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Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, June 2, 1764


     The Sufferings of John Byrne a Sawyer in Winetavern-street, who was lately treated in a most barbarous Manner, by a great Number of Persons unknown, on Account of his having refused to join with the Journeymen Sawyers, in an unlawful Combination, to raise the Price of Labour, and cause Disturbances in this City, having been represented to his Excellency the Earl of Northumberland, his Excellency, out of his great Wisdom and Humanity, and to disappoint the wicked Intentions of those who by their cruel Usage had reduced this poor Person to Want and Misery; has been pleased, by an Act in Council to grant a Warrant for the immediate Payment of thirty Pounds, to the said John Byrne, for his Support, and as a Reward for his Conduct, which Sum, we are informed, is to be continued to him yearly. It is not doubted, that this very judicious and compassionate Attention of Government, in the Distresses of an unhappy Object, suffering in such a Cause, will encourage all others to abide by and obey the Laws, and not to yield to the unlawful Solicitations or Threats of any such daring and lawless Confederates.
     Saturday last the 26th Instant, the following Gentlemen, in the name of the Guild of Merchants of this City, waited on the Right Hon. Sir Charles Pratt, Knt., Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas of England, at his Lordship's House, in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, and presented him with the Freedom of said Guild in a Gold Box, viz.
     Mr. Travers Hartley, Mr. Wm. M'Murtrie, Mr. Henry Bevan, Mr. Peter Smith, all of this City Merchants.
     They were received very politely by the great Judge, who expressed his Sense of this Mark of the Guild's Approbation of his Conduct.
     Mr. Henry Rippingham, is promoted by the Dean of St. Patrick's to the Place in the Choir, vacant by the Death of Mr. Brett.
     On Thursday the 31st May, an accidental Fire broke out in a Stable adjoining the Warehouse of Mr. Sylvester Mathews, Linen-Weaver in Thomas-street, whose Loss thereby in Linens, Cottons, &c. amounts to upwards of eight hundred Pounds.
     As he is an honest industrious Man, with a large Family, it is hoped that the Charitable and Humane will take his Case into Consideration, which may prevent an useful Member of Society and so considerable a Manufacturer in our Staple Article of Trade from falling to Ruin, which must be a Loss to the Public.--Thomas Read, Esq; Rob Montgomery, Esq; Messrs. Wm Montgomery, Anthony Dermott, John Pim Joshua, Wm Alexander, and Edwin Thomas, will receive Benefactions.
     A few Days ago Mr. Murphy, Attorney, was married to Miss Fanny O'Hara of the Inns-Quay.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, June 9, 1764


      Limerick, May 31. Last Week Mr. _____ Kean of the County of Limerick, was married to the Daughter of Mr. William Harding. And Mr. John Caster to the agreeable Miss Wakely.
     Cork, June 3. Saturday last arrived the Sally of Cork, Captain Goold from Bourdeaux, who, on the 26th Ult. in the Latitude of 50, North, Lon, 10, 11. West, of the Meridian of London, spoke with the Britannia of London, Captain George Massam, from Jamaica homeward bound. Captain Massam was in great Distress, being eleven Weeks out, three Weeks without Bread, and his Ship leaky; but Captain Goold kindly supplied him with Bread, Peas, and what Necessaries he could spare before they parted.
     DEATHS. Last Tuesday in Sunday's-well-lane, in the 104th Year of his Age, Dennis Swiney, Labourer. He lived several Years in that Neighbourhood, and supported on in Industry, until a short Time before his Death, which came on by slow Degrees. -- Saturday near North Gate, Mr. John Neale, Shoe-Maker, in the 95th Year of his Age. He retained all his Senses, and was capable of working at his Trade to the Last.

