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The Public Register or Freeman's Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, October 2, 1764


     John Beasley of Chamber-street, Esq. is appointed one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace of the County of Dublin.
     Sept. 26] Upwards of 60 Convicts, under the Rule of Transportation, were brought to the Market-house in Thomas-street, where they signed Indentures and are to be shipped for his Majesty's Plantations in America.
     Yesterday Alderman Benjamin Gale was sworn into the Office of Lord Mayor of this City, and Robert Montgomery and Henry Hart, Esqs were sworn Sheriffs for the Year ensuing.
     John Jebb, Esq; was sworn Mayor; William Gibbons and Henry Ackland, Esqs. were sworn Sheriffs of the County of the Town of Drogheda, for the ensuing Year.
     Same Day, George Carleton, Esq; was elected senior Master, and Mr. Walter Nugent, junior Master, Mr. Richard French and Mr. David Ribbton, Wardens of the Guild of Merchants, for the ensuing Year.
     DEATHS] In Kevan-street, of a tedious Indisposition, Mr. Patrick Lock, an eminent Cooper - Nathaniel Alexander Esq; Alderman of Londonderry - At Donerail, Robert Furnel, Esq;

The Public Register or Freeman's Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, October 6, 1764

DUBLIN, October 3

     John Bourke, junior, Esq; member for the borough of Naas, is elected Sovereign of that corporation.
     Mr. Andrew Goodwin of Skinner-row, was elected master and Mr. Richard Williams, of Castle-street, was elected warden of the corporation of goldsmiths for the ensuing year.
     Sept. 30] In the evening, the shop of Mr. Murphy, shoemaker, in Dame-street, was robbed of shoes, &c to the amount of about 20l.
     The Kildare, M'Culloh, sailed for Parkgate, with a large cargo of linen, and several dealers in that commodity, in order to attend a Chester fair.
     MARRIED] A few Days ago, John Browne, Esq; to Miss Margaret Empson of Clonee in the County of Tipperary - Mr. John Torpy of Nenagh, to Miss Brien of Lower Ormond - Mr. Hogan, Mariner, to Miss Kitty Barret of Cork. - At Ballinakil, Mr. Thomas Hanks of Birr, Tanner, to Miss Elizabeth Thomson. - Mr. Meaghan of Castlepollard, to the Widow Elliott, of Meath-street. - Mr. John Courtney to the agreeable Miss Duffey of Ne?-street - Mr. John Gaffney, to Miss Biddy Slator of Harold's-cross.
     DIED] A few Days ago in Ballyboy, John Luther, Esq; one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace - At Birr, Mr. Pat Wall - In Galway, Mr. Charles Simcockes [or Simcookes], Revenue Officer - In George's lane, the Wife of Mr. Turner, Shoe-maker. - At Windy harbour near Milltown, Mrs. Dempsey, wife of Mr. Daniel Dempsey - In Skinner-row, Mrs. Duggan a confectioner - Sunday last at Leixlip, Mr. Gaynor, a man of a very fair character, and whole death is greatly lamented. - Deservedly lamented, in Mary's-Abbey, Patrick Horith, Esq; Surveyor of Ballydoyle.
     Thursday the 18th Instant being Swearing Day of the Corporation of Cutlers, Painters, Stainers and Stationers, the Free Electors, or Minority, of said Guild, are requested to Dine together on said Day, at the Carteret's Head in Castle-street, where they will meet a Number of their Brethren, who have dissented from the Majority in some late Proceeding.
     Friday the 19th Instant, being Quarter Assembly Day, the Free Citizens will Dine together as usual, at the Phoenix Tavern in Werburgh-street.

The Public Register or Freeman's Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, October 9, 1764


