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Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Jan. 3, 1764


     Cork, December 20.] We hear that a Body of Troops, consisting of five Regiments, will soon be sent to America; and that another Regiment will be sent to the East Indies
     Tuesday the Pearl Frigate, of 25 Guns, Capt. Sexton, arrived at Cove from Kinsale.
     Last Night two Servants of Mr. George Morgan, Brewer, fell into the River near the end of Lambley's Lane, and were unfortunately drowned. A short Time after, a young Woman going to take up Water at the Slip of said Lane, observed a Man, dressed in a blue Coat, plunge into the River, whether designedly or no is not known, who was also drowned before any assistance could be had. Their Bodies have not yet been taken up.
     This Morning was married at the Ovens Church, Mr. Peterton of Kinsale, an eminent Tanner, to Miss Nelly Barry of Browne-Street; a very agreeable young Lady, with a handsome Fortune.
     DEATHS. Last Week at Moviddy, greatly regretted, Mr. Thomas Wood, who had been Clerk of that Parish upwards of 40 Years. Monday Night on Hammond's-Marsh, very much lamented, Miss Jane Harrison, Daughter of Mr. John Harrison.


    Saturday, a Glazier working at a Window in the Castle, one Story high, fell from a Ladder, and was so dangerously bruised that his Life is despaired of.
     Francis Osborne of Aughygalt near Convey in the Co. of Donegall having (as he apprehends) discovered that Perpetual Motion, is desirous that his Machine should be inspected by any Person appointed by the Society, or any other Body of Gentlemen that would not pirate the Discovery, but give the Advantages of it to the Discoverer.
    MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, John Magill, of Tullycarn in the County of Down, Esq; to Miss Jane Reily, Daughter of John Reilly, Esq; of Scarva in the said County. - John Vincent of Killbeggs in the County of Kildare, Esq; to Miss Margaret Mills, Daughter of Samuel Mills in said County, Esq; - Yesterday Mr. Thomas Proctor, Jeweller, to Miss Anne Logan of Lazer's Hill.- Saturday Mr. Benjamin Galt, an eminent Merchant in Mary's Abbey, to the most amiable and agreeable Miss Charlotte Blunt of Kilkenny, Daughter of Mr. Alderman Joseph Blunt. Her Fortune, tho' considerable is her smallest Perfection to make a Marriage State happy.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, In George'-Lane, Mrs. Kilburne, Wife of Mr. Kilburne, Bookbinder.- At York Captain William Lushington, of the 29th Regiment, of Foot.- In Marlborough-Street, Nicholas Shirely, Esq.; - In Francis-Street, Mr. Mar??ew Coffey, Linen-Draper.- In Dominick-Street, William Innes, of Dromantine in the Co of Down, Esq;- In Spital Fields, the Wife of Mr. Pat M'Cabe, Grocer.- In Cook-Street, Miss Mary Boylan- In Dominick-street much lamented, Miss Magennis, a young Lady of great Merit and Fortune.- In Anne's-Street Stephen's-Green, in the 80th Year of her Age, Lady Crofton.- In Fleet-Street, Mrs. Latrobe, a Widow Gentlewoman of an unblemished Character.- At Cork, Mr. Richard Noble, an eminent Plumber and Glazier.- At Galway the Wife of Mr. Bartholomew Kelly, Master of the Elephant Tavern, and Mr. John Smith Merchant.- At Limerick, William Manwaring, Esq; late Commander of his Majesty's Ship Arundle; - and the Widow of Mr. James Sargent Burgess.- Saturday Morning, the Right Hon. Nicholas Loftus, Viscount Loftus of Ely. He is succeeded in Title and Estate by his Eldest Son, Nicholas now Lord Loftus.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Jan. 7, 1764


     Cork, January 2. Thursday arrived at Cove, His Majesty's Frigate, Hussar, 32 guns, Capt. Smyth, from Plymouth.
     Limerick, Jan. 2. Yesterday Bullen Fancourt, Esq; Capt. in Colonel Kepple's regiment of foot, was married to Miss Franklin, daughter of Alexander Franklin, Gent. a very amiable young lady of genteel accomplishments and good fortune.