     Thirty Pounds of Tea, seized by Mr. Morgan, were lodged in the Custom-house Stores.
     Last Wednesday died at his House in Michael's-lane, Mr. William Gilloway, Grocer.
     We hear from London that Michael Sampson, who forged a bill of Exchange on Mess. Saldero and Company, is ordered for Execution on the 6th Instant.
     The Rev. Dr. Percival is collared by the Archbishop of Dublin, to be Prebend of Castleknock and Vicarage of Chapelizod, void by the Death of Dr. Sterne.
   Last Monday, being the Anniversary of his Majesty's Birth-Day, the Right Hon. Nathanel Clements, in his accustomed Loyalty and Liberality, concluded the Evening with a sumptuous Entertainment to the Nobility and Gentry at his Lodge in the Phoenix Park. The Populace were regaled in the Lawn with Liquors, &c.
    Died, a few days ago in Cook-street, Mrs. Boylan, Widow of the late Mr. Boylan, Baker.-- At Wexford, Mr. Thomas Keneselagh, Postmaster of that Town.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, June 12, 1764


    Cork, June 7. Monday last was committed to the County Jail, by Lewelln Nash, Esq; John Casey, William Rooney and Dennis Connel, for assaulting William Anderson and the Rev. William Nash, Esq; two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Cork.
     Marriages.] Last Thursday Mr. Dennis Sullivan, Accomptant, to the agreeable Widow Sullivan, at the End of Water-gate-lane, Grocer, with a handsome Fortune.- This Morning Mr. John Daniel of the Back-shambles, to the amiable Miss Mary Cassels.
     Sunday died on Kyrle's-Quay, Mr. Thomas White, one of the People called Quakers; very much lamented by all of his Acquaintances.


     We hear from London by the last Mail, that Mr. Macartney, Son of George Macartney, Esq, one of the Representatives of the last Parliament for Belfast, is appointed Envoy Extraordinary to the Court of Russia; the Earl of Buckingham being recalled. Also, that on Sunday the third Instant, Lord Albemarle was sent for to Bloombury-House, where his Grace of Bedford declared to him the Election of his Sister as Marchioness of Tavistock; (a Union much longed for by both Families) it was to have been completed the latter End of last Week; they were all to have set out for Wooburn-Abbey on Thursday. The Duke settles 10,000 a Year for present Maintenance, give the Lady 600l. per Annum for Pin-money, and provides for her Widowhood by 3000l. a Year.
     Monday, June 11. The Right Hon. the Earl of Meath, lately appointed Richard Supple, Gent. publick Weigh-Master of the Liberties of St. Thomas-court and Donore in the County of Dublin, in the room of John King, Esq.
     Friday, June 8, the Right Honourable the Countess of Drogheda, Sir William Main, Mrs. Forde and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Kelly, sailed in the Dorset Yacht for Parkgate.
     The Honourable Major Rochford, second Son of the Right Honourable the Earl of Belvedere, was married to Miss Mervin, of Dawson-street.
     Sunday, June 10. The Right Hon. the Earl of Tyrone and his Brother, sailed in the Besborough Packet for Holyhead.
     The Right Honourable and Honourable the Commissioners of his Majesty's Revenue have appointed Mr. Francis d' Evely to be a Land Carriage Officer of Dublin.
     Thomas Gordon of Clonmell, in the County of Tipperary, Gentleman, is appointed Coroner of said County.
     The Incorporated Society in Dublin for promoting English Protestant Schools in Ireland, acknowledge to have received from James Adair, of London, Esq; one of the Executore of Patrick Adair, late of the Parish of St. Laurence Jewry, London, Esq, deceased, by the Hands of Robert Montgomery, Esq; 60l. Sterling, being a Legacy bequeathed to the Society, by the said Patrick Adair.
     Last Friday, an Adjournment of the Quarter Sessions of the City of Dublin was held at the Tholsel when 12 Prisoners were tried, five of whom were acquitted, and the following seven were found guilty and received their Sentences accordingly, viz. William Connolly, Matthew Leonard, Daniel Kennedy, Martha Malone, Catharine Nugent, and Mary Salts, for different Felonies, all to be transported; and William Kelty for stealing a hunting Saddle was burn in the Hand, and ordered to be confined a Fortnight, and give Security for his good Behaviour, After which the Court adjourned to Yesterday Morning at Ten o'Clock.
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago Henry Alcock, Esq; one of the Representatives in Parliament for the Borough of Clomines, to Miss Chenevix, Daughter of the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Waterford.-- Edward Brereton, Esq; to Miss Bckerstaff, Daughter of the late Captain Bickerstaff.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago in Smithfield, the Widow Ormsby.-- At the Boarding School in Channel-Row, Miss Elinor Kelly.- In Dunlaghlin, the Wife of Mr. Supple, Grocer.- In Glassneven, Mr. Richard France, Printer.- On George's Quay, Mr. Thomas Lambert, an eminent Builder. - At her House in Suffolk-street, in the 71 Year of her Age, Mrs. Patience Howard, Relict of Robert late Lord Bishop of Elphin. - At Newport, in the County of Tipperary, Miss Anne Waller, Daughter of the late Samuel Waller, Esq; most deservedly lamented, being possessed of every amiable Quality that adorns her Sex.

