Ireland Old News

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, May 1, 1764


     Limerick, April 26. Last Tuesday was married Lieut. Col Nesbitt, of Col. Owen's Regiment, to Miss Leslie, Daughter of Robert Leslie, Esq; with a Fortune of 1?00l.
     Cork, April 26. Yesterday, his Majesty's Ship Hind of 20 Guns, Capt. M'Claverty, sailed out of the Harbour for Plymouth.
     Tuesday and Yesterday, Lambton's Trapaud's and Gordon's Regiments embarked on board Lighters, to go on board the Men of War destined for the West-Indies; they embarked in the highest Spirits imaginable.
     We hear from Clonmell, that Mr. Jeffery Val. Prendergast was found dead in his Bed last Tuesday Morning.
     MARRIAGES.] Monday last, at Shandon Church, Mr. Jonathan Ahern, to Miss Rachel Teed of the North Abbey.--Mr. Dennis Moran to Miss Kitty Love, of the Coal-quay.--Capt. Phillip Jeffrey to Miss Hurly of Pope's Quay.

    Mr. Thomas Harvey was sworn Master; Messrs William Clarke and George Odell, Wardens of the Corporation of Tallow Chandlers for the ensuing Year.
     Yesterday being Quarter Day of the Guild of Merchants, the Election came on for a Common Councilman, Room of Mr. William Edison deceased, when on calling up the Ballots, the Number stood thus:
          For Mr. David Ribron, 118
                Mr. Anthony Hamilton, 53
          Majority for Mr. Ribron, 65

     Died, a few Days ago, at his House on Hog-hill, the Rev. Anthony Cope, Dean of Ardmagh. -- At ?allohide, Mr. John Adamson, Surveyor of that Place.
     The Twelve-Penny Household Loaf is to weigh 10 Pound, 08 Ounces.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, May 5, 1764


    Cork, April 30. Thursday evening sailed his Majesty's Ship Fame, Captain Loyd. Next Morning sailed the Burford, Capt. Logie and Cornwall, Capt. M'Kenzie, all with Troops for the West-Indies.
     Same Day sailed the Hussar Frigate, Capt. Smith, for Portsmouth, and the Pumona of 18 Guns, Capt. Linn, arrived from Plymouth.
     Saturday the last Division of Troops (Part of General Strode's Regiment) embarked on board the Superb at Cove, where she waits for a Wind for the Westward.
     The same Day was married, at St. Peter's Church, Nathaniel Mitchell, Esq; Captain in the Regiment commanded by Col. Burdenell, to the celebrated Miss Frances Winthrop, Daughter of Alderman Winthrop of this City.
     Same Day the two Leary's condemned at Tralee Assizes, were executed pursuant to their Sentence.
     Same Night the Stable of Henry Moore, Esq; on the South Mall was broke open, and robbed of some wearing Apparel.
     Yesterday there was great Rioting and Bloodshed among the Inhabitants of Blarney-lane, and Black-pool, preparative to an annual Practice with those People of Fighting about May-Poles.

     Yesterday being Quarter Assembly Day, Alderman Benjamin Gale was elected Lord Mayor and it is with great Pleasure, great Gratitude and Respect to the present Lord Mayor and Board of Aldermen, we observe, that they have perfectly corresponded in sentiments with the Majority of the present Commons, and regardless of Factions, have chosen
     John Hunt, Esq; and Robt. Montgomery, Esq; Sheriffs for the ensuing Year out of the following List, returned by the Commons.
     Robert Montgomery, Merchant, 68
     William Hurst, ditto, 62
     Richard French, ditto, 56
     Thomas Green, Brewer, 51
     John Hunt, Merchant, 49
     Thomas Emerson, Weaver, 48
     Anthony King, Brazier, 41
     Nath. Trumbul, Weaver, 30.

