Ireland Old News

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, March 3, 1764


     Cork, February 27. Jonas Lander, Gent., is appointed Under Sheriff of the County of Cork, for the present Year.
     Last Tuesday was married the Rev. Mr. Russel Carew, to Miss Wood, Daughter of Mr. Thomas Wood of this City, Tanner; a most amiable young Lady, with a Fortune of 150 l.
     Friday Night Mr. John Morrison, many Years Mate of the Kitty, Capt. Cowen; on the Bristol Trade, slipped, stepping on Board said Vessel at Labit's-Quay and was unfortunately drowned; he was a Man of a very fair Character.
     Same Day a Porter dropped down dead, after eating a hearty dinner.
     Saturday died at her House near the Old Draw-Bridge, Mrs. Lippits, a Widow Gentlewoman.

     Messrs. Robert Glibborn and Son, return their sincere Thanks to Colonel Cobb, and _____ Talbott, Esq; for their kind Assistance, in protecting and saving the Sloop and Cargo of the Willing Mind, Henry Haylor, Master, lately stranded on the Island of Dunabare.
     We hear that a Gentleman in the North has cured a Horse, who had the Glanders to a great Degree, by injecting the Juice of Hemlock up his Nostrils, according to Dr. Stork's Directions. This is a very cheap Medicine, and almost every Apothecary knows how to make it up.
     One hundred Pounds of Tea, Seized by Mr. Dunn, were lodg'd in the Stores.
     William Falkner of Tullamoore, in the King's County, Gent., hath been appointed a Master Extraordinary for taking Affidavits in the High Court of Chancery.
     Cornelius O'Brien of Ballinderry in the County of Tipperary, Gent., hath been appointed a Master Extraordinary of his Majesty's High Court of Chancery, for said County.
     The Hibernia, Try, from Cork, to Bourdeax, is lost on the Coast of France.
     The Peggy, Evans, from Cork to Bourdeax, is lost on the Coast of France, not far from Bourdeax. Part of the Cargo is expected to be saved.
     Saturday last the Stable belonging to Mr. John Duff, in Trim, was consumed by Fire, together with five Horses, the Property of Laurence Lynch, James McCabe, and Bryan Dunn, Poor Carriers, by which Accident they are rendered incapable of supporting themselves and Families. Benefactions for the above unhappy Sufferers will be received by Mr. Walter Evans in Trim or Mr. Reily at Crossdowny in the County of Cavan.
     Last Monday was seized by Mess. Mangan and Harrison, upwards of 40 lb. weight of Bohea and Green Teas, which were lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. Ring, of London, Silversmith, to Miss Fanny Briscoe of Christ-Church Yard.-- Mr. Thomas Dermot, Mercer, in Francis-Street, to Miss Polly Keenan, Daughter of Mr. Christopher Keenan, Tanner and Leatherseller in Patrick-Street.-- Mr. Patrick Flyn, of Harrold's-Cross, Miller, to Miss Peggy Butler, of Harlockstown, in the County of Meath.-- At Enniscorthy, Mr. Matthew Casey, of the City of Dublin to the agreeable Miss Mancy, of said Place.-- At Corke Mr. Robert Clarke, Revenue Officer, to Miss Druf?.- William Cuff, Esq; to Miss Margaret Richardson.-- At Annaginey in the County of Tyrone, Mr. Mitchell, Merchant of Newry, to Miss Judith Mitchell.-- Mr. Joseph Plunket of Pudding-Row, Trunkmaker, to Miss Mary-Anne Sweetman.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Bourdeaux, Robert Dillon, Esq; formerly an eminent Merchant in London and Brother to Thomas Dillon, late an eminent Banker in this City.-- Last Week, at Galway, the Wife of Mr. Arthur Matthews, Hatter.-- In Ormond-Market, Mr. Knight Butcher.-- In Patrick-Street, Mr. Patrick Kavanagh Butcher.-- Chidly Coote, of Mount-Coote in the County of Limerick, Esq.-- In Grafton-street, the Wife of The Revd., Mr Sandys.-- In Back-lane, Mr Ponty, Brazier.-- At Lisburne in the Co. of Waterford, Mr. John Bible, late of Trinity-College, Dublin.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, March 6, 1764