    An INVENTORY of SILVESTER MATHEW'S Losses by the late accidental Fire.

4 Packs Sheetings at 70l. per                                               280
4 Baggs of Cotton Wool, at 20l. per                                      80
5 Packs of Trips at 60l. per                                                  300
Yarns, about                                                                         80
Flax, about                                                                           70
Cottons, about                                                                     150
Damages in Loss of Ware-house, Household Goods, &c.     100
County of the City of } Silvester Mathews, of said City, Weaver
       Dublin, to wit.    } came this Day before me, and made Oath,
that, upon the nearest Calculation, the above Inventory of his Losses,
by the accidental Fire which happened on Thursday Night, last, at his
House, and Ware-house in Thomas-street, are true, and that he verily
believes his Losses in the Whole amounts to upwards of 100l., Sterling.
          Silvester Mathews.  Sworn before me this 2d of June, 1764,
                                               GEORGE REYNOLDS.
We have examined the above Particulars, relative to Mr. Silvester Matthew's accidental Fire on Thursday last, and hereby certify we believe the Contents.
     True, dated as above,                            DAVID SHERRARD.
          A Copy.                                           WILL WOTHINGTON.
County of the City of  } John Johnson of the City of Dublin
     Dublin, to wit.       } Linen Weaver and Foreman to Mr. Sil-
vester Mathews, made Oath before me this Day, that he knows that
the Inventory of the Goods that Mr. Matthews swore to be just and
true, and likewise verily knows that his Losses by the late accidental
Fire, amounted to upwards of one thousand Pounds Sterling.
    John Johnson.             Sworn before me this 5th Day of June 1764.
         A Copy.                                           HANS BAILY.


THOMAS KELLY, Bricklayer,
At Mr. Golds, next Door to the Sugar-House in Stephen's-street, almost opposite Little Butter-lane,

UNDERTAKES to cure any smoking Chimney whatever effectually, that has the common Draught. No Cure no Pay.- He communicated to the late Mr. Brett (who gave Satisfaction to those who employed him) what Knowledge he had in that, and was said Brett's principal Operator.
     Many of said Kelly's Friends and others have lately charged him as being the Person advertised in the Freeman's Journal of April the 28th, signed a Citizen. This is to assure the Public that he is not the Person so Advertised, nor does he know the Imposter being about that Time, employed by Mr. Redmond Boat, Surgeon in Bride-street; and afterwards by Mr. Long, Printer, in Cope-street, both of whom can and will certify the same.- He may also be heard of at Mr. Boat's and at Mr. Long's aforesaid.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, June 16, 1764


     Cork, June 11. Sunday last was married at Nicholas's Church, Mr. Francis Wise, Victualler, to the agreeable Widow Long.
     Saturday Evening died at St. Fin-Barry's, Mrs. Elizabeth Weeks, relict of the late Thomas Weeks, Esq; Register of the Constitorial Court of Cork and Ross.