     Last Monday Nineteen Casks, containing 76clb. of green Tea, seized by Mess. Fulton, Biers and Fox, were lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
     One Connor and one Delany, were carried to the Inns-quay Infirmary, having each a Leg broke, the former by the Fall of a Horse, and the latter by a Coach Wheel going over him.
     On Wednesday, the 23d Instant, between nine and ten in the Morning, a terrible Fire broke out in the Malt-house of Mr. John Brown, of Cappoquin in the County of Waterford, which entirely consumed the same, with a great Quantity of Malt; and were it not for the Activity and timely Assistance of a Troop and a half of the Eighth Regiment of Dragoons under the Command of Lieutenant Cooke and Cornet Hunt, quartered in said Town, the said Brown's Dwelling-House, and the adjacent Street, would have shared the same Fate. The Inhabitants of the said Town return their sincere Thanks to the aforesaid Officers and private Men for the very great Service they did on the above melancholy Occasion.
     Last Thursday in the Evening, John Kinnersly, a Soldier in General Montague's Regiment of Foot, was attacked on the Road leading to Crumlin by a Highwayman, who robbed him of 1l.6s.6d. half a Silver Snuff-box, and a Shirt.
     Last Thursday, upwards of 90 Gallons of Brandy, a large Quantity of Gold and Silver Lace and a Quantity of Plate, seized by Mr. Trimble, were lodged in the Custom-house Stores.
     Frederick Conynghams Esq; seized twenty Casks of Tea.
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. William King, Mathematical Instrument-make, on Temple-bar, to Miss Miller, of said Place.--At Clontarf, the Revd. Richard Chapel Grange, of Tullymount in the County of Wicklow, to Miss Mary Rochford, Daughter of the Hon. William Rochfort.-- The Widow Parry of Hawkins's-street to Mr. William Griffith, the celebrated Welsh Harper.-- At Rathfarnham, Mr. Samuel Gibson, Brewer, to the agreeable Miss Reily of the Poddle.
     Joseph Henry, Esq; was married to Lady Catherine Rawdon, Daughter to the Right Hon. the Earl of Moira.
     Died, last Week, in Great-Butter-Lane, Mr. John Telteshig, one of the Ministers of the Unitas Fratrum, or UNITED BRETHREN, commonly called Moravians. He was a Native of Moravia, who with four more of his Countrymen, fled from Popish Persecution about forty Years ago, and found an Asylum with COUNT ZINZENDORF, who patronized and protected them; (Hence a Congregation was soon formed of these persecuted Fugitives, under the Auspices of that Nobleman, who also devoted the Residue of his Life to religious Functions; Since which, they have extended their Doctrines and Faith, as a Society Propaganda Fide, thro' the several Quarters of the Globe.) To give this good Man's Character in a few Words, he lived as he died, A CHRISTIAN.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Inch in the County of Clare, Mr. Jonathan Gregg, aged 95--In Chamber-street, the Widow Wade-- At Ennis, Mr. William Hunt Apothecary.-- Mrs. Dunn the Wife of Capt. Christopher Dunn of Lazer's-Hill.-- At his Lodgings in Dirty-lane, Thomas-street, much lamented, the Revd. Mr. Henry Sweetman.

     Yesterday being Quarter Assembly Day, the Freedom of the City of Dublin was unanimously voted to James Dennis, Esq; one of his Majesty's Council at Law, in Testimony of the Sense which this City have of his distinguished Abilities and of his Attention to the Prosperity of this Kingdom and the true Interest of the City of Dublin.

     DROPPED Yesterday about two o'Clock, a small Pocket-book containing two Bills viz. Thomas Short on William Alexander in Favour of John Boyle at 21 Days Sight, dated Londonderry 31st March, and accepted the 9th of April, for Twelve Pounds. Knox and Stewart on Robert Young in Favour of Thady M'Tucker at 21 Days Sight, dated Sligo 31st of March, and accepted the 9th of April for eighteen Pounds. Whoever has found said Bills and brings them to Mr. Joseph Rawlins, Merchant on Francis-street, shall have half a Guinea Reward.
     N.B. Said Bills are of no Use but to the Owner, Payment being stopped May 5th, 1764.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, May 8, 1764