    Cork, March 1. This Day was married at Dawstown, near Blarney, Mr. Pope Gray, of this City Merchant to Miss Davis, Daughter of Rowland Davis, Esq.
     Tuesday night, one John Lane, a Porter, killed himself by excessive drinking of Spirits.
     Yesterday died, in Watergate-lane, Mr. Francis Pool, Clothier; a Man of a very fair character.
     Last night a Scotch Sailor, belonging to a Vessel in the Harbour, fell overboard near the Custom-house-dock and was unfortunately drowned.
     Limerick, March. ?. This Morning, the Rev. Mr. John Parker was married to Miss Steers, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Richard Steers, deceased; an agreeable young lady with 1200l. fortune.
     Belfast, March 2. On Friday last the ship, City of Derry ( a new ship on her first voyage) belonging to and bound for Londonderry, lately arrived at Larne from New York, laded with Flax-seed, in turning out of the harbour of Larne missed her stays, and ran ashore of the cargo loft, the Sea having ran so high for two days afterwards that no lighter could lie along side of her, nor any assistance could be given from shore towards saving the cargo. Captain M'Cleverty, of his Majesty's ship the Hind, stationed at Larne, immediately sent a party of marines to guard such part of the cargo and wreck as might be drive to shore.


Last week the following Persons were tryed and found Guilty at the Commission of Oyer and Terminer, viz. Neal Mc'Daniel for the Murder of Christopher Tute; and Patrick Rule otherwise O'Brien, for stealing 6 Cows the Property of John Dillon, Esq; of Lismullen in the County of Meath, and 8 Cows the Property of Thomas Pepper Esq; of Balligart in said County.
     Wednesday, an Adjournment of the Quarter Sessions was held at the Tholsel, when Peter Duff, and John Fay were tried and found Guilty of Felony, and the former was burnt in the Hand and the latter ordered to be whiped, after which the Court adjourned to Monday the 5th of March.
     Saturday, at the Commission of Oyer and Terminer, a Trial came on where in John Baker Tooth-drawer and Dealer in Toys was Plaintiff, Edward Tennant and Mark Thomas Revenue Officers were Defendants; the Complaint against the Latter was for a Trespass in the Way of their Duty in pursuit of smuggled Goods, when after a solemn Hearing the Defendants were acquitted.
     On Sunday last died greatly regretted by all that knew him, for his many excellent Qualities, the Rev. Mr. Heatly, Curate of St. John's: He was a tender Father, and a loving and affectionate Friend; to relieve the Distressed he was assiduous and to the Poor and Helpless he was a constant Benefactor.
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. Joseph Plunket to Miss Mary Sweetman.-- Mr. Jacob Fell, jun. of Birr, to Miss Shaw, near said Place.-- At Ringsend, Mr. Henry Hoply, a Revenue Officer, to Miss Brown of said Place.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Robinstown in the County of Longford, in the 77th Year of his Age, Robert McCally of Robinstown aforesaid, Esq.-- In Digges-street, the Relict of the Rev. Archdeacon Neil, formerly of Baltinglas in the County of Wicklow-- In Sackville-street, universally regretted, Frederick Gore, Esq.-- In New-street, Mr. Joseph Katherns-- In Myler's-Ally, the Widow Blakny.-- At Galway, greatly lamented, the Wife of George Staunton, Gent.--In Fishamble-street, the Relict of James Brown of Kilticolla in the County of Mayo, Esq.-- In Temple-Lane, Mr. Fleetwood Powel, an eminent Merchant, and a Man of a fair Character.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, March 10, 1764


     Waterford, March 1. On Saturday last arrived at Passage, the Betsey, of and from Bristol, Robert M'Conn Master, laden with Wine, Brandy and other Goods, or Liverpool; the Master of which Vessel reports that on Tuesday the 22d Ult. about nine o'Clock at Night, said Vessel in her Passage run between two Rocks called Pishop and Clarke, off he Coast of Wales, and as the Crew expected by said Vessel's beating that she would instantly founder, got into the long Boat (the Vessel's Sails being set) took out the Compass and made ashore; the Master next Morning by the Assistance of a Spye-glass, saw three Vessels under Sail, the Middlemost of which he apprehended belonged to him, and immediately hired a Sloop and bore away for her, and about nine o'Clock at Night came up with and boarded her, and found it to be the same Vessel; the Wind coming about to the Eastward he bore away for this Port without a Compass.
     Cork, March 5. Thursday morning was married at the Ovens Church, Mr. George Manser, of this City, to the agreeable Miss Mary Dunigan, eldest Daughter of the late Mr. Edward Dunigan; a young Lady of many amiable Accomplishments, and a Fortune of 60 l.
     Friday Evening died in the 78th Year of her Age, Mrs. Rebecca Clarke, deservedly lamented by all her Acquaintance.
     Limerick, March 5. Last Week was married Corne Holmes, of Shannagh in the County of Cork Esq; to Miss Margaret Wilkinson, Daughter of Thomas Wilkinson, of Cahirelly, in the County of Limerick, Esq.
     Belfast, March 6. On Sunday last died Mr. John Thomson, Teacher of the Mathematicks in this Town. He possessed many valuable Qualities in private Life, and, in his Profession as a Teacher, he was uncommonly successful in qualifying Youth for Business of various Kinds, so that his Death may very justly be said, to be a Loss to the Publick.