     At the late quarterly Examinations in our University, Messrs. Ellison, Pelletreau, Waller, Bayly, Watts, Barrett and Langton were appointed Moderators.
    Wednesday the Right Hon. Lord Farnham, __ Kelly Esq; Capt. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, and Mr. Ledwich arrived in the Dorset Yatch, Williamson, from Parkgate.
     Yesterday Thirty-four Pounds of Tea, seized by Mr. Mark Thomas, were lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, died at his Seat at Kilminshie, in the Queen's County Wm. Gilbert, Esq; one of the Representatives in Parliament for the Boroogh of Maryborough. In Fishamble-street, Mr. Henry Hanbridge, an eminent Silk-Throwster.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Jan. 10, 1764


     Cork, January 5. Monday last sailed from Cove his Majesty's Frigate Pearl, Captain Sexton, for Portsmouth.
     We hear from Waterford, that the Providential Friends of Liverpool, Harrison, commander, bound from this Port for thence, was wrecked in Tramore Bay, and but three of the crew were saved.
     Yesterday died at Cooldaniel, the seat of Mr. Thomas Barter, Mrs. Bennett, relict of Mr. Henry Bennett, and Mother to Mr. Phillip Bennett, Apothecary.
     Kilkenny, Dec. 29. A young disbanded soldier, called Mogg Brenan, lately murdered a woman in this City, knocking her down with a coal hammer; he afterwards put a pair of tongs about her neck, and dragged her to her own cellar, where he stabbed, and tied her to a stilling. The villain escaped immediately to Ross where he stole a silver tankard which was detained at Naas; from thence he returned hither, and was this day apprehended. He has confessed to the Mayor an horrid intention of murdering another woman tonight, and produced the penknife he had for the excerable purpose.
    Limerick, Jan. ?. Last night died deservedly lamented by all her acquaintance, Miss Jaques, daughter of Mr. Isaac Jaques. - Same evening died, to the inconsoleable grief of his Parents and all that had the pleasure of his acquaintance, Mr. Richard Pitts jun. a young gentleman of extraordinary abilities in his profession, having, for his drawings, acquired fix premiums from the Dublin Society.


     Mr. William Morres, many years comptroller of the custom at Holyhead, died there a few days since.
     One Dolan, a beggarman aged ??, died a few days ago at Birr.
     Baden Fancourt, Esq., captain in col. Keppel's regiment of foot, was lately married at Limerick to Miss Franklin, daughter of Mr. Alex Franklin.
     A few days since was married at Birr, Mr. Turner of the county of Galway, to Miss Nancy Chawner.
     Yesterday at a Post Assembly held at the Tholsel, for the Election of an ALDERMAN, in the room of Thomas Taylor, Esq; deceased, the following four Sheriffs Peers, pursuant to the Act of Parliament, were put in nomination by the Board of Aldermen, viz. George Reynolds, Alexander Reeves, John Read, and Joseph Hall, Esqrs; when the Election made by the Commons stood thus:
     For George Reynolds, Esq; 95
           John Read, Esq;             2
          Joseph Hall, Esq;            1
          Matthew Weld, Esq; by    }
Mistake, not being in nomination.} 1
     Died last Week at Leixslip, Mr. Thomas Taylor, one of the Persons concerned in conducting the Copper Plate Printing there. We hear that the Business will be carried on as  usual by Mr. Dixon.
     Two Persons, from that lawless Country called the Hill of Rath-cool, were lately committed to Killmainham Goal, by Richard Morgan, Esq; for Sheep-stealing. The same Magistrate having granted a Warrant against an Accessary in said Theft, he was taken thereupon and committed to the same Goal.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Jan. 14, 1764


     Limerick, Jan. 9- Last Week was married William Henn, Esq; to Miss Bridget Browne, Daughter of Edmund Browne, of the County of Clare, Esq; On the 20th last was married at Sanville, James Godsell, Esq; to Miss Adams of London.
     Yesterday was committed to Goal, one Slattery, for so inhumanly cutting and maiming a Soldier of Col. Owens's Regiment, that his Life is despaired of.
     Cork, Jan. 9. Saturday was committed to the City Goal, Timothy Crowley, charged with feloniously taking away fifteen Guineas, one Camlet Mantle, and one Crock of Butter, Value 1l.5s. the Property of James Wool.


