Ireland Old News

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Feb. 4, 1764

     Good Encouragement will be given to a Person well qualified to teach an English School, Writing and Arithmetic at Wicklow. Application to be made to Mr. Reily, in Peter's-Row, Dublin, or to the Rev. Dr. Wall, in Wicklow.
     Hunt Walsh, Esq; is returned Member to serve in Parliament for the Borough of Maryborough, in the Room of William Gilbert, Esq; deceased.
    MARRIAGES] Mr. Michael Rives, of Waterford, Merchant, was married to Miss White of Clonmel.- Mr. Peter Crow of Clonmell, in the County of Monaghan, to Miss West.
     DEATHS. A few Days ago, On the Puddle, the Son of Demis Kavenagh, Grocer.- In Cattle Street, Mrs. Allason, Sifter of Mr. Gilbert Allason public Notary. - In Clarendon-Street, the Wife of Mr. George Cottingham, sincerely regretted by all her Acquaintance.- At Cork, Mrs. Hungerford, Relict of the late Col. Hungerford.- Mrs. Travers, Widow of the late Edward Travers, Esq; formerly Surveyor of Black-Rock, near that City.- Mrs. Hilton, Wife of Mr. Hilton of Brown Street.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, Feb. 7, 1764


     Cork, February 2. Married at St. Nicholas's, Mr. Daniel Jappie, an eminent Tallow Chandler, to Miss Susan Crois of Batchelor's-quay, an agreeable Lady, with a handsome Fortune.
     Last Saturday died in North Goal, (where he had been a considerable Time past in great Want and Misery) Mr. Nicholas Wolf, formerly an eminent Linen-Draper in this City, and a Man of fair Character. His great Losses in Trade attended by a Series of other Misfortunes while in his Business, were ineffectual Motives for exciting that Compassion in others which they would expect themselves.
     Limerick, Feb. 2. Last Week died at Ennis, George Coghlan, Esq; Collector of that District, greatly lamented by all his Acquaintance.
     On Thursday the 19th of January last Mr. William Carden of Killard, in the County of Tipperary, Gent. was married to Miss Elizabeth Anslow, Daughter to the Rev. Maurice Anslow of Water-park, in the County of Clare, an agreeable Young Lady, with a handsome Fortune.


     The Right Hon. and Hon. the Commissioners of his Majesty's Revenue, have been pleased to appoint Mr. Thomas Bourke, clerk of the forfeitures, in the Room of John Harvey, Esq; who succeeds the late George Coghlan, Esq; as Collector of Ennis, in the County of Clare.
     The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Clogher, with the consent of the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Dromore, hath presented the Rev. Arthur Clarke, A.M. to the vicarage of Cromaragh in the diocese of Dromore, void by the resignation of the Rev. Dean Paul.
     His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has appointed Archibald Richardson, Esq; surgeon to his Majesty's state, in this Kingdom.
     His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, is so well recovered of his late Indisposition, as to be able to take the Air.
     His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, has been pleased to appoint the following Gentlemen to be high Sheriffs for the ensuing Year
     County of Armagh, Michael Obins, of Castle Obins, Esq.
     Kerry, George Gunn, of Carrickafoyle, Esq;
     Limerick, Silver Oliver, of Castle Oliver, Esq.;
     Wexford, John Devereux of Kilrush, Esq.
     MARRIED.] A few days ago, Cornet ______ Parkinson, to the Agreeable Miss Dance ______ Benjamin Ramage, Esq; to Miss Mary Rathell, eldest daughter of Mr. William Rathell, of Great Britain-street, Merchant.
     DEATHS.] A few days ago, on Arran-quay, Mrs. Mary Bradshaw, Relict of the late Major Bradshaw; At Gort in the County of Galway, Mr. John Martin, third Brother of Oliver Martin, of Tullira, in said County ,Esq; At Tuam, in said County, Mr. Laurence Hanraghan, Shop-keeper, --At Limerick, the Wife of Mr. Macnamara,--In Hoey's Court, Mrs. Malary,--In Mary-street, Mr. Wallis, Grocer--At Butterstown, Mrs. M'Neil.-- In Christ-church-yard, Mr. Henry Jackson, sword cutler.-- In M'Donnell's-lane, deservedly regretted, Mrs. Mitchell.--In Castle-market, Mr. Boswell, Butcher.