    Last Saturday and Adjournment of the Quarter Sessions for the City of Dublin was held at the Tholsel, when Edward Bermingham, John Delany and John Fay, were tried and found Guilty of different Felonies and were ordered for Transportation; Mary Fleetwood was also tried and found Guilty of Felony and ordered to be privately corrected. After which the Court adjourned to Yesterday.
     At night some Rogues broke into the Stable of the Rev. Archdeacon Synge at Stephen's-Green, and also broke open a Bin that was therein out of which they Stole a Saddle and a Pig's Skin Seat and plain Silver Staples with two Purple Girths.
     Last Monday Mr. John Graham was elected Master and John Kennedy of Great Christ-Church-Yard, and Mr. William Davis of Golden Lane, was also elected Warden of the Corporation of Taylors for the ensuing Year.
     The Lively, Williams, sailed for Parkgate, with the Rev. Mr. Wynne and Family, Mr. Philips and Family, Major Cunningham and Maguire, Capt. Thompson and Messrs. Thomas and Kirkpatrick.
     Mr. Delamain acknowledges the Receipt of one Pound ten shillings last Week, from the Rev. Arch Deacon Mann, for the poor confined Debtors.  Saturday last Cornet Smyth relieved seven poor Debtors out of the City Marshalsea, by paying their Debts; for which and the above seasonable Benefactions they return their sincere Thanks; they also beg Leave to return their Thanks to Mr. Delamain for remitting all their Fees, and Chamber Rent.
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, William Vaughn, of Golden Grove, Esq; to Miss Synge, Daughter of the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Killaloe. - Mr. William Cordnet, of Temple-bar, Goldsmith, to Miss Sarah Gordon of said Place.- At Loughrea, Mr. Patt Jonoine, to Miss Biddy Kelly. - Captain Staple, to Miss Connolly, Sister to the Right Hon. Thomas Connoly. - Mr. Bradburn, Hatter, in Pill-lane to Miss M'Giunes. - Patt Colclough, Esq; of Kildaven in the County of Wicklow, was married to Miss Ann Hartpole, Daughter to George Hartpole, Esq; of Shrule in the Queen's County.- Mr. John Followes of Leklip, to the agreeable Miss Betty Hugo.
     DEATHS. ] A few Days ago, on Lazor's-Hill, suddenly, the Widow Carrol. - Near Gorey greatly lamented, Mr. Thomas Hopkins, jun.- In Golden-lane, Mr. Francis Mulligan, Attorney.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, June 19, 1764

     Cork, June 14. We hear from Clonmell that a Dispute having arose last Week between Capt. B_r_n of the Army and Mr. _____ W_____h of that Town, they resolved on deciding it by a Duel, at an appointed Place in the Country, where they accordingly met, and each Gentleman discharged a Pistol. One was hit on the Instep, which broke the Buckle in his Shoe and the other had a Ball pass through his Skirt and Coat Pocket, on which the Seconds interfered afresh, and happily prevented further ill Consequences by reconciling the Parties.
     Tuesday Morning was married at Rathcooney Church, near this City, William Perry, of Woodruff in the County of Tipperary, Esq; to Miss Nancy Pedder, Daughter of Belcher Pedder, Esq;
     DEATHS.] In Bowling-green-street, Mr. James Guitton, who for some Years had retired with Reputation from the Sea-fearing Life. - In an advanced Age, Mrs. Atkins, Relict of the late Alderman Atkins, one of the People called Quakers. - Suddenly Mrs. Budd, Widow of the late William Budd, Clerk of Christ-Church Parish.