     Monday, Mess. Sharp, Boarman and Walker sailed in the Thomas and Mary Packet for Holyhead.
     Tuesday Evening, as Mr. William Daniel, of Meath-Street, was stooping over a Copper of boiling Water, he unfortunately fell in, and tho' taken out instantly, and all possible Assistance given, he was scalded in so shocking a Manner ,that he expired in two Hours after.
     Tuesday, Mr. James Mills, of the Custom House, was married to Miss Smyth of Lissey street.
     Wednesday, one Cullen, a Taylor, was stabbed in the Breast by a Constable, in so dangerous a Manner that his Life is dispaired of; he was carried to the Inns quay Infirmary.
     Thursday, Forty four Casks of Tea, and 300 lb. of Tobacco lately seized by Frederick Cuningham, Esq; were lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
     Thursday at the Commencement held in our University, the Decree of Doctor in divinity was confered on the Lord Bishop of Dromore, and the Rev. Dr. Dodgson, first Chaplain to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant; that of honorary Doctor of Laws on Hercules Langrish, Seven Masters of Arts commenced, and Forty four Batchelors of Arts.
     Saturday, William Roseingrave, Esq; was married to Miss Broughton, Daughter of Thomas Broughton, Esq; an eminent Merchant of this City.
     The Trulove of and from Whitehaven, Williamson, laden with Coals, ran upon a Ship's Anchor at Ashton's-Quay and sunk.
     MARRIAGES] A few Days ago,- Mr. Oliver Wilkinson, an eminent Brasier in Bride-street to Miss Mary Fisher of Cutpurse-row--At Limerick, the Revd. Mr. John Parker to Miss Steers, Daughter of the late Revd. Mr. Richard Steers.-- Roger Callaghan, Esq; an eminent Attorney, to Miss Harris of College-green,--Edward Turner, of Mount Edward in the County of Wexford, Esq; to Miss Millward of Wexford.
     DEATHS] A few Days ago, Mrs. Margaret Crowd, aged 112.-- John Bourk, Esq; late of Serjeant's Inn, London.-- At Corke, Mr. Francis Pool, Cloathier.-- At Galway Mr. George Lynch, formerly an eminent Woollen-draper. At Terrenne near Dublin, the Seat of Joseph Deane Esq; the Revd. Mr. Maurice, Barclay, aged 8; a Clergyman benificed in England-- In Ash-street, Mr. John Millen, Grocer.-- At Clantarf, Mr. Charles Ball.

     WHEREAS by Deed, bearing Date the 24th Day of May, 1760, several Estates and Securities were vested in me, as Trustee for Payment of Debts, affecting the Bank lately kept by Richard and Thomas Dawson, Esqrs; and whereas all Persons who have applied on account of any of the said Demands, have had the same paid off with Interest, and a sufficient Fund is now provided for discharging all such as remains unpaid. I do hereby give Notice to all Persons, who may have any Claim unsatisfied against said Bank, previous to the Execution of the said Deed, to call at the said Richard and Thomas Dawson's House in Jervais-street, where their Demands will be immediately paid off; and as the Purposes for which the said Trust was created are now fulfilled, I do hereby give Notice, that I intend shortly to reconvey to the said Richard and Thomas Dawson, Esqrs; such of the said Estates and Securities as remain in my Hands undisposed of.
     LUCIUS O'BRIEN.  March 9, 1764

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, March 13, 1764


     Cork, March 8. Last Week, died at his Lodgings, in Brown-street, the Rev. Mr. Ebenezer Gibbins, Minsister of the Baptist Congragation [sic] of this City.-- At Warranbrook near Bandon, Mrs. Fuller, wife of Mr. William Fuller of that place, a lady most deservedly lamented.-- At his House in George's-street, after a tedious illness, Mr. Charles Allen, an eminent Master Cooper.
      Belfast, March 9. On Monday last died, at Knock, after a short illness, the Rev. John Gaudy.