     Oct. 4th] Mr. David Murray was elected Vestry-Clerk of St. Mary's Parish, in the Room of Mr. Richard Wheeler, deceased.
     Col. Hale's Regiment of Light Dragoons, arrived in Town from the North, on their Route to the Counties of Kilkenny and Waterford, to join the Earl of Drogheda's Light Hors, in order to quell the Rioters in those Parts.
     His Majesty has been pleased to appoint the Hon. Col. Carpenter, of the second Troop of Horse Guards, to be Col. of the 12th Regiment of Dragoons, on the Irish Establishment, in the room of Hon Colonel Hervey, promoted.
     The Incorporated Society in Dublin, for promoting English Protestant Schools in Ireland, have received Advice from Mr. Cole, Secretary to the Corresponding Society in London, that William Domville, late of the Parish of St. George, Hanover-Square, in the County of Middlesex, Esq; deceased, had bequeathed to the Society a Legacy of Two Hundred Pounds.
     MARRIED] Mr. Arthur Swinfield of Rathdrum, in the County of Wicklow, to Miss Elizabeth Willis of said Place.- Mr. William M'Donnell of the Bull's Head Inn at Ballyroan in the Queen's County, to Miss Murphy, Sister of Garret Murphy, Esq; deceased. - The Rev. Dr. Daniel Sandford, in the Church of Glasnevin, to Miss Chapone,  - In the Cathedral Church of Armagh, Mr. Robert Barnes, to Miss M'Cullough - Robert Lownds, of Tainnamoney, Esq; to Miss Stafford of Colerain. - Richard Johnston, Esq; of Gilford, in the County of Down, to Miss Alexander of Mary's-Abbey.
     DIED.] At Bath, John Lord Trevor, Baron of Bronham, and F.R.S. His Lordship leaving no Issue Male, his Title and Estate descend to his Brother, the Hon. Robert Hampden, Esq; Postmaster-General, now Lord Trevor. - In London, Mrs. Mary Waring, Wife of Folliot Waring in the County of Kilkenny. - The Reverend Dr. Ellis, Minister of St. Catherine's. - At Lisburn in the County of Antrim, of a lingering Indisposition, Mr. John Handcock, a very extensive Linen Merchant. - At Fermoy, in the County of Corke, William Forward, Esq; - In Castle-street, Mr. Edward Griffith, one of Mess. Latouche's Clerks, a young Man of an exceeding good Character. - Lately at Liverpoole, Mrs. Magee, Wife of Mr. Magee, who was her tenth Husband. - In Trinity College, of a Fever, the Rev. Mr. John Williamson, A.M. and Curate of St. Paul's; a young Gentleman of distinguished Learning and whole social Virtues endeared him to all who had the Pleasure of his Acquaintance, which renders his Loss most sincerely regretted.
     Assize of the Twelvepenny Houshold Loaf 11lb. 9oz. 4dr. - The middle Price of Wheat being 1l. 17s. the Quarter. - The Meal-man is to fell 16lb 3oz of Wheaten-meal for a Shilling.

     WHEREAS the frequent Loss of Ships on the Coast, near the Entrance of the Bay of Dublin, has been considered as chiefly owing to the want of proper Charts; and the Committee of Merchants of the City of Dublin having approved of the Proposals of Mess. Scale and Richards, for making a Survey and publishing a Chart of the Coast from Wicklow Head to Skerries, Notice is hereby given that the same will speedily be carried into Execution in the best Manner, under the Sanction and Encouragement of said Committee, and Subscriptions are taken in for this useful and necessary Work by Sir Edward Newenham, Tho. Blair, Esq; in Fleet-street, Theoph. Thompson, Esq; and Mess. William and Thomas Barcroft on the Batchelor's-Walk, Mess. Rob and Alex Jeffray in Eustace-street, and by Mr. Chr. Decy, Secretary to said Committee, who will be answerable for the Subscription money which shall be paid them, or for the Delivery of the Charts in due Time to the Subscribers.

     JOHN SEATON, Grocer,
     (Formerly of Strand-street,)
BEGS Leave to acquaint his Friends and the Publick, that he now carries on the Grocery Business, by Wholesale and Retail on Ormond-quay, four Doors from Jervis-street, where he hopes for the Interest of his Friends and former Customers.

     WILLIAM TOOLE, Grocer,
IS removed from Francis-street to the House where the Bishop of Derry lately lived, in George's-lane, and carries on the Grocery and Wine Business, &c, &c, in an extensive Manner as usual. He returns his most grateful Thanks to his Friends and the Publick for favouring him with their Commands; the Countenance of which he will always endeavour to merit, by selling the best Goods as cheap as possible.