     On Friday the 6th instant, died in her Chair, in her Home in Dominick-street, Mrs. Jane Sampson, Widow of Michael Sampson, of the City of Dublin, Esq; and on Sunday the 8th she was buried in Drumcondra.
     Saturday a most melancholy Accident happened at Newbridge in Fingall; Master Newenham, Son of the most worthy High Sheriff of the County of Dublin, and Miss Monk, seeing a Powder Horn with some Gunpowder in it, they threw it on the Fire, which immediately burnt, and made such an Explosion as to burn the young Gentleman in so shocking a manner, that he died the Day after, and the young Lady is severely burned, but is in a fair Way of Recovery.
     Tuesday Morning, six Villains broke into the House of the Widow Butler, near Kilbrew, and, not content with the robbing her of six Guineas, and every valuable Moveable, cut her terribly with their Knives, and tortured her in a most shocking Manner.- The Villains were pursued, and it is hoped they will be taken, as there were so many concerned.
    With pleasure, we can assure the Publick, that the Paragraph in some of Yesterday's Papers, promulging the Death of Mr. Trimble of Francis-Street, is without Foundation, that Gentleman being in perfect Health.
    It is with uncommon Regret we convey the following Piece of melancholy News to the Public, as it must diffuse Grief as far as the Subject's Name is known. Late last Wednesday Evening died of a Fever taken in Child-bed, Mrs. Steuart, Wife of William Steuart, Esq; of Stafford-Street, in this City, and Daughter of Sir Richard Butler, Bart. She enjoyed her Senses to the last, and bore a painful and distressful Disorder, with that patient Submission, which accompanies "The gay Conscience of a Life "well spent," and indicates that Sweetness and Serenity of Temper, which rendered her as universally beloved in Life, as she is now lamented in Death. From a most just and exalted Sense of Religious Duties, flowed all the social Virtues in the highest Degree: For to the tenderer Offices of Society, filial Piety, conjugal Love, and parental Affection, and Friendship hardly to be paralleled, she added the most extensive Benevolence and Charity, with native Politeness, and the most engaging Affability. And what hightened all these excellent Qualities, they were the pure Emotions of her Heart, and were consequently as unaffected, as they were void of Ostentation. No wonder then, that Words cannot express the Heart-felt Sorrow which attends this Lady's Death. Yet it must be every good Man's ardent Wish," So to live, and so to die.-- Let me die the Death of the Righteous, and let my last End be like his!"

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Jan. 17, 1764


    Thursday, Stephen Ratcliff, Esq; Councellor at Law, was chosen by the Dean and Chapter of St. Patrick's Senechal of their Liberties, in the room of Sydenham Singleton, Esq; who has resigned.
     Hunt Walsh, Esq; hath declared himself a Candidate for the Borough of Maryborough, there being a Vacancy in Parliament by the Death of the late William Gilbert Esq.
     On the 10th instant being Quarter Day of the Guild of Merchants, the Freedom of that reputable Corporation was voted in a Gold Box to the Right Hon. Sir Charles Pratt, Knt. Lord Chief Justice of his Majesty's Court of Common Pleas in England, as seeing the Principles of Liberty vindicated and maintained, and the Rights of the Subject protected, by the just Determinations and spirited Conduct of this great Officer, on several Occasions.
     Same Time came on the Election for a Common Council Man for said Corporation, in the room of Christopher Harrison, Esq; deceased, when on casting up the Ballots, the Election flood thus, viz.
     For Mr. Robert Athenleck, Merchant, 86
     For Mr. Peter Wilson, BOOK-SELLER, 84
     For Mr. James Evory, Merchant, 59
     For Robert Patrick, Merchant, 13
when Mr. Athenleck was declared duly elected.