     Monday the 30th of April being Quarter-Day of the Guild of Merchants, the Freedom of that Guild was presented to Sir William Mayne, Bart. for his vigorously supporting several Bills brought into Parliament this Session, for the Advantage of the Trade of this Kingdom in general, and of this City in particular; and for strenuously opposing the destructive Scheme of erecting a new Bridge to the Eastward of Essex-Bridge. And Friday last being Quarter-Assembly Day, the Freedom of this City was unanimously voted to that Gentleman.
     The Governors and Guardians of the Lying-Inn-Hospital most thankfully acknowledge the Receipt of a Benefaction of Fifty Pounds from his Excellency the Earl of Northumberland, and also of Ten Guineas from the Countess of Northumberland, which her Ladyship was pleased to order to be distributed by the Master of the Hospital amongst such poor Patients and he shall think proper.
     The Governors and Guardians of the Lying-Inn-Hospital having examined the Amount of the Weekly Collections in Chappel, find it to exceed their most sanguine Expectations, and being sensible how much the same hath been owing to the eminent Characters of the Rev. Clergymen who have preached there, desire the said Gentlemen to accept their hearty Thanks.
     The Managers of the Charitable LOAN to the Industrious Poor, having received from his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, by the Hands of the Earl of Mornington, One hundred Pounds in Aid of this charitable Fund, They beg Leave, on the part of the numerous Poor, who will be so sensibly affected by this noble Benefaction, to make their grateful Acknowledgements to his Excellency. They likewise return their Thanks to the President, for their Assistance at the Performance for the Benefit of the Charity.
     Thursday 7-night died in Bristol, Mr. Jonathan Welch, a Gentleman of this Kingdom, and late Vice-Consul in Teruan, in Africa.
     The Revd. Mr. Sterling is collated to the Living of St. Olave's in the City of Waterford.
     Last Wednesday, a Woman died suddenly in William-street.
     Saturday the Foundling Children of the Work-house, (upwards of two hundred Boys and Girls) went to the Castle, when his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant and the Countess of Northumberland, viewed them from the front Windows, and a new Shilling of his present Majesty's Coin, was given to each of them by order of his Excellency.
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. John Fennell, to Miss Lucinda Turner, both of the People called Quakers.- At Galway, Lieut. John Squire, of Colonel Gray's Regiment, to Miss Nancy Kelly.--Mr. John Wise Hiatt, to the agreeable Miss Constantia Hunt, eldest daughter of Henry Hunt, Esq; of Logacurren, in the Queen's County.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Glassnevan, advanced in Years, James Belcher, Esq; First Pursuivant attennding the State, Corrector of the Kings Printing Press.-- At Stephen's-green, the Wife of Archdeacon Heron.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, May 12, 1764


     Cork, May 7. Colonel Gray's Regiment of Foot is daily expected from Galway to quarter here with Brudenell's.
     Last Friday Night Mr. Thomas Rogers of George's-street was attacked by three Robbers near Ronayne's Court on the Road to Passage. One of the Villains seized the Reins of his Bridle and demanded Mr. Roger's Money, who answered with a Blow of a loaded Whip which knock'd him down; on this the second Fellow snap'd at the Bridle, but Mr. Rogers clapt Spurs to his Mare and forced away from him; the third Fellow was at some Distance and thought to have knock'd Mr. Rogers off his Mare, but he received the Stroke on his Arm, and happily got clear off.
     MARRIAGES. Saturday Morning at Rathcoony Church, Robert Lane, Esq; one of the Burgesses of this City to Miss Alicia Freeman. --Same Day at Carrigrohan Church, William Trench, Esq; to Miss Frankland, eldest Daughter of the late Doctor Frankland. -- Mr. Edward Fling of Christ-church-lane, to Miss Johanna Ryan of this City.-- Christopher Byrne of Dunmanway, to Miss Murray of the same Place.
     DEATHS. Thursday Night at his House in Hanover-street, in a very advanced Age, Samuel Jervois, of Bandon, Esq; Saturday in Cove-lane, Mr. Thomas Bewly, Tanner, eminent in his Profession, and very deserving of the Esteem of all who knew him. In Mallow-lane, in an advanced Age, Mrs. Exham, Widow. In said Lane, Mr. Edmund Flinn, Cork-cutter. In Hanover-street, after a tedious Illness, Miss Molly Croker, Daughter of Samuel Croker, Esq; last one of the Alderman of this City.

     The List returned by the BACK-LANE CLUB, Easter Assembly 1763.
William Hurst, of Hawkin's-street, Merchant,
Robert Montgomery, of Dominick-street, ditto,
Thomas Green, of James's-street, Brewer,
Richard French, of the Blind-Kay, Druggist,
Thomas Emerson, of Castle-street, Weaver,
Anthony King, of Cook-street, Brazier,
Robert Burton, of Liffy-street, Cooper,
George Faulkner, of Dolphin's-Barn, Tanner,

    List returned by the Back-Lane Club, the last Assembly Day.
Robert Montgomery, Merchant,
Thomas Green, Brewer,
William Hurst, Merchant,
Richard French, Druggist,
* Thomas Emerson, Weaver,
* Anthony King, Brazier,
* William Dunn, Chandler,
* Robert Burton, Cooper,
     Thus * marked are Members of the Back-Lane Club, some of which gave Mr. Faulkner the Tanner, another worthy Member a vote.