     We think it necessary to caution the Public against negotiating Guineas and the lesser Denomination of that Specie without first weighing them; as we are well assured, that villainous Practice of filing and sweating is again revived, There is at present a considerable Circulation given to Guineas, even of his late Majesty's Coinage, which on Examination will be found to be very fair and full at the Edge on one Side, and visibly reduced by a File on the Reverse.
     Tuesday the Commission of Oyer and Terminer ended, when Neal Mc'Daniel for the Murder of Christopher Tute, and Patrick Rule otherwise O'Brien, for stealing 14 Cows, received Sentence to be executed on Saturday the 31st of March Instant. Benjamin Baker, Joseph Duffe and Walter Duffe for rioutously assembling and breaking the Windows of Mr. George Holmes, to be pillored at the Tholsel on Saturday the 10th of March, to be imprisoned for two Years, and pillored again at the Expiration of that Time. Robert Bridgens for assaulting and wounding Edward Flood, to be pillored at the Tholsel on Wednesday the 13th of March. John Joyce for keeping a Slate House and entertaining Journeymen Sawyers who combined against their Masters, to be pillored at the Tholsel on Saturday the 17th of March, and to be imprisoned a Year. Dorothy Sexton for keeping a House of ill-Fame, to be imprisoned for six Months, and to be pillored once in that Time. The next Commission will begin on Thursday the 26th Day of July next.
     Sunday, a charity Sermon was preached in the Parish Church of St. Paul, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Kildare, for the Support of the charity School of that Parish, after which a Collection was made amounting to 78l.
     MARRIAGES] A few Days ago, Mr. Leonard Hodson of Crampton-Court, to Miss Workman, of Cabragh-Lane--Mr. Matthew Hardford, an eminent Baker in Pill-Lane, to Miss Strong, of said Lane.-- At Maryborough, Mr. Richard Haftam [ or Hastam] to the Widow Fleetwood-- Mr. William James of Caple-street, to Miss Hanah Maria Cartwright of Castleknock.-- Mr. John Farrall, Merchant of Drogheda to Miss Ennis of Claristown.-- Mr. James Mills of the Custom-house to Miss Smyth of Lissy-street.-- Mr. William Power, Apothecary, to Miss Callanan.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, in Trinity-lane Mr. Michael Ford, formerly of Corke-hill, Printseller.-- At Corke, Mrs. Rebecca Clarke.-- At Bishop-hall in the Co. of Kilkenny, George Bishop Esq;-- At Bettyville in the Co. of Carlow, the Wife of Mr. Wm. Grahm, a wealthy Farmer.-- In Peter-street, the Lady of Col. Paul Mincein of Bough in the Co. of Carlow.-- In Clarendon-market, suddenly, Mr. James McClusky, Publican.-- At Cell-bridge in the Co. of Kildare, the Wife of Richard Cooke, Esq;- At Lurgan, aged 80, Capt. Peter Barbatt.-- In Dolphin's-Barn, Wm. Finlay, Tanner.-- In Cuckold's-row, Mr. Joseph Flood, an eminent Silk Throwster.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, March 17, 1764