     Owen Gallagher,
Master of the Custom-House Coffee-House in Essex-street,
HAS, by the Advice of many of his Friends, opened a new Coffee-Room, in the next House, up one Pair of Stairs, where Gentlemen will be supplied, as usual, with Tea, Coffee and Chocolate, every Day;
     And has likewise fitted up his late Coffee-Room in the most Elegant Manner for 
     Said GALLAGHER takes this Opportunity of returning his most sincere Thanks to the Public for their former kind Encouragement and hopes, by his Assiduity and Care in this his new Undertaking, and having every Article the best in their Kinds, to merit the Continuance of their Favour and Friendship.
     N.B. A cold Larder every Day, and Punch and Wine as usual.

The Public Register or Freeman's Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, October 13, 1764


     Last Friday night between 11 and 12 o'Clock, two Robbers broke into the Apartments of Mr. Peter Esperiot, at the Wooden Man in Essex-street, clapped Pistols to his Head, threatened to blow his Brains out, and robbed him of a Silver chased Watch made by Dunlap, of London, with a SilverChain and Steel Key, a Pair of Silver Buckles, a Case and two odd Pistols, mounted with French Plate, and a considerable Sum of money out of his Breeches and Drawers - John Nowland, formerly a Constable, hath had Examinations made against him on Suspicion.

     Monday, Oct. 8] Miss Bridget Slator, renounced the Errors of the Romish Religion at St. Bridget's Church.

     MARRIED.] Mr. John Hicks of G?at-Alley, Cabinetmaker, to Miss Read of Little Cuff-street. -- Mr. Thomas Hanks of Birr, to Miss Elizabeth Thompson, of Balinakill.-- At Corke, Mr. John Barry, of Ballymoder, to Miss Elizabeth Leech, of said Place.-- A few Days since, at Powderham Castle in Devonshire, England, the Rev. Mr. Lock, to Miss Clack, Sister to Lady Courtney.-- At Maryborough, Mr. James Graves to Miss Frances Fitzgerald.-- Mr. Walter Bullfinch, of Cloness in the County of Monaghan, Gauger, to Miss Jane Evatt of said Place.

     DIED] In London, Dorothy Moyce, an old Irishwoman, who had kept, for many Years, a Twopenny-lodging-House in Newtoner's-Lance, St. Giles; after her Death, near 1800 Guineas were found in her Apartments, great Part of which she had acquired by letting out Money, in small Sums, to Market People.-- The Rev. John Brandreth, Dean of Emly, and Rector of Kilmore.-- Samuel Mills, of Ternis, in the County of Kildare, Esq.-- At Cumminstown, in the County of Westmeath, Essex Edgeworth, Esq.-- In Phrapper-lane, Mr. James Connor, Innkeeper.-- At Athy, the Wife of Mr. Evans, Attorney.-- On Ormond-Quay, aged 70, Mrs. Elizabeth Moore.-- Near Kensington (London) aged 94, Robert Godfrey, Esq., who was a Captain of Horse at the Battle of the Boyne, under King William III.-- In George's-lane, much lamented, Mr. James Rothery, an eminent Stone-cutter.--In College-street, Mrs Mary Butler.-- In Grafton-street, Mrs. M'Naghten, Wife to Barth. M'Naghten, Esq;--In Watling-street, Mr. Waddick, jun, Skinner.-- At Veinstown, near Down, of a lingering Disorder, which bore with great Patience and Religion, Mrs. Carson, Wife of Robert Carson, Attorney.-- In Back-lane, Mr. Maurice Fitzgerald, aged 77, formerly an eminent Shoemaker in New-Row Thomas Street; a Man of a fair and unblemished Character.

TO BE LET, from the 25th Day of March next, The LANDS of BALLENDERRY, containing about 250 Acres, on which is a good Dwelling House, &c. within half a Mile of Mullingar.- Said Lands are well supplied with both Fire and Water. Those who are inclined to treat for the same, or any Part, may apply to William Osbrey, Iron-monger, Dame-street, who if desired, will keep Proposals secret.-- Letters Post shall be answered.
    Dublin, Sept. the 28th, 1764.
    N.B. Said Osbrey will take an Apprentice to the Iron-mongers Business.

The Public Register or Freeman's Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, October 16, 1764


MARRIED.] A few Days ago, Mr. Derham, to Miss Margaret Pentney of the County of Meath.-- Mr. Edward Gore, to Miss Sarah Grumley of Clarendon-market.-- Mr. Byrne, an eminent Writing-Master, to Miss Owens of Abbey-street.

