. Dublin, Ireland

Sat., 30 Mar. 1765 - Tues., 2 Apr 1765

Last Week, in Limerick, by the Rev. Dean MASSY, Crofton VANDELURE, Esq. to
Miss Alley BURTON, second Daughter of Thomas BURTON, Esq; one of the
Representatives in Parliament for the Borough of Ennis.

On Saturday 23d ult. James GLASCOCK, Esq, Clerk of the Frist Fruits, to Miss
Katherine JONES, Sister of Richard JONES, of Dollardstown, in the County of
Meath, Esq, Member of Parliament for Killibegs, and Niece to the late Mr.

A few Days ago, Mr. Joseph LEMON, of the County of Westmeath, to Miss FREND,
of Kildare-street.

In Limerick, Mrs. ORMSBY, Wife of Capt. ORMSBY.

A few Days ago, at Crosdony, in the County of Cavan, Miss Polly REILEY,
Daughter of Mr. John REILEY, of said Place.

In Castle-street, Mr. John HINDS, Cutler.

Thursday last, in Ransford-street, Mr. FRAYNE.

Sunday the 24th inst. at Clatterstown, in the County of Meath, Mrs. Frances
WILLS, Widow.

Tues., 2 Apr 1765 - Sat., 6 Apr 1765

In Belfast, Mr. William BROWN, to Miss MEREDYTH.

Sunday 7 - Night in London, Lord Viscounte COOTE.

Thursday of an apoplectic Fit, Lieut. Col. Richard GORGES, of the Earl of
Drogheda's Light Horse.

At Thomastown, Dominick M'DERMOTT, Esq.

At Ballinafin, in the County of Dublin, Mrs. Judith COOLEY, aged 116.

In Castle-street, Mr. Thomas WOOD, Tipstaff of his Majesty's court of the
King's Bench.

John DRIVER, a Saddler, was found murdered at his House in Pig-alley, near
Shandon Church; he was mangled in a shocking manner. The Coroner's Inquest
was held on his Body and brought in their Verdict, wilful Murder by the Wife
of the Deceased and other Persons unknown.

Sat., 6 Apr 1765 - Tues., 9 Apr 1765

Yesterday Evening, Mr. Peter SEGUIN, of George's-lane, Merchant, to Miss
BRYMER, of Capel-street.

A few Days ago, in Chequer-lane, the Widow BIBBY.

In Suffolk-street, Mr. ARTHUR.

In London, Capt. SAMUEL, late Commander of the Princess Royal, in the Dublin

Mr. Thomas CROOKS, of Vesentown, in the County of Meath.

At Longueville, near Mallow, aged 68 Years, John LONGFIELD, Esq.

At his House in Abbey-street, Robert STAPLES, Esq.

The House of Mr. WALSH at Mount Neale was wickedly set on fire by some
unknown Villains by which Mr. WALSH, his Wife and six Children were burnt to

On Saturday last William ENNIS, for Street Robbery, was executed near
Stephen's Green, pursuant to his Sentence.

Faulkner's Dublin Journal
Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Tues., 9 Apr 1765 - Sat., 13 Apr 1765

A few Days ago in Carlow, mr. James HERVEY, of Castle-street.

At Palacetown, near Kinsale, John WATKINS, Esq; who was several Years in the
Commission of the Peace.

At Youghal, Benj. GREEN, Esq.

In Cork, Mrs. DOWNS, Wife of Ensign DOWNS, and Daughter of _VOWELL, Esq.

Boyle TRAVERS, Jun. of Ballycurreen, Esq.

Mrs. HALY, Wife of John HALY, Esq, M.D.

Mrs. BOWEN, Relict of the late Rev. William John BOWEN.

In Bath, after a tedious Illness, the Hon. Lieut. Gen. Thomas FOOKE. He was
an Officer in the Army upwards of 60 Years.

On Tuesday last, _ M'KITRICK, of Copper-alley, Glover, 60 Years old, was
taken out of the Liffey, near Ormond-bridge. The Coroner's Inquest brought
in their verdict, wilful Murder by Persons unknown, he having several wounds
on him.

Sat., 13 Apr 1765 - Tues. 16 Apr 1765

Suddenly, about 2 O'Clock, after a short Illness of two Days, in the 79th
Year of his Age, the most Rev. Dr. Charles COBBE, Lord Archbishop of Dublin.
He was educated at Winchester, and then at Trinity College, in the
University of Oxford. He came into Ireland Chaplain to Charles, Duke of
Bolton, Lord Lieutenant, in August 1717.