     But the Return made by the Commons alters this a little, as follows:
Robert Montgomery, Merchant, 68 Votes.
William Hurst, do., 62
Richard French, Druggist, 56
Thomas Green, Brewer, 51
John Hunt, Merchant, 49
Thomas Emerson, Weaver, 48
Anthony King, Brazier, 41
Nathaniel Trumble, Weaver, 37
     Of which the Lord Mayor and Aldermen elected Sheriffs for the Year ensuing, John Hunt and Robert Montgomery, Esqrs.

     The Governors of Mercer's Hospital have elected the Right Revd., the Lord Bishop of Waterford, and John Bury, Esq; Governors of said Hospital.
     One Hundred Pounds of Tea, seized by Messrs Snow and Kinsey, were lodged in the Stores.
     A Quantity of Silk and Silk Handkerchiefs and 16 Casks of Geneva, seized by Mr. Tremble, were lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
    Wednesday, May 9, Frederick Conyngham, Esq; Surveyor of Skerries, seized fice Casks of Tea.
     A few Days ago, the Hon. William Brabazon, Esq; of Brabazon Lodge in the County of Meath, was married to Miss Catherine Gifford, only Daughter of Arthur Gifford, of Ahern in the County of Corke, Esq;
     The King of Prussia, Barry, sailed for Parkgate with Part of the Domesticks, Baggage, Equippage, and Horses belonging to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant.
     One hundred and sixty Pounds of Tea seized by Mess. Draper and Cooper were lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
     Capt. How, Capt. Acheson and his Family, Mr. Trotter, Mrs. Maule, some Horses, and a valuable Cargo of Merchandise, arrived in the Lively, Williams, from Parkgate.
     George Reynolds, Esq; one of the Aldermen of this City, is appointed Coroner, in the Room of Alderman Swiney, who resigned.
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Arthur Smyth, of Griffintown, in the County of Westmeath, Esq; to Miss Smyth of Violetstown, in said County.-- Mr. Edward Foy, of Moore-street, Sedan-Chairmaker, to Miss Welch, of Cole's-lane.- Mr. Joseph Brice, an eminent Cabinet-Maker, of College-green, to Miss Denham of Mary's-lane.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Cork, Mr. John Brophy, Bookseller.-- At said Place, Capt. Ellis.-- At Skibbereen, Mr. Richard Marmion.-- In Great Strand-Street, Mr. John Mountgarret, Upholder.-- In Cavan-Street, Mr. John Dodd.-- In Mary's-lane, Mr. James Tiernan, formerly one of the Supervisors of the Work-house, and lately an Officer belonging to the Exchequer-Office.-- In Christ-Church-Yard, Mr. Waite Wooborne, Shoemaker, and Sexton of Christ Church.-- In Duke-street, Mrs. Rachael O'Neil, eldest Sister of Charles O'Neil, Esq; at Shanescastle, remarkable for her Piety, Charity and amiable Deportment.-- On Thursday last the Rev. Mr. Anthony Brunton, Curate of St. Nicholas-without.

By Robert Callan Auctioneer.

    On Thursday next, the 17th Day of May Instant, the Household Furniture of the Right Hon. the Earl of Drogheda, at his House in Henry-street, consisting of Mohogany four Pillar Beds, choice Feather Beds, a large Quantity of fine Blankets near new, with other Bedding; Mohogany stuffed Back and Seat Chairs and Settees; Mohogany Dining, Side-board, Tea, Card and Writing-Tables; Mohogany Desks and Book-cases; five Book presses, Brass-wired in the Fronts; Pier Glasses in rich carv'd and gilt Frames; Festoon Window-curtains; Variety of Carpets; Glass Bells and Shades; five gilt Leather Screens; a good Clock in Mohogany Case, a Chamber-Clock, a curious reflecting Telescope, a Chamber-Chest, three large Presses with Drawers, a large Bottle Drainer, a good Jack, with all Manner of Kitchen Furniture. The Sale to begin at the Hour of Eleven each Day, untill all are sold.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, May 15, 1764

     On Friday last a Deputation from the Journeymen Silk Weavers, waited on his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, praying him to transmit their Petition to his Majesty craving the Assistance of his royal Wisdom to prevent the illicit Incorporation of French Silks in this Kingdom; which has proved so fatal to our Silk Manufacture, as to reduce or Artists nearly to a State of Beggary, which his Excellency received with that noble Condescension peculiar to himself, and returned a most gracious Answer- And the next Day his Excellency sent a most generous Benefaction of 200l. to the Master of the Corporation of Weavers, to be distributed among such Artists as were out of Employ.
     Yesterday the Master of the Corporation of Weavers communicated to the Brethren, the Receipt of 200l, from his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, on Saturday last, to be distributed by him to the poor distressed Artificers in the Weaving Branch; and desires the Aid of his Brethren in that Undertaking. The Master, Wardens, and Brethren of said Guild, acknowledge with the utmost Gratitude this Mark of his Lordship's unbounded Humanity; and the Corporation are desired to meet.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, May 19, 1764