     Waterford, March 1?. A melancholy Affair happened last Friday in the County Goal between two Lunaticks; one of which, named Garrat, has been confined upwards of 12 Years; the other, Alexander M'Owen, formerly a Minor belonging to Kilmathomas, but some Time ago, at blasting a Mine he happened to be too near the Explosion, and has not been in his Senses ever since. He was put into the same Room with the above Garret on Tuesday last, and on Friday they happened to disagree, when Garrat overpowered him, and with a Stone beat him so severely in the Head that he now lies in languishing Condition.
     Last Week the Journeymen Weavers of Carrick assembled in a riotous and tumultuous Manner about the House of Mr. Francis Barron, in order to destroy some Journeymen of that Business, who had gone to that Town to work, in the Room of those Combinators against Masters having Apprentices to said Business, and made an Attempt to pull down the House of said Barron, which occasioned a Shot therefrom that wounded one of the Riotors but not mortally.
     Limerick, March 12. Last Saturday was married Bolton Penefether, Esq; of the County of Tipperary, to the agreeable Miss Jane Harrison, Daughter of Robert Harrison, Esq.
    Belfast, March 12. On Wednesday last died at Dromore, Mrs. Alice Durry, Wife of Mr. Thomas Durry, Merchant.
     In most Societies or Meetings, the Healths of the following gentlemen are drank as Friends to LIBERTY.
     Sir Anth. Abdy, Thos. Foley, Henry Pelton, Gen. Acourt, Brock Forrester, William Pitt, George Adams, Thomas Foster, John Pitt, Wm. Aslabe, Rose Fuller, John Plumtree, Lord Allen, Thos. Fuller, Edw. Popham, Tho Anton, Cecil Forester, Harcourt Powell, Andrew Archer, Lord Gage, Mackw. Praed, Sir G. Armytage, Sir John Gibbon, Robert Pratt, W. Ashburnham, Sir A. Gilmore, Geo. Preston, Pierce Ashe, Richard Glover, Rich. Price, Sir Wm Baker, F. G?do?phin, Chase Price, Sir J Barrington, James Grenville, W Beaue Proctor, Charles Barrow, Lord Grey, Henry Pye, Isaac Barre, Sir John Griffin, Wm. Plummer, Benj Bathurst, Tho. Grosvenor, John Parker, A Beauclerk, James Grant, Ld H Powlet, Wm Bickford, Lord Galway, Tho Prowse, Wm Bentanck, Jos. Guldon, Martin Rebow, Peregrine Bertie Sir Tho Hales, John Roberts, W Bootle, Capel Hanbury, Hon. J Robinson, Crab Bolton, Harb Harboard, Lord Royston, Edw Bouverie, Tho Harley, John Rushout, Sir Piercy Brett, John Hervey, Dennis Ro?le, Hen Bridgman, Hon. W Hervey, Matt Ridley, Sir Br. Bridges, Serj Hewitt, Sir J Rushout, John Buller, Rowland Holt, L.G. Sackville, James Buller, G Honeywood, Sir Geo. Saville, John Bullock, Gen Howard, Sir Cha. Saunders, William Burt, Lord Howe, Edwyn Sands, Peter Burrel, Col Howe, James Scawin, Bartho Burton, George Hunt, Fitz Scudamore, Richard Burton, Richard Huffey, Cha. Scudamore, John Butler, Tho Hutchins, Tho Sergison, Plummer Byde, Sir G Heathcot, Robert Shafro, Geo Brodenel, John Hewet, John Shelly, Miles Barnes, Geo Jennings, Sir Edw Simson, Col Ca?c?a?t, Col. Irwin, Edw. Southwel, Nic Colvert, Tho Knight, Tho Staunton, John Calver, Hon. A. Keppel, Richard Stevens, Pryse Campbel, Sir R Ladbrook, Hump Sturt, Dan Campbell, Gen Lambren, Tho Sullivan, Ld O Cavendish, Edm Laseeles, Hon W Stanhope, Ld F Cavendish, Dan Laseeles, John Tempest, Ld J Cavendish, Edw Laseeles, John Tomlinson, ? Cave, Wm Lawrence, Chas Townshend, Anth Champion, Peter Lo??, Cha Townshend, W R Che?w?n?, Sir Rob Long, Tho Townshend, N Cholmondely, Simon L????rel, Tho Townshend, T Cholmondely, Hon. Hen. Legge, Sir W T?lawny, Sir Ken Clayton, John Lucher, Sir Christ Treise [or Triefe], Wm Clayton, James Long, W Trevanninn, Charles Cox, Jos Mawby, John Tuekfield, Sir W Codrington, Jos, Mellish, Clem. Tu?way, Wenman Coke, Sir W Meredith, Foster Tu?ness, Sir G Colebrook, Sir G Methum, Thomas Tracy, Gen Conway, Hago Moynel, Frederick Vane, Geo Cook, Lord Middleton, Arth Vanfittant, Velters Cornwall, Rich Middleton, Lord Villers, Tho Coventry, Lord Middlesex, Sir F Vincent, Henry Curewn, Rich Mills, Hon G. Vernon, Rich Cavendish, Ld C Montague, Cha Waller, Hon W Craven, Edw Morant, Tho Walpole, John Damer, Sir J Morgan, Hon Walpole, Sir E Deering, Tho Morgan, Sir E Walpole, Geo Delawell, Tho Morgan, E Washingham, Geo Demler, Charles Morgan, Sir G Warren, John Dodd, Sir Rog Moston, Tho Watson, W Dowdeswell, James Murray, James West, Sir Fran Drake, Hon G Manson, Tho Whichcot, Les Dummar, Arnold Nesbit, John Whyte, Peter Dennis, Lord Newenham, Gen Whitmore, Edw Elliott, Thomas Noel, John Whisbut, Sir John Elwill, John Norris, And Wilkinson, Sam E?erton, Henry O?ley, John Willy, Sir Matt Featherston, Geo Onslow, Wm Wilson, Geo Onslow, H Win?eron, Saville Finch, John Offley, Wm Woodly, Brice Fisher, John Page, Sir Geo Yong, W Fitzherbert, Sir Tho Palmer, Cha York, G. Fitzwilliam, Tho Pelham, John York, W Fitzmaurice, Rich Penannt, Hon J York. Cha. Fitzroy.