     At a General Hall or Quarterly Meeting of the Corporation of Barbers and Surgeons, Apothecaries and Perriwig Makers or Guild of St. Mary Magdalene in Dublin, on Monday the 16th Instant, It was unanimously ordered,
     That the Freedom of this Corporation be presented to Sir James Caldwell Baronet, Count of the Holy Roman Empire for his Patriot Spirit in raising a Troop of Horse at his own proper Expence for the Service of his King and Country, in the late War, when this Kingdom was threatened with Invasion.
     Sir James Caldwell, Bart. was also admitted to his Freedom of said Guild, for the public Services rendered to this Country, by his well appointed Regiment of Light Horse, during their Continuance in the Service.
     That the Freedom of this Corporation be presented to the Right Honorable the Lord Chief Justice Pratt for the great Learning, matchless Zeal and invincible Fortitude, with which he asserted the Rights and Liberties of our Fellow Subjects, on some late remarkable Occasions.
     That the Freedom of the Corporation be presented to the Honorable Lieutenant Colonel William How for the distinguished Loyalty and Valour of his illustrious Family, and his particular Exertions of his extraordinary Talents as a Soldier and a Commander in the Conquest of Canada.
     Ordered, that these Orders be published in the public Papers.
     Joseph Ravinscroft, Master.
     Alexander Ross, Robert M'Cabe, Wardens.

     Yesterday CHARLES COOTE, Esq; Knight of the Shire for the County of Cavan, was by Order of his Majesty, invested at the Castle, by his Excellency, the Lord Lieutenant, with the Ensigns of the most Honourable Order of the BATH, for the Great Services rendered by him to his KING and COUNTRY. The numerous and splendid Appearance of the Nobility and Gentry, who attended on this Occasion, from its Novelty, exceeded common Expectation.
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, at Birr, Mr. Turner of the County of Galway, to Miss Ann Chawner.--In Jame's-street, Mr Richard Guiness, Gunsmith, to Miss Ann Bourke.-- Mr. Anthony Lynch, an eminent Merchant in Mullinahack, to Mrs. Medcalf of Bridge-street, with a considerable Fortune.-- Mr. George Sheils of the custom-hosue, Dublin, to Miss Curtis, daughter of Frederick Curtis, Esq., late one of the Aldermen of Cloraine.-- Mr. Thomas Bancroft, an eminent timber-merchant, of the Batchelor's-walk, to Miss Penrose of Cork.-- Mr. John M'Donnell, of William-street, Grocer, to Miss Fitzgerald of Pe???-street, with a considerable Fortune.-- Mr. Clarke, an eminent Merchant, of Liverpool, to Miss Mary Colgan, of Phillistown.-- At Dundalk, ___ Dawson, of Carrickmacross, to Miss Sally Dillon, Niece to the late James Dillon, of Usher's-quay, Esq.-- Mr. Gibson Jones Printer, to Miss Jennings of the Blind-quay.-- Mr. Thomas Murphy, of Newtown in the Co. of Dublin, to the Widow Browne of the Strand.-- At Kilkenny, Samuel Mathews, Esq; to the Widow Robinson.-- At said Place, Mr. Shanaham, Apothecary, to Miss Sarah Alcock.-- Mr. Christopher Colles, Stone Blue Manufacturer, to Miss Anne Keough-- Thomas Bomford, of Clountown in the Co. Meath, Esq; to Miss Alicia Jessop, eldest Daughter of Thomas Jessop, of Mount-Jessop in the Co. Longford, Esq;--Mr. Robert Weekes, Merchant of Waterford, to Miss Elizabeth Turvy of Bow-bridge.
     DEATHS.] A few days ago, on Aston's quay, the Widow Fell-- At Bellinagh in the county of Meath, Mrs. Alice Sheil, wife of Mr. Thomas Sheil, farmer-- In Cole Alley, Meath-street, Mr. Henry Astick-- In New-market, Mr. Thomas Reilly, butcher-- In Smithfield, Mrs. Margaret Cassidy, wife of Thomas Cassidy dealer.-- In Grafton-street, Mr. John Fitzsimons, baker-- Near Cork, the Widow Bennet--At Limerick, Miss Jaques, and Mr. Richard Pitts, jun.-- In Francis-street, Mr. William Pallen.-- In Francis-street, the Widow Evans, Tallow-Chandler.-- Near Drumscondra, the Wife of Mr. Joseph Dioderici.- In Cusse (or Cuffe)-street, Mr. Robert Reading of Derrycooly in the King's county, Esq;-- At her house in Little Cusse (or Cuffe)-street, the Widow Pearson.-- At Kilkenny William Warring Esq;--In Nicholas-street, the Wife of Mr. John Charles Rabiteau, Merchant.-- In Dominick-Street, the Widow Sampson.-- In Truck-Street, Mr. Ledwich, Publican.-- In Nicholas-Street, aged 80, Mr. Phillip Bullock, who had 40 Years Clerk of the Parish of St. Nicholas Within.-- At Bath, James Ware, of Stephen's-Green, Esq;-- At Portlick, in the Co. Westmeath, Mr. Charles Sullivan, Farmer.-- In Bride-Street, Mr. Daniel Tracy, Saddle-tree-maker.--At Askemore, in the Co. of Wexford, Mr. Henry Dylon, formerly a considerable Farmer in the Co. Wicklow, aged 120 Years. He retained his Senses 'till about Six Months before his Death; at which Time he knew no one and continued without Pain 'till his Demise.-- In George's-Lane, Mr. Seguin, late a very eminent Sugar Baker.-- On the North-Strand, Mrs. Eliza Flood, aged 123.-- At Gaffey, in the County of Meath, John Bellew, Esq; in his ??th Year, he retained his Senses and Memory to the last.-- At Ross, Mrs. Eliz. Clifford, aged 117 she retained her Senses to the last, was thrice married ,and liv'd to see her Offspring to the fifth Generation.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Jan. 21, 1764