     The Commissioners of his Majesty's Revenue have been pleased to appoint Joshua Glover, Esq; to be Surveyor of Mallahide, in the Room of Mr. Adamson, deceased; and Arthur Mosse, Esq; to be Surveyor of Kilrush, in the Room of said Glover.
     Monday, May 14.] John Wheller, Gent, one of the Attornies of the Court of King's Bench, was admitted and sworn an Attorney of the Court of Exchequer.
     Tuesday, May 15.] About eight o'Clock at Night, a genteel looking Man went into Mr. Wood's Shop, Linen-Draper in Parliament-Street, and took off some Handkerchiefs; He got as far as Crane-lane, when he and another Accomplice was taken and sent to Newgate.
     Thursday, May 17.] A Man was committed to Newgate for killing a Woman in Church street.
     Last Week two Men, well mounted and decently dressed, went to a publick House in Lucan; and being shewn a room wherein was a Chest of Drawers; they picked the Lock, and took out of it 20 Guineas and a Moidore, with which they got off before it was missed. Several Publicans in and near this City have been robbed in the same Manner lately.
     Tuesday the Right Hon. the Earl of Shannon and the Right Honourable John Ponsonby, Esq; Speaker of the House of Commons, were sworn Lords Justices of tthis Kingdom, in the Council Chamber at the Castle; on which Occasion they received the Compliments of the Nobility and Gentry, the Flag was displayed on Birmingham Tower, and the Guns in the Park were fired.
      Two hundred and fifty-four Pounds of Tea, seized by Mr. Byers, and 26 lb. ditto seized by Mr. Draper, were lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
     Thursday, May 17.] The Honourable the Lord Bellfield, James Agar the Younger, Esq; Major M'Culloh, Major Letablare, and several Domesticks belonging to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, sailed in the Lively, Williams, for Parkgate.
     Mess. Eustace, Macklin, Alley, and Somerville, arrived on board the Fortescue Packet from Holyhead.
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. Hugh Holmes, of this City, to Miss Molly Smith of Waterford.- Mr. George Hannon, to the Widow Doyle of Crane-lane.- Robert Bodkin of Annagh, in the County of Galway, Esq; to Miss Brabazon, of Newpark, in the County of Mayo.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, in Essex-street, Mr. John Power, an eminent Hosier.- In said Street, Mr. Kelly, an eminent Carver and Gilder.- At Londonderry, Col. William Stewart, formerly of Carolina.- At Galway, aged 84, Mrs. Bridget French.- At Cork, Mr. John Buffington, Woollen Manufacturer.- At said Place, Miss Callanan.- In Nicholas-street, Mr. Phillip Ferrant, Writing Clerk.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, May 22, 1764


     Waterford, May 1- Yesterday were reviewed by Lieutenant General Dilke, the 1?h and 18th Regiments of Foot, commanded by the Generals Standford and Sebright, when they went through their Evolutions and ?itings to the entire Satisfaction of the Officers and Spectators.
     Cork, May 14. A Vessel is arrived here with several Statues to be erected at the Castle of Blarney. They were formerly the Property of his Grace the Duke of Ormond, and transported from Kilkenny by the late Colonel Broderick.
     Mr. James Cheney, Surveyor of Clognakilty, has seized the Ship George of Kinsale, George White, Master, from Dunkirk, with 1460 Bags of Tobacco, which he lodged in the Stores of Kinsale on Thursday last.
     Cork, May 17 died, near Crosses-green, advanced in Years, Mrs. Alice Croker, Relict of the late Colonel Croker, of Carriglass.
     We have the Pleasure to inform the Publick, that the Report of Captain Thomas Carroll's Death; owing to a Fall from his Horse, at the Strand of Youghall, (as in our last) is premature; no ill Consequence having happened to that Gentleman by the Accident.