     On the third Instant was seized by Delany Kingston and Hugh Moffit, Officers of Excise in Omagh and Fineanagh, with a Party of Light Horse, two unstatuteable Stills, 17 Gallons each.
     Last Week, the Shop of Mr. Henry Papyat in Caple-street, was robbed of several Pair of Shoes and Pumps. The same Night, a Grocer's Shop was robb'd of a Loaf of Sugar; and another Grocer's Shop, was attempted, in said Street.- This Caution is given, to put other Shopkeeper's on their Guard at Night.
    Last Friday sev'night Doctor Ellis was elected physician to the charter schools.
    Saturday last  an Adjournment of the Quarter Sessions was held at the Tholsel, when Marmaduke Wyville was tried and found Guilty of Felony and ordered for Transportation. And Monday the Sessions sat again, when William Salts, John Potts, and Philip Demsey, were tried and found Guilty of different Felonies and ordered for Transportation. Five other Prisoners were tried and acquitted. After which the Court adjourned to Wednesday the 14th of March Instant.
     Same Day Joseph Duffe, Walter Duffe, and Benjamin Baker, stood one Hour on the Pillory opposite to the Tholsel, pursuant to their Sentence; they are also to be imprisoned two Years and pillored again at the expiration of that Time.
     On Saturday, the 10th Instant, William Kirwan, a most dangerous and notorious Street Robber, and Anna Sexton, were conducted and lodged in Newgate, for robbing one Peter Malone, a poor industrious Sawyer.
     The Election for two Governors of the Work-house, comes on Monday the 26th Instant. The Governors who intend voting for George Paul Monk and Edward Newenham, Esqrs; are requested to attend there early, as the Election will be held at exactly twelve o'Clock. Dublin March 17, 1764.
     Married a few Days ago, Mr. Henry Odlum to Miss Pain, Daughter of Mr. Peter Pain of Ballyleakin, in the King's-County.
     DEATHS] Last Wednesday, Mr. Benjamin Litton. formerly an eminent Haberdasher in Bridge Street.- In Nicholas-street, the Wife of Mr. Caddle, formerly of Little Christ-Church-Yard, Toyman.- In Back-Lane, Mr. Charles Gallagher, an eminent Linen-Draper.- In Chequerlane, Mr. Abel Hayes, ale-draper.- In Drogheda-street, Mr. Thomas Ross, formerly an eminent Preukemaker.- In Liffy [or Lissy]- street, Master William Bate, son of Mr. Edward Bate, Printer, a Young Gentleman much regretted by his Acquantance.- In Mary's lane suddenly, Mr. Nathaniel Humphreys, an eminent Tallow-chandler.- In Great-Britain-street, Mr. Hugh Eccles.- Near Birr, in the Ninetieth Year of his Age the Reverend Mr. John Keogh.- at Quishion's-Town Mrs Bumford, Wife of William Bumford, in the County of Meath Esq; greatly regretted for her many amiable Qualities.


Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, March 20, 1764


    Last Friday was admitted to North Goal, Thomas Simmons, Clerk to Mr. Edward Reeves, Attorney for embezzling about five Pounds in Cash.
     Died, Monday Evening in an advanced Age, at her Lodgings in Cross-street, Mrs. Elenor Coman, Relict of Mr. John Coman, late of Dromcolloher, in the County of Limerick.- Tuesday Morning at his County Seat, near this City, James Piercy, Esq; an eminent and wealthy Merchant.- Mrs. Isaack, Wife of the Rev. Dr. Isaack, Archdeacon of Emly.
     Limerick, March 15- This Day died Daniel Webb, Esq; in the 82d Year of his Age.- Last Week died Mrs. Bowerman, Relict of John Bowerman, late of Cooline Esq.

     Yesterday Sev'nnight, His Excellency the Earl of Northumberland was pleased to appoint Lord Vicount Sudley, eldest Son of the Earl of Arran, a Trustee of the Linen Manufacture, in the room of the late Earl of Charleville.
     On Friday last his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, the Right Hon the Countess of Northumberland and many of the Nobility and Gentry, were most elegantly entertained at Dinner at the Mayoralty house in Dawson-street.
     On Saturday last Mrs. Adams, Quartermaster Lodge, Mess Spencer, Kirkpatrick, Molloy, Hutchinson and Macklin sailed in the King of Prussia for Parkgate.
     On Sunday the Right Hon. Lord Malton, the Right Hon. Thomas Connolly, Esq; and his Lady, Major Burgoyne, Capt. Shepard, Mess Shields, Ball, Matiland, and the Mail, arrived in the Besborough Packet from Holyhead; for which place she sailed with Mr. Omer, his Daughter, and Son, Mess Barry, Kensworth, Arthur, Mr. Finlay a Messenger and an Express; and Capt. Watts, Mess. Flemming, Persse, Edgworth, Galbraith, Mr White a Messenger and Express, arrived in the Hampden Packet from said Place.
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, John Bateman of Dromulton in the County of Kerry, Esq; to the eldest Daughter of William Meredith, of Annaghmore in said County, Esq; - Mr. Thomas Wright of Drummonds, to the Daughter of Mr. John Armstrong, near Monaghan.- Mr. John Irwin, of Moore in the County of Tyrone, to Miss Catherine Hamilton, of Drumglass in said County.- Mr. James Nowlan, Brazier, on Ormond-Quay, to Miss Mary Donnelly of Longford.- At Moira in the County of Down, Mr. William Mason, an eminent Merchant in Liverpool, to Miss Rogers.- Mr. John Kelly, of Francis Street, Tobacconist, to Miss Elinor Phillips, of Ormond Quay.
     DEATHS.] In Werburgh-street, deservedly lamented, Miss Ann Finn.- In Queen-street, Mr. Francis Reilly, an opulent Grazier of Ballinlough in the County of Meath.- Miss Cooke, Daughter of Richard Cook of Cellbridge in the County of Kildare, Esq;- At Painstown in the County of Kildare, Mrs. Aylmer, Wife of Charles Aylmer, Esq;- On the North Strand, Master Oliver Davis, Son to Mr. Richard Davis of Summer-bank, in the County of Meath.- At Croghan, in the King's County, in the 90th Year of his Age, Mr. Edw North- At Stephen's-green, aged ?0, Mrs. Elizabeth M'Neal- At Chester, Mrs. Folliott.- In Mechlenburgh-street, Mr. George Rosco, Manufacturer of Lampblack and Printers Ink.The Business is carried on by his Widow.- In Henry-street, Mr. James Hannet.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, March 24, 1764