     SPUGGING- I fancy he never heard or thought of, as 'twas not practis'd during his Existence, it being a new invented Method for employing Time; nor did I (tho' I'm impertinently perhaps prying into the Concerns of the Ladies) ever hear of it, till within these four or five Months last. This Amusement is, viz. About two or three o'Clock in the Morning a Company of Males and Females meet, they are always of the better Sort of People; inshort (as the Phrase is) Gentlemen and Ladies, for this is an Entertainment practis'd by none else, 'tis too refin'd and polite for vulgar Creatures to experience its beauteous Delicacies, or know any Thing of it; I say they meet after all the old People of the House, Pappa, Mamma, &c. have comfortably enjoyed their first Naps, and after a little hoydening go to Tea, Coffee, &c. commonly too the Spuggers regale themselves with a chearful Glass of Wine or Punch after Tea; and then (to settler their Heads) feast upon Mutton-Chops, or Beef-Stakes, which Mrs. Superstition (the Lady of the House) never once dream'd of, tho' she has frequently a Fore-knowledge (by Dreams) into Futurity, and knows of very remarkable Occurence that happens in her Family, and indeed she imagin'd sometime before one of her Daughters threw herself away, that a Gentleman in a Blue-Coat kiss'd her, which she always knew was a certain Sign of Deceit or Falshood; but to the Spuggers, after a vast deal of Playing extinguishing the Candles, &c. as you'll see concerning the She-Romps in the 2?7th Number of the Spectater, differing in this Respect, that the She-Romps did not permit Male V ?????  to enter their Club, whereas a Spugg, could not be without that Lordly Creature Man to grace it.
     I must go now to enumerate the many vile as well as melancholy Consequences which have already attended Spugging; let it suffice to say, that if a Gentleman proves rude to a Lady (in the Dark) she has no Remedy except she chuses to forfeit the Pleasure of her Parents; calling out, or making a Resistance or Noise may disturb the old People, &c. &c. &c. I think in the Whole Ladies, by these kind of nocturnal or (I should say) early Revelings and Visitings, hazard their Reputations (with some specious Reasons indeed) to the malicious Censure of every wicked Tea-Table surrounded by Matrons too old to share in those Doeish, out of the Way Sports. We have even many gay LOTHARIOS amongst us,
          Who talk of Beauties that they never saw,
          And fancy Raptures that they never knew.
who think it no Crime to boast of being till such an Hour in the Chamber of a fair Lady; and by their Gesturesd, Winks and Nods will intimate the Worst that could possibly happen on such Occasions.
          Were you ye Fair but cautious whom you trust,
          Did ye but know how seldom Fools are just,
          So many of your Sex would not be in vain
          Of broken Vows, and faithless Men complain, &c.
I'm pretty sure there are many Girls who are fond of Spuggs.
          Sweet virtuous innocent with ev'ry Grace
          That e'er adorn'd that latest softest Race,
     But, Gentlemen, a Woman ought not only to be virtuous, but all the Earth should think her so; a Female might as well in reality be a Prostitute as imagined so, that is in this World, in the next there's indeed an immense Difference. What a shocking Creature a Woman is who has lost her virgin Innocence? She is a poor Wretch (as Mr. Roe says) "Scorn'd by the Women, and pittyed by the Men; oh! insupportable a Woman cuts as despicable a Figure depriv'd of her Honour, as a Man does who is branded with the odious Name of Rascally Coward. 'Tis just the same Case, a Woman's Honour is center'd in her Virtue, and a Man's in his Courage and Resolution.
     Now if Ladies employed their leasure Hours in reading, working or Household Matters (which ought never to be left unheeded by the Female Sex, let them be ever so grandly oppulent) 'twould turn out more to their Advantages, and get them match'd off sooner than labouring at their Indianlike or rather Savage Custom of Painting, also Patching, Scouring, Adorning, Admireing, Spugging, Gadding, Villifying, with various other numerous Absurdities, which they are unhappily guilty of, and are indeed incident to _________.
     I almost forgot to mention one of the important Ceremonies made use of by the Spuggers; after they have finish'd their within Door Work, they (however incredible to believe) sally into the Streets, (Men and Women) and with their horrid Screaming, Bauling, Laughing, and Singing alarm the whole Town, and disturb honest Trades-Folks who were beguiling the Labours of the foregoing Day, in sweet and peaceful Slumber. In a short Time the Women will grow more shameless than ever Men were; and those of the Masculine Gender (like Cambyses) will gradually fall into unmanly Sloath and Italian Effeminancy, and betake themselves to the Distaff, and Needle-Work, which the Offspring of Eve have now entirely thrown aside, and diligently taken to the more reigning Employments, and modish Qualification of _____.
          Placing Raillery in Railing,
          Will tell aloud your greatest Failing,
          Nor makes a Scruple to expose
          Your bandy Leg, or crooked Nose.
          Can at her Morning Tea run o'er
         The Scandal of the Day before,
          Improving hourly in her Skill,
          To cheat and wrangle at Quadrille,
          In chosing Lace a Critick nice,
          Knows to a Groat, &c. &c.- See the Furniture of a Woman's Mind in Swift's Works.-- Vol. 2d
                    I am Gentlemen, yours, &c.
January the 28th 1764.                   A CENSOR.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, Feb. 11, 1764