Last Week, in Jervais-street, Mr. Brindley NIXON, Grocer.

Mr. LINDSAY, Distiller.

Mrs. BODKIN, Wife of Robert BODKIN, of Annagh, in the County of Galway, Esq.

Stephen EYRECOURT, in the County of Galway, Esq., who having been cut for
the Stone in Paris, fell into a Fever, of which he died in two Days.

At Limerick, suddenly, Mr. James STRETCH, Hearth-money Collector of Galway.

At Ballybough-bridge, Mr. Henry WOODS, an eminent Gardener.

Last Week, the Hon. Edward WINGFIELD, second Son to Lord POWERSCOURT.

Sunday Evening, Mrs. DUNBAR, Lady of George DUNBAR, Esq; Member of
Parliament for Gowran, and Sister to Welbore ELLIS, Esq.

Tues., 16 Apr 1765 - Sat., 20 Apr 1765

The Rev. Mr. Henry WRIGHT, to Miss Martha HIGINBOTHAM.

At Ross, Lieut. William GLASCOTT, to Miss Arabella STEVENS.

At Stephen's Green, after a lingering Illness, Mrs. HAMILTON, Wife of the
Rev. Mr. Cary HAMILTON, and Daughter of the late Lord Bishop of Raphoe.

A few Days ago at Athy, Mrs. FITZGERALD, Wife of Mr. FITZGERALD.

On Cork-hill, theWife of Mr. Loftus HOGAN, Chandler.

In an advanced Age, Mr. John PHELAN, of Usher's-quay.

Tues., 23 Apr 1765 - Sat., 27 April 1765

A few Days ago, Capt. John CARDEN, of the Marquis of Granby's Regiment of
Artillery, on the English Establishment, to Miss DISNEY, Daughter of Moore
DISNEY, Esq., Counsellor at Law.

At Longford, Thomas WEBSTER, Esq. to Margaret, Daughter of John AGNEW, late
of the 8th Regiment of Dragoons, Niece of Lieut. General Sir Andrew AGNEW,
Bart. and Grand Daughter of the late Earl of Eglinton.

At Maralin, in the County of Downe, John WARING, Esq to Miss STOTHARD,
eldest Daughter of the late John STOTHARD, Esq.

At Mallow, in the County of Cork, Mr. Ringrose ATKINS, to Miss BROOKS,
coheiress and Daughter of Philip BROOKS, of Mallow, Esq.

Lately at Jamaica, Mr. John DOWLING, son of Mr. John DOWLING,
Timber-Merchant, in Back-lane.

In Whitefryars-street, Mrs. Hannah HANDY, Widow.

In West Arran-street, Mr. John DANIEL, an Upholder and Auctioneer.

In King-street, Oxmantown, Miss Eleanor MURRAY.

On Thursday, in Chequer-lane, Mr. Richard MORGAN, an eminent Stone-cutter.

In Limerick, Mrs. TAYLOR, Relict of the late Councillor Anselm TAYLOR.

At Seamount, in the County of Cork, George ROE, of Roesborough, in the
County of Tipperary, Esq.

Last Week, Mr. James TOWNSHEND, Jun. of Tullacane, in the County of Meath,
was unfortunately killed by a Fall from his Horse, near Trim.

Sat., 27 Apr 1765 - Tues., 30 Apr 1765

Last Friday, the Lady of Rich. BALDWIN, the Younger, Esq; was safely
delivered of a Son at his House in Molesworth-street.

Same Day, of a Son, Mrs. BUTLER, Lady of Thomas BUTLER, Esq, Member of
Parliament for the County of Carlow.

At Belfast, Edward COURTENAY, of Newry, Esq to Miss Jane CARLILE, of same
Place a handsome Fortune.

In Cork, William BLENNERHASSET jun. of Tralee, Esq to Miss JOHNSON, Daughter
of the late Mr. Nath. JOHNSON, of this City, with a Fortune of 800.

A few Days ago, at his House near Piccadilly, aged 93, John BUTLER, Esq, a
distant Relation to the Duke of Ormond. He was a Captain of Horse in Queen
Anne's Wars, and lost an arm in the famous Battle of Blenheim.

On Saturday last, at Sandymount, in the County of Wicklow, Richard GORE,

On Sunday, Mrs. GARTSIDE, Wife of Mr. GARTSIDE, an eminent Woolen-draper in

In Carlow, John BROWN, Esq.

By Capt. Dennis TOOLING who arrived last Monday from Ferrol, we have an
Account, that John PERRY, Master of the George and Anne of this port was
murdered with two Boys by the Hands.

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