DIED.] A few Days ago, on Ormond-Quay, Mrs. Jackson.-- In Little-Cuff-street, Capt. Lasusell.-- In Cole's-Alley, Castle-street, Mrs. Lampre.-- In Corn-Market, Mr. Daniel Sullivan, many Years an eminent Singer.

The Public Register or Freeman's Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, October 20, 1764


We hear from Wexford, that Major Joshua Nunn was elected Mayor of that Town, Bostock Radford, Esq; the Rev. Archdeacon Hentson, Bailiffs, and William Kearny, of Jews-Bridge, Receiver.

We are also informed that one Devereux, who was sentenced to be hanged at said Place, has got off with Transportation.

We hear that James Warren, Gent., is appointed Surveyor of Balldoyle, in the room of Mr. Horith, deceas'd.

Thursday, Oct. 11] The Freedom of the Corporation of Smiths, in full Hall assembled, was unanimously voted to Sir Edward Newenham, late High Sheriff for the County of Dublin, in Consideration of his discharging that important Office with Spirit, Honour and Impartiality.

As Mr. Michael Hynes of Michael's-lane, Taylor, was returning to Town, he was unfortunately thrown from his Horse, on the Road near Cursis-stream, and was so dangerously hurt that he died in a few Hours after.

Letters Patent are preparing to be passed under the Great Seal of this Kingdom, containing a Grant unto James Dennis, Esq; of the Place and dignity of his Majesty's 3d Serjeant at Law.

George Glover, Esq; Surveyor of Dunleary, seized a smuggling Wherry, wherein was one Tun and a half of Tea.

Being Quarter Day of the Corporation of Barber Surgeons, the Freedom thereof was unanimously voted to Alderman William Forbes, late Lord Mayor of this City, and to William Brien, and Francis Booker, Esqrs. late High Sheriffs; also to James Shiel, Esq; Counsellor at Law.

At Night Richard Warren, at the Sun in Black Pitts, was taken by a Party of the Guards, for assaulting and desperately wounding, in a most barbarous and shocking Manner, a young Man on the Comb, the 8th of September last.

MARRIED.] A few Days ago, at Cork, Riggs Faulkiner, Esq; to Miss Maturin, Daughter of the late Rev. Dean Maturin.-- Mr. Dennis Lenehan, Linen-Draper, in Bride-street, to Miss Harford of said Street.-- In Wexford, Dr. Abraham Jacob, belonging to the Queen's Royal Regiment of Foot, to Miss Tool of that Town.-- Mr. Reily Towers, Son of Mr. John Towers, Gold and Silver Lace-man on Cork-hill, to Miss Anne Brush, daughter of the Rev. Mr. James Brush, near Dromore.

DIED.] A few Days ago, at Higginstown in the County of Westmeath, Samuel Lowe, Esq; Member for the Borough of Clogher in the County Tyrone, and one of the Commissioners of Appeals.-- The Relict of ___ Morris, of the County of Kerry, Esq; -- At Rathcool, Mr. Roger Moore, formerly an eminent Brewer in James's-street.-- In Aungier-street, aged 75, Henry Williams, Esq;-- In Peter's-Row, Mrs. Andrews, only Daughter of Christopher Nicholson, of Balrath in the County of Meath, Esq;-- At Wexford, the Widow Clifford, she left a large Fortune to her Son Henry.

FRANCIS PARVISOL, who obtained several Premiums from the Hon. the Dublin Society, removed from Skinner's-row to the West Side of Parliament-street, next House but one to Cork-hill, has opened a Hat Ware-House, where he manufactures as usual, and sells all Kinds of Clergymens, Gentlemens, and Ladies Hats, which are equal in every Respect to any imported; having since his Commencement in Trade, used his utmost Efforts to excel in his Business, he humbly apprehends he has so far succeeded, as not at this Day to require an Advertisement, did not his Removal make it necessary; He has employed several of the best Hands for manufacturing and cocking, and, having settled a Correspondence in London, he will be constantly supplied with the newest Fashions; he has also furnished himself with a great Variety of Feathers for Ladies Hats, which he will sell for the smallest profit; He begs Leave to return his sincere Thanks to the Nobility, Gentry and others, who have hitherto honoured him with their Commands, and hopes by his unwearied Endeavours, to merit a Continuance of their Favour.-- N.B. As he imports all his own Materials, he will be enabled to give great Encouragement to those who buy to sell again.