    Monday a large quantity of Jewels, Watches, and Plate were seized by Mr. Barker, in Mary's Lane, and lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
     Robert Gibson, of New Castle, Esq; is appointed High Sheriff of the Co. of Dublin, James Byrne, Gent. his Sub-Sheriff.
     MARRIED.] A few Days since, Mr. Highns Stephens, second Son of William Stephens of Ballinachargy, Esq; to Miss Cassady, a Young Lady of a handsome Fortune, and possessed with every Accomplishment that can render the married State truly happy.
     On Friday last died, deservedly regreted, Mathew Jacob, Esq; Member in the Parliament for the Borough of Feathard, in the Co. Tipperary.
     The Prisoners of the Four Court Marshalsea acknowledge the Receipt of Half a Guinea from an unknown Lady, by the Hands of Mr. M'Culloh, Printer, for which they return a  most grateful Thanks.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Jan. 24, 1764


     Cork, Jan. 19. A few days since Elizabeth Powers the wife of John Tierney, Brewer-man, in Charles's-lane, contrived a scheme by swelling up her belly, to persuade her husband that she was with child, and after his having provided all necessaries for baptizing the child, his wife procured an infant from another woman whose husband went to Newfoundland, which after being baptiz'd with as much joy as they could possibly shew upon the occasion, the mother came publickly to this man's house to demand the infant babe: This so shocked the poor man that he has since quitted the Town.
     Tuesday night some rogues broke into the Worsted Shop of Mr. George Newenham, on the North Mall, and carried off 18 Guineas in Gold and Silver; a Reward of 20 Guineas is offered for apprehending the Thief.
     Same night died at his House in Blarney-lane, much lamented by all his acquaintance, Mr. George Johnson, a very extensive dealer in the Tallow business.
     Limerick, Jan. 19. Last Monday Francis M'Mahon had a tumour of monstrous size, pendulous from the belly, extirpated in our hospital, and continues in a fair way of recovery. It proceeded from a small kernel, which gradually increasing in strength made him incapable of labour. This tumour weighed five pounds.
     Tuesday evening died suddenly at Mr. Nash's, near Limerick, Mr. Stephen Roche, of Lisbon, merchant.
     Last Monday died much lamented, Colonel John Worge.
     On Saturday the 14th inst. died near Dromore, in the eighty first year of his age, the Rev. James Allen, who was for many years Minister of one of the dissenting congregations of Dromore.