     Pursuant to an Act of Parliament passed the last Session, intitled an Act for vesting further Powers in the Lord Mayor, Sheriff, Commons, and Citizens of the City of Dublin, for the securing of Ships trading to the Port and Harbour of Dublin,
     The Common Council of this City, at a Post-Assembly held at the Tholsel on Thursday last elected the undernamed five Aldermen, and ten Common-councilmen being Merchants, free of the Guild of Merchants, and also free of the Six and Ten per Cent, at the Custom-House, being the Qualifications required by said Act, to be of the Committee to carry said Law into Execution, viz. until the next general Election of Commons.
     Aldermen                                             Commoners.
Tho. Cooke                    Wm. Alexander         Travers Hartley
John Cooke                    Thomas Blood           Bob Montgomery
Phil. Crampton                John Hunt                  James Varcilles
Edward Sanky                Wm. Hurst                Matt. Weld.
     And Yesterday at a Post-Hall of the Guild of Merchants, pursuant to the Power in them invested by said Act, the Members of said Guild qualified as above, elected the following fifteen to add to the above, which compleats the Committee of 30, for better regulating the Pilotage and Havenage of this Port and Harbour.
Messrs. Thos. Blair             Chs. Howison                Chs. O'Hara
Wm. Barton                        Rob Jaffray                    Edw. Strettle
Tho. Barcroft                      John Pim Joshua             Geo. Sutton
Wm. Colvil                         Geo. Knox                     Wm. Thompson
Wm. Clossey                      Sam. Laban                     Theo. Thompson
     N.B. The Lord-Mayor and Sheriffs for the Time being, are always to be three of the above Committee.

     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, in the Co. of Kerry, Mr. Charles M'Carthy of White Church, to Miss Donnoghue, of Glin--At Limerick, Mr. William Harrison, Attorney, to Miss Rebecca Harrison, of Aughess in the Co. of Clare.-- Mr. William Tyrell, Gauger of Dundalk, to Miss Nelly Ward, of Stephen-Town in the Co. of Dublin, with a good Fortune.

     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Cork, aged 68, Mr. Peter Bernard, Sail-maker; and Mrs. Elizabeth Paine.-- In York-street, the Widow Beasly.-- In Golden-lane, Mr. Theophilus Blakely, an eminent Attorney.-- At Waterford, Mrs. Mary Brie.

     To be sold by AUCTION,
By the Sheriffs of the City of DUBLIN, by Virtue of a Writ of Fieri Facias.
     On Wednesday the 23d Day of May Instant, 1764, the House Furniture and Effects of Messrs Francis Smith and Robert Knox, at said Smith's late Dwelling-House on Lower Ormond-Kay, consisting of Mohogany and other Four-posted Beds, with chequer and crimson Paragon and other Curtains, Feather Beds and Bedding, a Mohogany Desk and Book-case with Glass Doors, a Mogogany Tallboy, ditto Dining, Tea, Card and Dressing Tables, Marble ditto, Mohogany Chairs and Shag and Leather Seats, also with stuffed Backs and Seats, a Sopha to match, Hall Chairs, Rush ditto, a japaned Chamber-chest, Pier and Chimney-Glasses in carved and gilt Frames, Pier and Dressing Glasses in Walnut Frames, Chandeliers, Branches and Glass Bells with Shades, a Hall Globe, Paintings and Prints, Turkey and other Carpets, moving Grates and Fire-Irons, a Clock, a Jack, and great Variety of Kitchen Furniture; also useful and ornamental China, Roan and Delph Ware, Jelly and drinking Glasses, some House Linen, a Quantity of Plate, viz. pierced Bread-basket, large and small Cups, Salvers, Butter-boats, Sugar-dish, Cream-ewer, Soup, Table and Teaspoons, &c. a Frenc Plate X, a Pair of gilt Candlesticks. The Plate will be sold on Friday the 25th Inst. Said Smith's Interest in the Lease of said House, with the Ware-house, Stable, and the Appurtenances, will be sold on Wednesday the 23d Inst, at said House, between the House of twelve and one o'Clock, being a Term for 28 Years from the 25th of March 1752, at the yearly Rent of 50l., ??erl. A Person attends at said House to shew the Concerns.

     ANDREW FINLAY, Mercer, in Parliament-street, has this Day landed out of the King of Prussia, a large Assortment of the most fashionable Lutestrings. Note, an Apprentice is wanted.