The Public Register or Freeman's Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, October 23, 1764


About eight o'Clock at Night, two Men, armed, came to Mr. Connolly, who keeps a publick House at Ballina-flinging Hill, in the Country of Dublin, and after calling for some Ale, insisted on lodging there that Night, as it was too late to come to Dublin, which Mr. Connolly agreed to; and about One o'Clock in the Morning the Villains got up, and tied Mr. Connolly, his Wife, and Child, and afterwards robbed the House of six Guineas and some Wearing Apparel, with which they made off, and left them tied.

Being St. Luke's Day, Doctor Barber was elected President, Doctor Nesbitt, Treasurer, Doctors Ferral, Quin, Barry and Archer, Censors, and Doctor Hamilton, Register, of the King's and Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland, for the Year ensuing.

Extract of a Letter from Waterford, Oct. 17
     "Yesterday an Account came here, that on Monday Night last, about Eight o'Clock, as Cornet Armstrong and his Servant were riding through the Town of Nenagh, they were both shot dead, without its being known by whom this villanous Act was perpetrated: But it is supposed, as Mr. Armstrong belonged to the Light Horse, it was by some of the White Boys."

MARRIED.] On Thursday last, Mr. James Black, of Ormond-Quay, Merchant, to Miss Ann Spear of Caple-street, a young Lady possessed of Endowments that must secure their mutual Happiness.-- Capt. Henry Shaw of Kildare-street, to Miss Waring, of Ballytober in the County of Kilkenny.-- At Kinsale, Mr. Dewhurst of Liverpool, to Miss Smith.-- At Lowgrange in the County of Kilkenny, William Greene, of Kilmanahane in the County of Waterford, to the only Daughter and Heir of Nuttal Greene, Esq.; with a Frotune of 900l. per Ann.-- Mr. John Gilmore of Strand-street, Taylor, aged 54, to Miss Buchannon, of Colloghymore, near Raphoe, aged 28.

DIED.] Near Monyglass, the Widow Jones.-- In Meeting-house-yard, the Wife of Mr. William Forster, an eminent Shoemaker. -- At Castletown in the King's Co. Vans Wetheralt, Esq; a Gentleman of a fair Character. -- In Francis-street, Mr. John Moreton an eminent Grocer. -- At Corke, Mr. Samuel Dawson, Shoe-maker.-- At Allenton in the County of Dublin, Miss Isaac, Sister to the Lady of Sir Timothy Allen.-- In Jervais-street, the Hon. John Caulfeild, Esq; one of the Representatives in the late Parliament for the Borough of Charlemont, in the County of Armagh; Brother to the late Lord Viscount, and Uncle to the present Earl of Charlemont; a Gentleman of distinguished Worth and Virtue. -- At his Lodgings on Temple-bar, universally lamented, John Fitzpatrick, Esq., Counsellor at Law.

The Public Register or Freeman's Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, October 27, 1764


Mr. John Whelan read his Recantation from the Errors of the Church of Rome, and embraced the Protestant Religion at Clondalkin Church.

Oct. 22] Edward Ware, a Trooper, was tried and found guilty of the Murder of Jane Sedden in Flood-street, on the 23d of July last, and ordered for Execution.

MARRIED.] A few Days since, Henry Irwin, of Rockborough in the County of Roscommon, Esq., to Miss Margaret Irwin, Niece to Wentworth Thewles, Esq; a most amiable and accomplished young Lady, with 3000l. Fortune. -- Dr. Dempsey of Kildare to Miss Broughall of said Town.

DIED.] A few Days ago, at Ardress in the County of Armagh, the Rev. Henry Clarke, D.D., possessed of a considerable Living in the Presentation of Trinity-College, of which he was formerly Vice Provost; a Gentleman of singular Piety, Learning and Benevolence.-- In Peter-street, Miles Burke, Gent. -- At Corke, aged 105, Mrs. Pelican. And the Wife of Mr. Samuel Kearden.-- Mrs. Jane Lowther, Relict of George Lowther, late of Kilbrew in the County of Meath, Esq.; aged 70.

The Public Register or Freeman's Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, October 30, 1764


Hugh Hill, Esq; late Collector of Strangford, is appointed Collector of Londonderry, in the Room of Robert Harrison, Esq; who hath resigned.