     Last Wednesday Examinations began in our University for the two Fellowships vacant by the Promotion of the Rev. Doctor Hugh Hamilton, to the Professorship of Natural Philosophy in the University; and Mr Graydon deceased. The following Gentlemen went in as Candidates, Messrs. Day, Connor, Usher, Kearney and Fitzgerald. On Thursday Mr. Connor being taken ill, he discontinued the Examinations. And Yesterday Messrs. Usher and Kearney were declared Fellows.
     Last Saturday being Trinity Eve, the Boys educated &c, in the Royal Free-School founded by King Charles the IId. in Queen-street, O?mantown, according to an annual Custom, walked in Procession, to the Tholsel and thence they preceded the Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor, Sheriffs, &c. to Christ-Church, where an occasional Sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Morgan. They afterwards returned in like Manner to the Tholsel, where each Boy received a Saffron Cake and a Glass of Wine, a Bounty given by the Guild of Merchants. The pretty Appearance made by such a Number of Children, being about 170, (the Sons of reduced Citizens) in their new Cloathing afforded a pleasing Prospect of their future Utility to the Community, which consequently must attach every beneficent Spectator to their Interests.
     The Report of the late distinguished Captain Campbell's being promoted to the Rank and Place of the late General Conway, is premature; For, though that illustrious Gentleman has given a strong Instance of uncommon Valor, in calling a Commander of signal Fortitude and equal Honour and Integrity, and Englishman too, to a Court-Marshal, he has not yet been positively named to any of the lately vacated military Employments; nor is it certain that he has an actual Promise of the Reversion of any of those soon to be vacated.
     Friday, June 15] General Fitzwilliam's Regiment of Horse and the Regiments of Foot commanded by General Hodgson, General Lord Forbes, General Carr, General Brudenell, and Colonel Owen, were reviewed in the Phoenix-Park, by Lieutenant General Fowke; they all made a fine Appearance and went through their Evolutions and Firings with the greatest Regularity, to the entire Satisfaction of the General and all the Officers present.
     Saturday, June 16. A silver Cup was stolen out of the Window of Mr. M'Clean in William-street.
     The Right Honourable Lord Kinsale, Captain Dobbs, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, Mess. Carleton, Fehrman, Minchin, Todd, Lennox, Lightbody, Blake, Geoghegan, and the Mail arrived in the Besborough Packet from Holyhead.
     MARRIED.] A few Days ago, Theophilus Bolton, Esq; to Miss Margaret Lyons, Daughter of Charles Lyons of Ladystown in the County of Westmeath, Esq; - Mr. Thomas Highland to Miss Nancy Norman, both of the Crampton-Court. - Counsellor Blakeney, Nephew to the late Lord Blakeney, to Miss Gertrude Smith, of Kildare-street.
     DIED.] A few Days ago, at Mallow in the County of Corke, the Reverend Henry Smyth, D.D., Archdeacon of Glandelagh, a Dignitary of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dubliln, Prebancy of Donoghmore in the Cathedral of Limerick, and Rector of Kilteely, Newcastle and Monegay in said Diocese in Limerick - At Corke Cap. James Guison, Master of a Vessel in that Port. - Dame-street, Mrs. Hannah Judd, one of the People called Quakers.
     The Play called, The Merchant of Venice, will be performed this Evening at the Theatre in Smock-Alley; Shylock by Mr. Macklin, Launcelot by Mr. Shuter; with a Farce called Lethe; the Characters of Lord Chalkstone, and the Old Man, by Mr. Shuter. To which will be added the following Entertainment of Dancing: End of Act the Third, A Comic Ballet, called, Le Marriage du Village; End of Play a Grand Ballet Dance, called La Provencalle; by Monsieur Duberval, from the King's Theatre in the Hay-market; and Signora Manaficre, from the Theatre Royal in Convent Garden.

     It is much to be wished, that some of our Grand Juries would take into Consideration the Stumbling Blocks that are of late put up, instead of Posts, in the principal Streets of this City. Posts to guard the Foot Passengers from Carriages and Cattle are set up in Streets and Highways, in ever well regulated Country. In England the whole Posts or the Heads of them are painted white, that they may afford the better Direction in the Dark. They are always made three Feet high, at the least, as a Person must be hurt less by coming with his whole Body against a tall Post than railing over a short Stump. Regardless of these Considerations, it is now the Fashion to set up little angular Stones about a Foot high. And even some, who have had Stone and wooden Posts before their Houses, have cut them down to the Model and Size of these Stumbling Blocks, by which Carriages and Foot-Passengers have in the Dark suffered many irksome Disasters. Why may they not be prevented as Nuisances?
     The great Increase of wheeled Carriages in this Kingdom would afford a pleasing Reflection in this City, did it not seem that the Coachmakers, claimed a Right to engross whole Streets and Lanes so much to themselves, that several of the widest Streets are greatly obstructed, and some of the narrower quite blocked up by Carriages, new or old, standing before Coachmaker's Doors. This is an Incroachment which loudly commands the correcting Hand of the Magistrate.
     It is said by Travellers, that this is the only City in Europe, where the Rebuilders of Houses are permitted to annoy all the Passengers, as well as the Inhabitants of a Street, by throwing down Bricks, Stones and Rubbish in the open Street. They go still further Here, and spread out Brickbats, Stones, and old Mortar, to be ground by Carriages into the Dust, and then screen it, perhaps in windy Weather to the extreme Prejudice of all the Neighbourhood, or if Rains come on, a great Part of this pounded Rubbish is carried into our River, to render the Navigation as difficult as a safe Passage through the Streets. The Laws have provided against all these Evils if the Magistrates would but execute them. In all well regulated Cities, the Undertakers of Pavement before their Houses, to receive all Rubbish, as well as all Materials for Building; so that the Neighbourhood feels but little, and Passengers less Inconvenience from the building and rebuilding of Houses. What Pity it is, our Magistrates do not, Go and do likewise!