    Cork, Feb. 6. Yesterday public Prayers were offered up in all Churches and Chappels throughout this City for fair Weather, such a constancy of Rains and Storms, not being remembered for many Years.
     DEATHS. Wednesday last at his Seat at Springfield near Mallow, Hugh Norcott, Esq;- At Cooldaniel, Mrs. Margaret Barter.- Friday at her House on Pope's Quay, Mrs. Farren, Widow of the late Thomas Farren, Esq; one of the Aldermen of this City-Saturday, in the 74th Year of his Age, the Rev. William Ellis, Rector of Clonikilty, which he enjoyed above 40 Years.


     Last Week at Ballyrea near Armagh, the Lady of Peter Gervais, Esq; was lately delivered of a Daughter.
     At the late quarterly Examinations in our University, the following Gentlemen obtained Praemiums, viz. Messrs. King, Graves, George, Chapman, Moss, Odle, Scot, Lambert, Grattan, Maxwell, and Cooksey; at the same Time the following Gentlemen were declared Moderators of the Candidate Batchelors, viz. Messrs. Stewart, Fitzgerald, Tydd and Lloyd.
     DEATHS. A few Days ago, In Hoey's Court, Mrs. Perry, Wife of Mr. Francis Perry.- In Chamber Street, the Widow Etherington- In Castle Street, Mrs. Bond, Wife of Mr. Bond, an eminent Tobacconist.- At Kenagh in the County of Longford, Leonard Bickerstaff, Esq; - At Hillbrook in the County of Dublin, Col. Robert Sampson--In Dame-street, the Wife of Mr. John Exshaw, an eminent Bookseller.-Mr. Daniel Nevin, Publican.
     The Notice we formerly gave in this Paper, of the many Inconveniences of Foot-passengers are subject to, by the Incroachments suffered with Impunity, of Sedan Chairmen (with or without their Fare) Ballad-singers, &c. constantly occupying the Foot-passages of Essex-bridge, being insufficient, to excite our chief Magistrate's Interposition on behalf of the Public, who are hereby aggrieved. We now find ourselves necessitated to apply to the Court of Assistants, for their humane Interposition, for the Removal of the Sedans, as they fall particularly under their Department. This Nuisance once removed, may induce the City Officers to follow their Example, and clear the Foot-passages of the Ballad-singers, &c.

     A Person who has served in the Station of a Keaterer, Butler, Groom of the Chambers and Gentleman's own Man, Shaves and dresses well, and has an undoubted Character from every noble and private Family he has served; is to be heard of at Mr. Thomas Bacon's, Peruke-maker and Hair dresser in Sycamore-Alley.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, Feb. 14, 1764


     Limerick, Feb. 9- Yesterday died suddenly, deservedly lamented, Mr. Joseph Barrington, one of the Burgesses of this City.
     Cork, Feb. 9. Yesterday Morning, Mr. Patrick Sarsfield was married to Miss Lombard, Daughter of Mr. George Lombard of this City, Merchant, a very agreeable young Lady with 1800 Pounds Fortune- This Day at St. Finbarry's, Mr. Samuel Rowland, (Son of Mr. Francis Rowland) to Miss Hewett, of Bandon, a most amiable and accomplished young Lady, with a Fortune of 2000l.
     DEATHS.] Saturday Night at Sunday's-Well, Miss Anne Cronigan, Sister-in-law to James Hartnett, Esq; a Lady very much lamented by all her Acquaintance,- At his House on Turkey's-Quay, Mr. William Johnson, late an eminent Merchant of this City.- Last Week in London, the Rev. William Mocklar, A.M. Vicar of the Parishes of Ballyclough and Castlemagner, in the Diocese of Cloyne.
     Galway, Feb. 2- The Rev. Mr. Stephen Kirwan, having left his Lodgings in the West Suburbs, went to pay a Visit to a Friend in this Town, when he was seized with an apoplectic Fit, fell forward, and instantly expired.