     17th] At night two Gentlemen, with a Servant, were attacked near Kilmainham by three Footpads, who stopped them, but on seeing their Resolution, and on one of the Gentlemen firing a Pistol, they made off through a bog and escaped.
     Counsellor Butler and his Lady, Captain Johnson, Robinson, and Bromhead, Mess. Smyth, and Draper, sailed in the Eagle, Capt. Briscow, for Parkgate.
     Friday the Hon. Sir James Caldwell, Bart. was voted the freedom of this City in a box, on the lid of which is to be the city arms, and on the bottom the following inscription.
                   Christmas assembly, 20th of January, 1764.
     We the Lord Mayor, Sheriffs, and Commons of the city of Dublin, do unanimously present the Hon. Sir James Caldwell, Bart. Count of Milan, of the Holy Roman empire, one of the gentlemen of his Majesty's most honourable privy chamber, fellow of the Royal Society, a governor of the County of Fermanagh, and colonel of a regiment of militia, with his Freedom of this city in this box, on account of the signal services which he has performed to his country, in raising in the year 17?9 a regiment of light horse, at his own expence, for the defence of this kingdom, when an invasion was threatened, and after the emergency, for employing his well appointed regiment, to the effectual advantage of the fair trader, and to the essential encrease of his Majesty's revenues.-- On Monday the Hon. Sir James Caldwell, was unanimously presented with the freedom of the guild of merchants, for the signal services he has done his country. And the same day, the Corporation of barbers unanimously presented him with his freedom on the same account.
     Married.] A few days ago, Mr. John Murphy, an eminent ship-builder, of White's-lane, to the agreeable Mrs. Adair, of George's-quay, with a considerable Fortune.-- Richard Walsh, sen Esq; to Miss Prince of Clonmell- Mr. Dennis Kelly, an eminent attorney, to Miss French of the Blind-quay.
     Last Week Hampden Nicholson, Esq; to the only Daughter of the late Mr. Ormsby, of the County of Limerick, a Lady possessed of every accomplishment necessary to render the Marriage State happy, with a very large Fortune.
     Died.] A few days ago at Ross in the County of Wex[ford] Mrs. Elizabeth Clifford, aged 117- In Dame-street, Miss Harper, an eminent milliner- At Cronfield in the county of Mayo, the wife of Thomas Rutlede, Esq;- The Rev. Jeremy ?raycott, rector of the parishes of Boke and Derrybrusk, in the diocese of Clogher, and county of Fermanagh, aged 77. --On the Combe, Mrs. Wilson- At Leany in the county of Westmeath, Mr. James Gaynor.- At Creelstown in the county of Meath, Mrs. Goodbody, wife of Samuel Goodbody, formerly of the Blind-quay, merchant.- Last Saturday, in Peter-Street, the wife of Mr. Hector Graham, an eminent Attorney and Deputy Prothonotry of the Court of common Pleas. The amiable Disposition of this Lady, has left such an impression on the Minds of her Relations and Friend, as Time only can efface.
     On Saturday Evening, a Gentleman passing by the House, next to the Waste Lot in Sackville-Street, (called Magill's Hole) fell in, and was very near being drowned, there being near five Feet Water there. This is inserted as a Caution to others who may have Occasion to walk that Way at Night.

   The Damask and Diaper Table-Linen Manufacture,

     Formerly carried on by the late Mr. Gilbert Austin of Drogheda, is now carried on by his Son, Samuel Austin, in the same Manner but more extensively; who hopes by his Care and Punctuality, by Elegance of his Patterns, and by the Excellence of his Fabrick, to merit the Encouragement of the Public. He manufactures Cloths of any Length, and incerts Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Coats of Arms, if required.
     All orders will be received by him, at his House in Drogheda, or by Mr. Hugh Henry, Merchant, in Jervas-street, who has now Variety of Suits and fine and superfine Damask Table-Linen, Desart Napkins, and three yard-wide Diaper to dispose of, for ready Money only.