     JOHN PURSELL, House-painter, &c. has removed from Borr's-court, to the House that Mr. Hollister lately lived in, opposite the Charter School-Nursery in York street, where he hopes to be honoured with the Commands of the Nobility, Gentry and others his Friends, as usual; he also hops there is no Necessity for mentioning his Care, Punctuality, and moderate Charges.
    April the 20th 1764.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, May 26, 1764


     Philadelphia, April 5. Since our last we received what follows from Carlisle, viz
     "The Distresses of the back Inhabitants are greater than can well be conceived. Two hundred Miles of an extended Frontier are so exposed to the Incursions of Indians, that no Man can go to Sleep within 10 or 15 Miles of the Borders, without being in Danger of having his House burnt and himself and Family scalped, or led into Captivity before the next Morning. No Man can tell where the Indians will strike the next Blow when they have begun their Murders and Devastations. On the 20th of last Month five Persons were made Prisoners. Seven Houses were burnt down on the 21st and a great Number of Horses, Cows, Sheep and Hogs were killed. About twelve Indians carried off the Captives and seven or eight tarried behind, and did considerable Damage. The Captains Pipe and Brady, with their Companies, did all that lay in their Power to protect the Inhabitants; and Lieut. Chambers and Ensign Asky pursued the Indians to rescue the Prisoners but without Success. These fresh Troubles greatly discourage the poor People, who intend to return early in the Spring to their deserted Habitation.


     Cork, May 21. Thursday his Majesty's Cutter, Good will, Capt. Laws, arrived at Cove from Waterford, and Yesterday sailed for Kinsale.
     This Morning a Division of the Royal Scotch arrived in Town from Clonmell.
     Saturday morning was married at Carrigrohan Church, Nicholas Dunscombe, Esq; to the most amiable Miss Molly Parker, only Daughter of Thomas Parker, of Carrigrohan, Esq; with a Fortune of 10,000l.
     Saturday died, at his House on Barrick-hill, Mr. Andrew Johnson, an eminent Dyer and Cloathier.

     On Thursday came on the Election of a Sheriff, in the Room of John Hunt, Esq; who has resigned. Previous to this the Back-Lane-Club held their usual Meeting and determined to return four of their Members, which they accordingly did. The four at the Head of the following Poll-paper were their Returns. The Number of the Club may be guessed at, by the Number that polled for each Member. It is easy to see how they stick to their secret Compact. But they must be blind to their own Interest, as well as averse to their Duty to the Public, if they do not now see that by their dividing the Interest of the Commons they make that of the Aldermen prevail. It is pretty clear, that not one of the Free Commons, nor one of the Board of Aldermen can now vote for one of that illicit Association; for that the Aldermaen by a little Art, may easily carry their Point. If Mr. Hart had had one Vote left, and Mr. French one Vote more, the latter, instead of the former had been returned by the Commons, and probably, elected by the Board, who no doubt were better pleased to have a Brother's Son to elect. It is easy to see, when the Sons of Aldermen are made Sheriffs, who will next be Aldermen, and how little Chance a Free and Independent Citizen has to be called to the Purple, Confederate Powers of Back-Lane, All hail! for thus depressing the Commons and promising the Ends of the Board!
    Mr. Hart was unanimously elected Sheriff by the Board, out of the four having the Majority of Voices on this Poll Paper, which were Nathaniel Trumble, Weaver, Thomas Emerson, Weaver, Thomas Green, Brewer and Henry Hart, Merchant.
                      The Poll of the Commons.
Messrs.                                            Messrs.
Thomas Green, Brewer  40              Richard Dunn                 4
Tho. Emerson, Weaver  42              Joseph Verschoyle          1
Wm. Dunn, Chandler     37              Robert Patrick, Ditto       1
Anth. King, Brazier        31              Robert Bentley, Ditto       1
Nath. Trumble, Weav.   44              George Thwaites, Brewer 7
Richard French, Dreg.   38               Theo Medicot, Woolen-
Henry Williams, Brewer 24                      draper                      4
Henry Hart, Mer.          15               David Ribton, Druggist     1
Ro. Calderwood, Goldf 19               James Jones, Merchant    2
Wm. Alexander, Mer      4               John Darragh, Mer           1
Thomas Blood, Mer      15               Mark Kirkpatrick, Goldf  1
Edward Strezzle, Ditto    7                Richard Anderson, Miller 1
Wm. Hurst, Ditto           21               Pat Boyd, Mer                 1
Tho. Hawkshaw, Ditto    2                Wm. Rutlidge, Ditto         1
John Tucker, Ditto          4                 Pet. Willson, Bookseller  1
     From the following, among some other Circumstances that have lately transpired, there is Reason to hope the Back-lane Club is near expiring. In some late Meetings of that anticonstitutional Association, a sensible and free Member or two justly objected to the declared Rules of the Club, which were, that the Conduct of every Member, in every Assembly of the Common Council, is to be positively determined by the Majority of the Club, in their previous Meeting. Those that were free enough to oppose these clandestine and illicit Courses were ordered to withdraw; whereupon, we hear that several others have withdrawn themselves, with intent to prove themselves Free Agents, a Character at which the steady Members of the Club cannot pretend to aspire.
     Another Circumstance which tends to the Dissolution of this and such like Associations is that most of the Aldermen and Commons have agreed in a Resolution never to give any Person a Vote that solicits for an Election into the Office of Sheriff.