     His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has been pleased to appoint the following Gentlemen to be HIGH SHERIFFS for the ensuing Year.
County of Antrim, Rowley Heyland, of Longford's Lodge, Esq;
Cavan, Cosby Nesbitt, of Lismore, Esq.
Corke, Emanuel Moore, of Maryborough, Esq;
Carlow, George Ogle, of Linerstown, Esq;
Mayo, Francis Knox, of Rappa, Esq.;
Monaghan, Brabazon Noble, of Donomine, Esq;
Waterford, Richard Power, of Clashmore, Esq;
     A few Nights ago, Mr. Richard Slack of Queen-street, an eminent Master-builder, was attacked by two armed Footpads at the Cloysters near Church-street, and robb'd of three Pounds in Cash.
     Friday last John Bourke, the Younger, Esq; Member of Parliament for the Borough of Naas, was married to Lady Mary Leeson, eldest Daughter of the Right Hon. the Earl of Milltown, a most accomplished young Lady, with a large Fortune.
     On Saturday last, Samuel Yeates, of Moon in the County of Kildare, Esq; was married to Miss Catherine Johnston of Henry-street, Daughter of the late Richard Johnston, of Gilford in the County of Downe, Esq.;
     Sunday a charity Sermon was preached by the Rev. Richard Chaloner Cobbe, L.L.D. in the Parish Church of St. Bridget, for support of the charity School; after whcih a Collection was made which amounted to 101l.2s.9d.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Bath, Mrs. Marriot, Wife of Capt. John Marriot, of Colonel Hale's Regiment of Dragoons. She was a Sister to the Rev. Sir Phillip Hoby, Bart. of Bisham-Abbey in the County of Bucks- In Cavan-street, the Relict of the Rev. Dr. King.--At Harristown in the Co. of Kildare, aged 88, Mr. Richard Manwaring- In Abbey street, the Son of the Earl of Wigton.- At Crosswood, Cardiganshire, England, the Lady of the Right Hon Lord Vicount Lisburne.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, Feb. 18, 1764


     Belfast, Feb. 14- Last Saturday Morning in a hard Gale of Wind, the Sloop Fortune of Killogh, James Perry, Master, bound from Killogh for Liverpool, with Barley, was by Stress of Weather drove into this Bay, and went on Shore at Kilroot; and as the Weather has been since tempestuous, its feared the Vessel and Cargo will be lost.
     Cork, Feb. 13. Last Saturday a Porter was whipped round the Quays for stealing some Lard out of a Merchant's Cellar.
     MARRIAGES.] Last Week, Mr _____ Willis, Commander of the Echo, to the agreeable Mss Clark, Daughter of Mr. Samuel Clark of Hammond's Marsh.--In Harper's-lane, Mr. _____ Williamton, Commander of the Duke of York, to Miss Lippits.
     DEATHS. Last Wednesday died at Killuragh, in the County of Limerick, Mrs. Frances Hayes, Wife of Wm. Hayes, Esq.--Mr. Wm. Budd, many Years Parish Clerk of Christ Church.