Oct. 24 ] Mr. Sheriff Hart, attended by the City Officers, inspected the several Markets and ins his Progress seized a Quantity of unsound Beef, Mutton and Pork, which were burned on Ormond-Quay. And last Saturday he visited the Markets again, and seized a Quantity of light Bread and unsaleable Meat, which were distributed to the Poor.

26.] At an Adjournment of the Quarters Sessions, Dan. M'Kenzie, a Serjant, in the 59th Regiment, was found Guilty for assaulting Mr. James Hodson, as set forth in this Paper of the 3d of July last. He was fined one Mark, and sentenced to one Month's Imprisonment in Newgate. But on M'Kenzie's begging Mr. Hodson's Pardon in Court, the latter, humanely interceded for him to the Court, to have his Sentence mitigated, when the Court was pleased to reduce the Fine to Six-pence, and his Imprisonment to one Week. - It were to be wished that every Citizen would with equal Spirit and Candour, support the Peace of this City, and maintain the Civil Power. To the Honour of Mr. Hodson, we mention it, that in Court he declared, "His Motive for carrying on this Prosecution was not from any personal Resentment to the Prisoner, but to deter others from disturbing the Peace of the city, and to caution every Order of Men, not to insult the Citizens." And indeed his Conduct has manifested his Intentions.

William Kirwan and Anne Sexton were tried and found guilty, at the Commission of Oyer and Terminer, for robbing Peter Malone in Poolbeg-street, and received Sentence of Death.

On Saturday last, Michael Lennen, late Servant to Mr. Joseph Rawlins, of Francis-street, was found guilty of robbing his Shop of Goods.

BIRTH.] Last Thursday, the Lady of John Rochfort, jun, Esq, a Son.

MARRIED.] A few Days ago, John Conry of Portahello, in the County of Roscommon, Esq. to Miss Mary Farrell of Lougherrill, in the County of Leitrim.-- Mr. Thomas Craige, of Kennedy's-Lane, to Miss Moore, of Temple-Lane.-- Mr. Barry, of Strand-Street to Miss Boyle, of the Blind-Quay, with a Fortune of 600l.

DEATHS.] Died lately near Tuam, after a short illness, the Rev. Mr. Hector Middleton.-- In Caple-Street, Madame Giordani, Mother of the celebrated Signiora Spiletta.

By the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor of the City of Dublin.

     WHEREAS great Numbers of idle Vagabonds and vagrant Beggars, of both Sexes, with a Number of clamorcus Children, are observed to strole about the Streets, and this City is become the common Receptacle of Objects, disfigured and frightful, as well as pretending to be miserable, from all Parts of the Kingdom. And whereas, upon Application to the Governors of the Work-house of this City, they have granted out of their Fund a Supply, for maintaining and employing in Bridewel such Beggars as shall be apprehended and sent thither by my Order, which is now fitted up for their Reception; and all Children of such Beggars will be received into the Work-house, in order to be bred up Protestants, and to Industry. In order to carry the said Scheme effectually into Execution, I do hereby require and command all Constables of this City, Beadles and Constables of the several Parishes of this City, from and after the 10th of November next, to seize upon and take up all Beggars of both Sexes and of all Ages, who shall be found begging and asking Alms in any Part of this City without Badges; and all Shoe-boys and idle vagrant Persons, who shall not betake themselves to Labour, and have no visible Way of getting a Livelihood, and bring them before me, so as they may be committed to Bridewel, and be kept to hard Labour; and I hereby command all such Beggars, &c. to depart from this City before the said Day, for if any be found begging after, they shall be punished with the utmost Rigour of the Law. And as such Beggars are injurious to the Inhabitants of this City, and as the Law has directed and enabled every Housekeeper and Inhabitant of this City, to command the Beadle and Constable of his Parish, under the Penalty of Twenty Shillings, to seize and take up such Beggars. I require that every Housekeeper and Inhabitant, but more particularly the Church Wardens, Sidesmen, and Directors of the Watch, in the several Parishes of this City, will give their Assistance to the Execution of this good Design, and return to me the Names of such Beadle or Constable as shall refuse to obey their Commands in Execution of the same, that I may punish them accordingly.
     Given at the Tholsel Chamber, the 20th Day of October, 1764.

                                                           BENJAMIN GEALE.

                             [God Save the King.]


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