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, June 23, 1764

     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. Fleming, Cardmaker, of Cork-hill, to Miss Kelly of Enniscorthy. - Mathew Car, of the County of Westmeath, Gent, to Miss Elizabeth Walker. - Doctor Carter of College-green, to Miss Grace Kennedy of Molesworth-street.- At Garristown, Mr. Arthur Rice, aged 70, to Miss Ann Corrogan, aged 11 years and 1 Month. - At Roscrea, Mr. Wm Rhodes, Clothier, to Miss Polly Dudley; and Mr. Tappin Rudd, Hosier, to Miss Phoebe Dowde. - Mr. Thos. Highland to Miss Ann Norman, both of Crampton-Court. - At Corke, Mr. Austin Brenan, of Limerick, to the Daughters of Mr. Thos. Kelly, Merchant. - Mr. Richard Dickson of Dolphin's-Barn, Tanner, to Miss Williamson, Daughter of Mr. Williamson of Cole-Alley, Castle-street, Assay-master. - Mr. John Nugenet, of Grafton-street, to Miss Pilkington, of Arran-quay.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at his Lodgings at Dundrum, Mr. Charles Pellerreau, Batchellor of Trinity College, and Son of the Revd. James Pel?errean, A.M. - At Ross, suddenly, Mr. Daniel Stevens, aged 85. - In Mary-street, Miss Tuckey.

     The Managers of the Charitable Loan, acknowledge the Receipt of 10l. a Benefaction to that Charity, from the Rev. Dr. Smith, Vicar of St. Ann's, by the Hands of the Rev. Wm. Stopford; for which they return their grateful Thanks.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, June 26, 1764


     Corke, June 2. Last Sunday 7-Night (Wednesday) as Mr. Thomas Brabazon, Parish Clerk of Ardagh, in the Neighbourhood of Youghall, was going to attend Divine Service, he was most inhumanly knocked down and assaulted, by some Persons as yet unknown; when after a short space of Time, he had recovered his Speech, they illegally forced him to make Oath, that from that Day, he never more would frequent said Church, or Demand any Dues or Salary whatsoever as Clerk of said Parish.
     Yesterday Morning arrived the Favourite Yacht, of and belonging to Mr. Randall of Bristol, Capt. Bastable, with several Passengers, in 20 Hours from Milford. This Vessel is compleatly fitted and altogether designed for the Accommodation of Passengers, having seventeen separate Beds standing, and is we hear to ply constantly between this Port and Bristol.
     Tuesday Evening, William Vaughan, Coal Porter, being intoxicated by Liquor, missed his Step getting on board a Vessel at the Coal Quay, and fell into the Chanell, from which he is so much hurt, that it is thought he cannot recover.
     Last Tuesday, the following young Gentlemen obtained Scholarship in our University, Messrs. Knaggs, Lanause, Ward, George, Miller, Mullock, Day, Hastings, Bacon, Mosse, Rankin, Tisdal, English, Magrath and Weir.
     Last Week Mr. Wheeler, Surveyor of Killough, made a large Seizure out of a smuggling Wherry, of 960 lb of Tea, which he lodged in the Collector's Office at Dundalk.
     George Reeves, Gent., was admitted and sworn an Attorney of the Court of Exchequer.
     The Liberties and Franchises of this City will be ridden and perambulated on Tuesday the 7th of August.
     Thursday, June 21 ] Miss Thompson, Mrs. Maxwell, Mrs. M'Connell, Mrs. Wilkinson, Mr and Mrss. Haufar, Messrs. Nicholson, Knaresborough, Witcher, Kearney, Allen, M'Carty, Clarke, Kelly, Hobbs, Mealy, Booth, Bourke, Burton, Goff and the Mail, arrived in the Fortescue Packet from Holyhead.
     Saturday last, the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, inspected the several Markets and seized a Quantity of unsaleable Provisions which were distributed as usual.
     BIRTHS. ] A few Days ago, at Maryborough, the Lady of John Newenham, Esq; of a Daughter. - On Thursday last, of a Daughter, the Lady of Lord Viscount Powerscourt.
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. Francis Perry, an eminent Attorney, to Miss M'Laughlin of Booterstown. - Mr. Usher, belonging to the Revenue, to Miss Dickenson, of Fleet-street.
     Died.] In Loughboy, the Hon. Lady Dowager Mountgarret. - On the Puddle, much lamented, Mr. Patt Coleman, an eminent Grocer.

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