     On Monday last the spirited Term Grand-Jury, with their worthy Foreman, Edward Newenham, Esq; presented a noted Bridle-Road near Finglass-Bridge, as a Nuisance on account of its being usurped and enclosed into the Domains of private Persons, tho' known to be a public Road for the Recreation of the Citizens of Dublin Time out of Mind. May such spirited Conduct be followed by future Grand-Juries; and then the Properties and Liberty of the Subject may be secure.-- Dulce est Decorum Pro Patria Pugnari.
     Last Wednesday Mr. Robert Barker, of Kells, in the County of Meath, was married to Miss Aston of Frederick-street, an agreeable young Lady, with a handsome Fortune.
     Wednesday died, in Princess-street of a tedious Illness, in the 78th Year of her Age, Mrs. Epwell, Relict of the last Rev. Samuel Epwell. She was a Gentlewoman of the most exemplary Piety, a tender Mother, and an affectionate Friend, which makes her Death sincerely lamented by all her Friends and Acquaintances.
     Wednesday died, much lamented, Mr. Gaynor, an eminent Poulterer, in Castle-Market; a Man of an unblemished Character.
     Mr. Jonquite, Messenger to the incorporated Society and Clerk to the French Society, died in George's-lane.
     A few Days ago died in Church-street, Master John Bolton, Son of Mr. Richard Bolton.
     Monday last in Francis-street died of the small Pox, in the fourteenth Year of her Age, Miss Sarah Hannan, only Daughter of Mr. Cornelius Hannan, of Osberstown, in the County of Kildare; a young Lady whose many amiable Qualities and most engaging Behaviour makes her deeply and justly lamented.
     Friday, Thomas Cooper, of Grainge, in the Queen's County, is appointed a Justice of the Peace for the said County.


     The obvious Conveniencey to the Buyer in having a Magazine to resort to in the Sadler's Trade, where he is sure of finding any Particular he has Occasion for, at a certain Price, and warranted the best in each Kind, returnable if not approved of, so that the most Injudicious cannot be imposed upon: removes the Necessity of making any Comments to recommend an Undertaking of so fair a Nature to the Public. The great Encouragement the Proprietor has met with, has induced him to extend his Scheme to the Cap and Whip-making Branches; He has accordingly engaged the Foreman of the late eminent Mr. Simpson, Cap-maker; and has brought over from York, at a very great Expence, a most ingenious Whip maker. Gentlemen may depend upon being supplied with every Particular in the Sadler's Business, executed in the most masterly Manner, together with the above additional Articles, according to the printed Prices, by Their most respectful humble Servant, DANIEL LENHAN.
     Essex-Bridge, January 31, 1764.
N.B. Said LENHAN, has now on Hands a great Assortment of Livery Furniture, and Field-Cloths embroidered in the most elegant Manner.- The High-Sheriffs and Gentlemen of the different Counties, will find it much to their Advantage by honouring him with their Commands.

  Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, Feb. 21, 1764


     Extract of a letter from Killybegs, dated Feb. 8, 1764.
     Last Thursday in a hard gale of wind, a ship bound from Leith to the East Indies, David Engle master, laden with salmon, &c. came into our bay in distress, having lost her boat, compass, and part of her rigging; but the weather being so tempestuous no boat dare venture out to her relief. In the evening she ran on Donegall bay and about 9 o'clock she foundered, and most of the Crew perished.