     Cork, March 19. William Bagnell of Marlhill, in the County of Tipperary, Esq; is appointed one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for said County.
     Thursday last died at Lohart, near Mallow, Mr. George Brit, aged 115 Years; he was the only remaining Protestant of that small Number who bravely opposed and defended themselves against King James's Army, under the command of Major Slingsby at Six Mile-Water Pound, before the last Siege of this City. He was a Native of Yorkshire, in England, had such a great Share of Health and Constitution as to attend at his farming Business four Days before his Death, and retained his Senses to the last Hour.  It's remarkable that he never lost a Tooth by Accident or Decay.
     Limerick, March 19. Last Week died greatly lamented, at Corrofin, in the County of Clare, the Wife of Mr. Edward Hogan, at Cragmore, Daughter of Charles Lysaght, Esq; late of Kilcornan in said County.
     Last Night died at his House in this City, greatly regretted by all his Acquaintances, Mr. John Gabbert late of Ballyvorneen.


     As the Election for two Governors of the Workhouse, comes on on Monday next; the 20th instant, the Governors who intend voting for George Paul Monk, Esq; and Sir Edward Newenham, Knt., are requested to attend there early, as the Election will be held exactly at 12 o'Clock.
     Last Monday Sir Randal O'Neil and Frederick Cunningham, Esq; seized 18 Casks of Tea, which were lodged in the Watch house at Skerries.
     Last Tuesday the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor sent a Man to Bridewell for stealing hay off a Country Car; and caused three Loads deficient in Weight, to be sold, and the Value disposed of according to Law.
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. Lawrence Keeff of Henry-street, Merchant, to Miss Forster of Montrath-street.- Thomas Smith of Drumcree, in the County of Meath, Esq; to Miss Hutchinson, Daughter of the Rev. Archdeacon Hutchinson of Kildare-street.- Coghill Cramer, Esq; to Miss Waring of Digges-street.- Mr. Stephen Mari, of the Comb, to Miss Mary Broe, of Cork-bridge.
     DEATHS]- At Mallow, Mr. Michael Creagh, of Corke, Merchant.- In Britain-street, the Widow of Dr. Moss.- In Christ-Church-Yard, Mr. Richard Browne, formerly an eminent Brewer at Mount Brown near Kilmainham.- In Chamber-street, Mr. Joseph Copson, Comber.- In College-street, Mr Bryan M'Cabe, Periwigmaker.- In Kevan-street, the Wife of Mr. William Peters.- Suddenly at Platten, Granville Graham, Esq.; Brother of John Graham, Esq; - In Wexford the Wife of Mr. Robert Devereux Merchant.
     EDWARD GROGAN, at the Corner of Castle-lane in Dame street, being just returned from London, has this Day got in great Variety of the newest and most fashionable Spring and Summer Silks.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, March 27, 1764


    By Letters from the Frontier we learn, that the Irish Settlers who came over last Year are in great Distress, the People round them have left their Settlements, but they cannot do the same, because they have neither Horses nor Waggons to remove their Children and Provisions, and have neither Fire-Arms nor Ammunition to defend themselves; they have applied to Mr. Mayson, at Ninety-Six, beseeching him to fetch them away.