    The Governors of St. Patrick's Hospital acknowledge the Receipt of Five Hundred Pounds, Sterl. by the Hands of George Spaight, and Henry Ellen Esquires. Executors of the Will of the late Henry Gill, of Carrickfergus, Esq; being a Legacy left by the said Mr. Gill, for the erecting of a Ward in said Hospital, for the Reception of twelve Patients for ever, to be called Gill's Ward.
     The Governors of the Workhouse of the City of Dublin, acknowledge the Receipt of the Sum of twenty five Pound, being a Benefaction from the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Clogher, to be applied toward the building of a Chapel.

    Died. Sunday last, the Rev. Dr. Peter Sterne, Minister of the Parish of Chapelizod. -- In New-street, Mr. Wm. Brett, belonging to the Choir of both our Cathedrals.-- At his House in Newtown-Castle-Byrne, Topham Mitchel, Esq; his Horse having the Evening before, stumbled with him and pitched him on his Head.
     The Right Hon. the Lord Mayor inspected the Markets, and seized a Quantity of unsalable Provisions, which were given to the Poor; His Lordship likewise seized a measly Pig, which he caused to be burned on Ormond-quay.

    WHEREAS it has been industriously reported, that I do not intend to continue a Candidate for the County of WICKLOW, I take this Opportunity of assureing my Friends, (whose Kindness I shall ever acknowledge,) that I have received such Encouragement, as enables me upon very good Foundations, to declare my steady Resolutions of continuing a Candidate for that County.
    Saunders-Grove, 24 May, 1764.
                        MORLEY SAUNDERS.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, May 29, 1764

To the Committee for conducting the FREE-PRESS:

Gentlemen,                                     May 22nd, 1764
     I Went last Sunday to Christ Church for the first Time since my Return to America, where I have been for many Years; but was greatly surprized to be denied Admittance, by an old Fellow who opened the Door, just sufficient to put his Head out, and make a Demand of a Piece of Money; which on my not complying with, he slapt the Door in my Face with the most insolent Air imaginable. I would be glad to make a Query through the Channel of your most useful Paper: whether it would not be more beneficial to these sacred BOX-KEEPERS to advertise where TICKETS may be bought to save Trouble both to them and to the Congregation, as it must be somewhat disagreeable to a Gentleman to remain exposed to the Ridicule of the lower Class in the Isle, if he has not Silver to gratify the Door-keeper (which was my Case)?
     I have been in several Roman Catholick Countries, in whose Churches, as well as several Dissenting Congregations, the greatest Politeness is observed to all Strangers coming in; nor have I ever paid for Admittance to a Place dedicated to the Worship of the Almighty, or ever heard of such a Thing untill my Arrival in Dublin.
                     I am Gentlemen,
                        Your most obedient Servant,
                                   AN OFFICER.

     MARRIAGES.] A few days ago, at Tuam, Lieut. Hutton of the 69th Regiment of Foot, to Miss Monica Kenny of Galway.--The Revd. Mr. Thomas Stephcus, Minister of Duncormick, in the Diocese of Ferns, to Miss Sarah Read of Wexford.

     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Limerick, Mrs. Mead, Wife of Mr. John Mead Richd.--On Redmond's-hill, Mr. Atkinson, Chandler, and one of the People called Quakers.--On Rogerson's-quay, aged 103, Mrs. Mary Redmond, who enjoyed all her Senses to the last Moment.-- In Marlborough-street, suddenly, Mr. George Stewart, an eminent Master-Builder.-- At Marseilles, in the South of France, the Hon. Mrs. Blake, Daughter of the late and Sister to the present  Lord Viscount Netterville of this Kingdom-- At Drummine, in the County of Kildare, Mr. John Keightly, aged 119 -- In Great-britain-street, Mr. Francis Holland, an eminent Lock-smith.-- In Back-lane, the Wife of Mr. John Buck, Printer.-- ON the Comb, Mr. Warren, formerly an eminent Grocer at Cork-bridge.-- Near Kilcock, aged upwards of 100 Years, Walter Huffey, Gent.

     The Twelve-penny Household Loaf is to weigh 09 Pounds, 15 Ounces 00 Drachms; the middle Price of Wheat being at 2l. 5s. 0d.


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