     John Martin, the younger of Drumcork, near Augher, in the County of Tyrone, Gent. is appointed a Commissioner to take Affidavits for the Court of King's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer in Ireland.
     SUNDAY a Charity Sermon was preached in the Parish Church of St. Mary, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Clogher, after which a Collection was made of 309l.
     About nine o'clock, on Wednesday Night, Mr. Simon Sherlock was stopped on Sir John Rogerton's-quay, by three Footpads, and robbed of nineteen Guineas, and four Shillings in Change: One of the Robbers was a short squat Man, dressed in a  Sailor's Jacket, the other two were lusty Men, armed with Cutlasses, with which they gave him several Blows, and cut his Hat to Pieces.
     Thursday se'nnight as Matthias Begg, of Kilkeelan in the County of Meath, Gent.was returning home from Dublin, he was unfortunately thrown from his Horse on the Road near Trim, and was killed on the Spot.
     It is with utmost Dissidence and Reluctance that Mr. MINELLI presumes to trouble the Public with his Solicitations, but his Necessities are extreme, and no other possible Method of Relief can be contrived; the public Attention is therefore most humbly entreated to the following Particulars of his unhappy Story.
     Mr. Minelli came over here some Time ago as Director to a Company of Burletta Singers, took Advantage of a Clause in their Agreement, which enabled them to separate themselves entirely from him, they having Expectations of greater Profit from pursuing another Scheme. This left Mr. Minelli liable to several Demands, which he had subjected himself to, form the Prospect of continuing Manager during the whole Season. Among others, to one from Mrs. RICCI, a Dancer, whom he had employed principally out of Charity, as she was his Countrywoman, and then in Distress; she performed a few Nights only, for which she was actually paid; but Minelli being immediately deprived of the Management, it was not in his Power to employ her anymore, he therefore looked upon himself as free from any farther Obligation, especially as she and her Husband continued to live apparently on Terms of Friendship and Intimacy with him. At length, however, when he had not the least Suspicion, they, under Pretence of a Contract for the whole Season, treacherously arrested him, and threw him into Gaol, where he has now languished very near two Years.
     Thus by a Series of severe Treatment, without any blameable or fraudulent Step on his Part, Minelli, an entire Stranger, unacquainted even with the Language of the Country, neglected and forgotten, might have perished this Winter, had it not been for the Humanity of a Fellow-Prisoner, who has hitherto in a Manner supported him.
     His distressed Situation, he hopes, will plead his Excuse for this Application to the Public, imploring their Favour and Encouragement to his Assembly on the 23d Instant (at the Great Assembly Room in Fishamble-street, where Tickets may be had at 5s. 5d. each) which some Persons of Distinction have generously promised to countenance.
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Terence Egan, Esq; of Annameddle, in the Co. of Tipperary, to Miss Elizabeth O'Brien, Daughter of Matthew O'Brien, of Kilnashanly Esq.--At Sligo, Mr. Thomas Cockran, Son of Edward Cockran, Esq; to Miss Kitty Fitzgerald.--Mr. Robert Barker of Kells in the County of Meath, to Miss Aston, of Frederick-street.-- At Cork, Mr. Willis, Commander of the Echo to Miss Clarke, Daughter of Mr. Samuel Clarke, of Hammon's-March; and Mr. Williamson, Commander of the Duke of York, to Miss Lippers.-- Mr. James Ryan, Schoolmaster, aged 52, to Miss Polly Wall, of Thurless, in her 11th year.--Mr. John Farrell, Attorney, to the Widow Pickering of Sligo.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago in Abby-street, Mr. Hugh Leatham, an eminent Grocer.-- The Wife of Capt. Johnston, of Stephen's-green.-- In Smith-field, Joseph Clarke, Gen.- and the Widow Murphy--On Ormond-Quay, the Wife of Mr. Thomas Brazill, Butcher.-- At Corke, Mr. William Budd, many Years Clerk of Christ-Church.-- In Ann-street near the Linen-hall, Mr. Plunket, an eminent Bewer.  Ballegilchrist in the Co. of Longford, aged 102. Mr John Reilly, a man of unblemished Character, and who retained his Senses to the last Moment.-- In Cook street, Mr. Nowlan, Vintner.
     It is with sensible Concern we give the following Article of melancholy News to the Public. Mrs. Green, Daughter of Mr. Forster, and Wife of Mr. Green, both eminent Brewers of this City; died at her House in St. James's-street, last Saturday Afternoon. As she was equalled by few, and exceeded by none, in the social Virtues, universal Benevolence and Charity, candid Friendship, filial Piety and conjugal Love more especially, her Death is lamented by all who knew her, but leaves the tender Father and faithful Husband inconsoleable. She bore a tedious and painful Disorder with uncommon Patience, and submitted to the last Shock with that calm Resignation, which must ever attend good Sense, Virtue, and pure Religion. So she lived, and so she died. "Go thou, and do likewise."
     The Twelve-penny Household Loaf is to weigh 10 Pounds 12 Ounces 06 Dramchs. The middle price of Wheat being at 2l. 0s. 6d.

    THE SUCCESS, Thomas Dunn, Master, now taking in Goods at the Batchelor's Walk, will sail the 25th of March next, full or not, (Wind and Weather permitting..)
     For Freight, apply to the Master, on the Customhouse-Quay; or to Messrs. Alexander Montgomery and Son.
    Dublin, Feb. 21, 1764.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, Feb. 25, 1764


     Died] Friday, at his House in Dover-street, Charles Moore, Earl of Charleville, of the Kingdom of Ireland. His Lordship is descended from Sir John Moore, ancestor to the present Earl of Drogheda, who came into England very early after the Conquest. He married the only surviving Daughter of _____ Coghill, LL. D. Register of the Prerogative Court of Dublin, with a Fortune of 100,000l. He has died without issue.