    MARRIED.] A few Days ago, Annesly Derinzey of Co. of Wexford, Esq; to Miss King, Daughter of Mr. Samuel King of Baltinglass in the Co. of Wicklow.
     DEATHS.] In Cut-Purse-Row, Mr. William Carr an eminent Cutler, one of the Common Council of this City, for the Cutlers &c. Corporation, a Man of an unblemished Character, both in public and private Life.- At Ballintubber, the Revd. William Meade, D.D., late of Corke.- At Dundalk, Mr. John Concannon, an eminent Grazier.- In Sackville-street, Miss Anne Burton, Daughter of the Right Hon., Benjamin Burton, Esq.
     EDWARD GROGAN, at the Corner of Castle-lane in Dame-street, being just returned from London, has this Day got in great Variety of the newest and most fashionable Spring and Summer Silks.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, March 31, 1764


    Cork, March 26. Yesterday, Michael Murphy, Patrick Broder, and John Broder of Mitcheltown, were committed to the County Jail by William Anderson, Esq; on an Information lodged before him, of their being concerned in enlisting Men and swearing them to subdue that Town and Country; and also for knocking down, and cruelly beating Edmond Barret of said Town, for refusing to swear and enlist with their Party. It also appears by the Examinations that thirty six of those Fellows were sworn and enlisted already, and that every Man who was sworn, had Liberty to enlist as many more as he could engage in the same treasonable Association.
     For some Time past there have been several petty Robberies committed both in House-breaking and on the Road about Cloyne and Middleton, by three Highwaymen, the Principal of whom is one John Downing, a Native of Cloyne.
     Captain Kerby of General Brudenell's Regiment of Foot, was lately married to Miss Susanna Cox, Daughter of John Cox, Esq.

     The Bill for augmenting the Salaries of the Curates, &c., have passed the Hon. House of Commons.
     Last Monday night some Rogues broke into the House of Mr. Armstrong in Kevan's-port, which they robbed of several Things of Value.
     Last Wednesday, Two hundred and sixty-five Pounds of Tea, seized by Mr. Byers, and 24 lb. ditto, seized by Mr. Morgan, were lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
     This Day Neile M'Daniel will be executed near St. Stephen's-green, for the Murder of Christopher Tute. Jacob Cuffe for robbing a Man on the Low-ground, and Patrick Rule otherwise O'Brien, for stealing 14 Cows, who were to be executed on said Day, are reprieved on Condition of Transportation.
     On Friday last as Mr. Sleater, one of the Revenue Officers of Ringsend, was on his Return Home from Dublin, whither he had been that Morning in good Health, he was suddenly taken ill on the Low-ground; and notwithstanding all possible Assistance given him, he expired in a few Minutes.
     Sunday Morning early, some Fellows broke into the Bedchamber Window of Mr. Kelly, an eminent Grocer in New-Row and took thereout his Watch and Buckles.
     Same Day an excellent Charity Sermon was preached in the new Meeting House in Strand-street, by the Rev. Mr. Bruce, and a Collection of 83l. was made for the Support of the Charity School belonging to said Meeting House.
     Saturday Morning, three Bank Notes, amounting to 110l. were stolen out of the House of Humphry Minshin, Esq; at Busherstown.
     Same Day, Mr. Walsh, of Kiltipper in the County of Wicklow, returning from this City, had the Misfortune to be thrown from his Horse, within half a Mile of his own House, and killed on the Spot.
     Monday, at a Quarterly Assembly of the Governors of the Workhouse, Sir Edward Newenham, Knt. and George Paul Monck, Esq; were unanimously elected Governors of the said Workhouse, in the Room of the Right Hon. the Earl of Charleville and Fielding Shaw, Esq; deceased.
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Sidenham Snow of Snowhaven, in the County of Kilkenny, Esq; Councellor at Law, to Miss Bonham of Stephen's Green, a young Lady of Beauty and Merit, and a Fortune of 3000l.
     DEATHS.] At his House in Dominick-street, greatly regretted, Stephen Trotter, Esq; one of the Representatives in Parliament for the Borough of Newborough, alias Gorey; a Trustee of the Linen Manufacture and one of the Governors of the Workhouse.- Mr. William Ellison, an eminent Woollen-Draper in Francis-street, and one of the Representatives in the Common Council of this City, for the Guild of Merchants.- A few Days ago, in London, the eldest Son of the Hon. Mr. Walsingham.- At Paris, the Hon. General Barrington, Colonel of the Eighth Regiment of Foot, a Major General on the Staff of this Kingdom, and Brother to Lord Viscount Barrington; he was an excellent Officer, and distinguished himself as such at the Rebellion of Guadalupe, where he commanded in Chief.- In the Country, Mr. Richard Gardener, formerly of this City, Gilder.- In Christ-Church-lane, Mrs. Carke, Mistress of Joe's Coffe-House. - In Chequer-lane, Mrs. Smith, Retailer of Spirits, &c.- At Stephen's-green, Mr. George Coffer, Grocer.- In Chamber-street, Mr. Smith, Portrait-painter.

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