     A Large Parcel of Smart Beer and Beef Barrell Hoops, to be sold by William Rawlins, at his Timber-Yard in Indian-Alley.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Jan. 29, 1764


    Boston, Dec. 5- The Paragraph in the London Papers, that the Canadians were removing off from their Farms, and gone to settle along the Mississippi, must be groundless; as the last Advices from Quebec, are, that the Inhabitants are quite easy under the English Government, paying neither Taxes nor Tythes, whereby their Priests suffer most; they are daily coming in and taking the Oath of Allegiance.
    New York, Dec. 5- Monday last the Rev. Mr. Whitefield arrived here from Philadelphia.

     The late Right Hon. Hamilton Boyle, Earl of Corke and Orrery in Ireland, and Lord Boyle of Marston, in England, dying unmarried, is succeeded in his Title and Estate by the Hon. Edmund Boyle, only Son of John late Earl of Corke, by his second Lady Margaret, Daughter of John Hamilton, of Caledon in the County of Tyrone, Esq; which Edmund was born Nov. 21, 1742, and is the present and 7th Earl of Corke and Orrery.


     Cork, Jan. 23. Friday sailed from Cove, his Majesty's Frigate, Hussar, Capt. Smith, for Waterford.
     Limerick, Jan. 23. Last Wednesday died in an advanced Age, Mrs. Massy, Relict of the late Colonel Hugh Massy, of Duntrilea?ne, and Sister to the Right Hon. the Lord Carbury, Grandfather of the present Lord.
     Last Friday, Robert Going, of Tullamaylan, in the County of Tipperary, Esq; was married to Miss Margaret Maunsell, Daughter of Thomas Maunsell, Esq; Counsellor at Law; a very agreeable young Lady.


     His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has been pleased to appoint William Barker, of Willford, Esq; to be High Sheriff of the County of Tipperary, for the ensuing Year.
     George Ogle, of Richfield, in the County of Wexford, Esq; is appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Counties of Cork, Carlow, and Wexford; and his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has been pleased to appoint him High Sheriff of the County of Carlow for the ensuing Year.
     On Sunday last a Man of Servant's Appearance delivered a Letter to Andrew Steward, Receiver of the Charities in the Four Courts Marshalsea, importing, "This is for the Use of the Poor in the Marshalsea, 1l. 2s. 9d." He disappeared in an Instant after Delivery, as if fearful to wait the Opening. There was no Money in the Letter; nor was there any given with it, as within mentioned. It was directed to Andrew Steward, sealed with black Wax, and seems to be the Writing of a Lady. The Original is in the Hands of Mr. M'Culloh, Printer, for further Satisfaction.
     DEATHS.] Zachary Cooke, Esq; of Tallow in the County of Waterford.- On Usher's-Island, Mr. Henry Constable, an eminent Merchant, and a Man of the fairest Character, whose Death is sincerely lamented.- In Nassau-street, the Widow Craven.- At Athlone, Mr. Edward Acton; and Mr. John Quarterman, an eminent Schoolmaster. In Dolphin's Barn, aged 63, Mr. James Brady.- In Fishamble-street, Mr. Betagh, greatly advanced in Years.- Wednesday last died at Island-bridge, Anthony Green, Esq; formerly an eminent Sugar-baker in this City.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Jan. 31, 1764


     Cork, Jan. 26. Tuesday last was married at St. Nicholas Church, Mr. Francis Rawlings of Paul-street, Jun. to Miss Minton, Daughter of Mr. John Minton, Vintner; an agreeable young Lady with a handsome Fortune.
     Limerick, Jan. 2- Last Saturday Mr. Donogh Henchy, was married to Miss Anne Hickie, eldest Daughter of John Hickie, of Cappagh in the County of Clare, Esq; an agreeable young Lady with a very large Fortune.


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