     Limerick, Feb. 20. Last Week died Mrs. Tierney, Wife of Mr. Michael Tierney.
     Yesterday Morning died Mrs. Anne Byrum, Wife of Mr. John Byrum, an eminent Master Builder of this City.
     Last Saturday was married the Rev. Mr. Roger Hadlock, of the County of Clare, to Miss Dora Wakely.
     Belfast, Feb. 21. Last Saturday died, Mrs. Clark, Widow.--On Sunday Morning died suddenly, at Lisburn, Mr. James Crouch, in the 74th Year of his Age.


MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. Robert Battersby of Cloneybreney, in the County of Meath, to Miss Mary Ann Wade, Daughter of Hynes Wade, Esq.--William Peery, Coach-maker, to the agreeable Miss Walker, of the County of Meath.-- Mr. Benjamin Ward of Nicholas-street, Ribbon-Weaver, to Miss Anne Curtis, lat of the Royal Hospital.--At Limerick, Mr. Richard England to Miss Mary Stritch, Daughter of Mr. James Stritch, late of the City of Corke, Merchant.

     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, in Back-Lane Miss Sall.-- In Sackville-street, Miss Vaughan.-- In Dame-street, the Wife of Mr. Francis Lord, Gunsmith-- In Prussia-street, the Widow Stephens.-- In Cavendish-street, Miss Sidney Rogers.-- In Poolbeg-street, the Wife of Mr. Quin.--The Hon. William Leslie, Brother to the Right Hon. the Earl of Rothes.--In the Four Court Mershalsea, after four Years Confinement, Mr. Mathias Dignum, formerly a Merchant of this City.

ARRIVED Night Tide 23, and Morning Tide 24.

Fortescue Packet from Holyhead, The Mail.
Charming Jenny of Liverpool thence, Rum and Flax.
King of Prussia, of Chester, John Barry, thence Merchant's Goods.
Mary of Chester, William Thomas, thence, Merchant's Goods.
Nonparell, of Chester, Brown, thence Merchant's Goods.
Freemason, of Dublin, Velver, Bourdeaux Wine and Brandy.
Lively, of Chester, Williamson, thence Merchant's Goods.
Ce?ia, of Bristol, Fell, thence, Merchant's Goods.

SAILED, Thomas, of Dublin, Beef, Rochford.
New Blessing, of Bristol, Leard, home, Linen-Cloth.
Duke of York of ditto, Davis, thence, ditto.
Duke of York, of Southampton, Lester, Hamburgh Sugar.
St. Anthony of Dublin, Seatton, Cadiz, Butter.
9 Coasters, home, Belfast. Wind E.N.E.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, Feb. 28, 1764


     Belfast, Feb. 24. William Oliver, of Cookstown in the County of Tyrone, Esq; is appointed a Commissioner for taking Affidavits in the Courts of King's Bench and Exchequer in Ireland.
     Cork, Feb. 23. Friday last died at Moig, near Charleville, the Rev. Mr. John Wrixon, one of the Vicar's Choral of the Cathedral Church of St. Finbarry's, very much regretted by all his Acquaintance.--At his Seat at Bridgemount, near Macroom, Horatio Townshend, Esq; one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace; a Gentleman whose public spirited Conduct renders his Death a real Loss.


     His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has been pleased to appoint George Ledwith, of Ledwithstown, Esq; to be High Sheriff of the County of Longford, for the ensuing Year.
     His Majesty has been pleased to make the following Promotions in the Army on this Establishment, and the Commissions are come over accordingly, viz.
     Rank. Officers Names. In whose Room. Regiment.
Henry Gore, Esq; to be Captain of the Company of Battle-Axe-Guards, and to take Rank as Colonel of Foot.
Lieut. Col.   | Thomas Crow     | Gore, pre.     | Douglas's
Major         | James Blaquiere   | Crow,           | Ditto.
Captain       | James Steward    | Blaquiere      | Ditto.
Captain       | Will Cavendish    | Bland, ref.     | Strode's
Adjutant      | James Murison    | Clarke, ref.   | Owen's.
     The Rev. Hugh Hamilton, D D Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, is instituted by the Lord Bishop of Raphoe to the Rectory and Vicarage of Killmacrean otherwise Killmacrrennan, in his Lordship's Diocese, vacant by the Death of the late Incumbent.
     A few Days ago John Ward, of Ward's-Hill, Esq; was married to Miss Jane Vesey, of Abbey-street.
     A few Days ago, as a poor Man of about 70 Years of Age was passing along New-street, he was set upon by a Cow, who took him upon her Horns and tossed him a considerable Distance off, by which he was greatly Hurt. - 'Tis remarkable that the same Man, a few Years ago, was attacked on Ormond-Bridge by an overdrove Bullock, who taking him upon his Horns tossed him into the Liffy, where he would have been drowned but for some People who went to his Assistance.
     A few Days ago, Miss Mary Dally renounced the Errors of the Church of Rome, in the Church of Trim.
     The poor Prisoners in the City and Four-Court Marshalseas acknowledge the Receipt of Two Guineas from a Widow Lady, who desires to be concealed, by the Hands of Mr. Williamson, Bookseller in Bride-street, which was laid out in Bread and Coals, agreeable to the humane Donor.
     Married, a few Days ago, Mr. William Harvey of Philadelphia, Merchant, to Miss Sally Brenan, of Cole-Alley, Meath-street, both of the People called Quakers.
     Friday an Adjournment of the Quarter Sessions was held at the Tholsel, when Jacob Cuffe was tried and found Guilty of robbing a man on the low Ground leading to Ring's-End, and received Sentence to be executed the 31st Day of March next. After which the Court adjourned to Wednesday next the 29 Instant.
     Friday Night, a Villain watching his Opportunity, went into the Shop of Mrs. Jennings, Tobacconist, on the Upper Blind-Quay, and carried off a Roll of Tobacco, and tho' strict Pursuit was immediately made after him, he got clear off.
     Friday Night a Fire broke out in Stonebatter, in the back part of the House of one Mc.Daniel, a great dealer in Eggs; but by the timely assistance of the neighbours it was prevented from spreading, otherwise it might be attended with fatal consequences as his House and the adjoining ones were Thatched-Houses.
    Sunday, a most excellent Charity Sermon was preached in the Parish Church of St. Andrew by the Revd. Dr. John Obins, late Senior Fellow of Trinity College, and a Collection made for the support of 56 poor Children educated in said Parish, amounting to 165l. 13s. 6d. halfp.
     A few Days ago dyed in Bolton-street, the Relict of the late Mr .William Rainsford of Drogheda.


ARRIVED, Evening Tide 24, and Morning Tide 25th Feb. 1764
William and Anne of Leith, Scott, thence, Acquafortis.
William of Liverpool, Shaw, thence, Salt.
King George of Bristol, M'Culm, thence, Merchants Goods.
Nancy of Liverpool, Johnson, thence, Salt.
Vigilance of Liverpool, Arra?man, thence, Earthenware.
Margaret of Dublin, Watson, Liverpool, thence, Salt.
Venus of Liverpool, Planting, thence, Salt.
James of Liverpool, Smyth, thence, Tobacco.
John and Richard of Liverpool, Baker, thence, Flax.
John and Betty of Liverpool, Long, thence, Flax.
Tryal of Liverpool, Dawson, thence, Sugar.
Forty-three Colliers, Coals, and 11 Coasters, Barley.
                         No Ship sailed. Wind N E.
ARRIVED, Evening Tide 25 and Morning Tide 26.
Hazard of Lancaster, Greenwood, thence, Sugar.
Molly of Lancaster, Russell, thence, Rum and dry Goods, bound to the West Indies.
One Collier, Coals, 1 Coaster, Wheat; and 1 Barley.
                  No Ship sailed. Wind E.N.E.
ARRIVED Evening Tide 26 and Morning Tide 27,
Belborough Packet, from Holyhead, the Mail.
Drummond of Glasgow, Crawford, thence, Tobacco.
Sutton of Dublin, Jordan, Liverpool, Merchants Goods.
King of Prussia of Wexford, Dixon, Liverpool, Rum &c.
Nancy of Belfast, Moore, London, Merchants Goods.
Two Colliers, Coals, 1 Coaster, Barley.
               No Ship sailed. Wind N.E.


    OWEN GALLAGHER, who lately kept the Custom House Coffee House in Essex-street, has, by the Advice of his Friends fitted up said House in a most elegant Manner, for a Tavern and Coop house; he takes this Opportunity to return his sincere Thanks to the Public for their kind Encouragement, and hopes to merit a Continuance of their Favour, by his Care and Affiduity for the future, and having every Thing the best in their Kinds.
     N.B. At said House may be had every Day till one o'clock, Tea, Coffee, and Chocolate.     To be opened on Thursday next.


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